Personnel Dossier

Foreword: This document is a collection of all notable Authority personnel for official archival and internal matters.

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GD-EAST by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR EASTCOM GD-EAST: Global director representative for Eastern Europe. Personality Archetype: Cold and isolated woman of east slavic descent....

GD-NORTH by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 2.9 7

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR NORTHCOM GD-NORTH: Global director representative for North America. Personality Archetype: Hard Core American Patriot who fully believes in the...

Dr. Harold R. Ames by Wow Very AnomalousWow Very Anomalous

Rating: 2.9 18

Harold R. Ames was born on 11/12/19██ in ██████, WV, USA. He is the son of Cane Ames and Ashley Ames. At age 23 he worked in a model train factory, and soon became an amateur engineer. tagnone #1...

Dr. Frederick C. Isaac by ICFDICFD

Rating: 2.9 17

Dr. Isaac was brought to the attention of the Authority in 1987 due to his exceptional work as a prison architect, and general talent in engineering. The prisons he helped design and construct...

Dr. Robert D. Seidman by d4rkseidd4rkseid

Rating: 2.8 11

Dr. Seidman graduated from Caltech Graduate School in 1997 with a specialty in theoretical and extradimensional physics. In 2003, Dr. Seidman graduated from Northwestern Medical School with a...

Deus L. Vulte by JokahJokah

Rating: 2.7 27

Deus, prior to taking any medical or scientific training, was a German boxing champion in his local home of [REDACTED] winning 4 championship belts before retiring due to required military action. He...

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