Personnel Dossier

Foreword: This document is a collection of all notable Authority personnel for official archival and internal matters.

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GD-EURA by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.3 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR EURASIACOM GD-EURA: Global director representative for Eurasia. Personality Archetype: An old, but sharp man from the Mediterranean belt, GD-EURA...

Captain Erin McKinley by XedricXedric

Rating: 3.3 20

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 19██, Erin Elrick McKinley to Mrs. ███ McKinley and Mr. ██ McKinley. She let an uneventful childhood and graduated school with an interest in architectural. However...

Nicholas S. Rieper by DrPiersonDrPierson

Rating: 3.3 30

Dr. Rieper was born to wealthy parents on August 23, 1952. His father ran a defense contract company, having various ties with the Defense Department and, allegedly, numerous intelligence services....

Dr. Harold R. Ames by Wow Very AnomalousWow Very Anomalous

Rating: 3.1 19

Harold R. Ames was born on 11/12/19██ in ██████, WV, USA. He is the son of Cane Ames and Ashley Ames. At age 23 he worked in a model train factory, and soon became an amateur engineer. tagnone #1...

Eric R. Driscoll by HydrozenHydrozen

Rating: 3.1 16

Dr. Driscoll had graduated from the Berkley University of California with a master's degree in Chemistry. At 23 years of age, Driscoll soon had been employed into the CIA’s Directorate of Science and...

GD-AFRI "The Humanitarian" (2021-2024) by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3 2

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR AFRICOM GD-AFRI: Global director representative for Africa. Personality Archetype: A scarred humanitarian of South African descent. As an ex-HR...

GD-EAST by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR EASTCOM GD-EAST: Global director representative for Eastern Europe. Personality Archetype: Cold and isolated woman of east Slavic descent....

GD-NORTH by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 2.9 9

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR NORTHCOM GD-NORTH: Global director representative for North America. Personality Archetype: Hard Core American Patriot who fully believes in the...

Dr. Frederick C. Isaac by ICFDICFD

Rating: 2.9 17

Dr. Isaac was brought to the attention of the Authority in 1987 due to his exceptional work as a prison architect, and general talent in engineering. The prisons he helped design and construct...

Dr. Robert D. Seidman by d4rkseidd4rkseid

Rating: 2.7 12

Dr. Seidman graduated from Caltech Graduate School in 1997 with a specialty in theoretical and extradimensional physics. In 2003, Dr. Seidman graduated from Northwestern Medical School with a...

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