Pierson's Budget Cut Art





A Note from the Creator

Oh, boy. Another event to end with an art.

I've actually been working on most of my RPC Character Arcs as I think it's one of my strongest works for the RPC Authority, aside from symbols or logos. I hope to do something more than simplistic posters, and probably just work on basic mini-comic.

And I have no idea why I am typing this in, but eh- Mhm.

Character Arc. Posters


An Authority Security Force Recruitment Pamphlet (Updated 2021).

This pamphlet was actually a rework of an older variant that I made a year ago when the Authority Security Force was still under the Protection Division. So, I might as well spice it up and make it nice.

Additional Art Entries

These are outside of my Character Arc works as they don't follow the basic stick figure template. Also, these were earlier works when Budget Cuts was just about to kick off. So, here are the additionals!

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