Personnel Dossier

Foreword: This document is a collection of all notable Authority personnel for official archival and internal matters.

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Mark Kenneth Diaz by DonnyFoxDonnyFox

Rating: 4.3 15

As Editor-in-Chief of the ████ Press office in Phoenix, Diaz’s role is to be on the lookout for anomalous activity and to stop any press organizations from covering it through either editorial power...

Dr. David Bucher Keller by TheGreatTarbolin69TheGreatTarbolin69

Rating: 4.1 11

Born in Boston to a couple of European immigrants, David had always shown a fascination for natural science, but those regarding the inner workings of the brain were his favorite topic. This obsessive...

GD-ARCH by theRPCoperatortheRPCoperator

Rating: 4 1

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR ARCHITECT Aliases: OPERATOR OPERATOR in a KPE harbour radio station Sex: Male Ethnicity: European1 Height: ~170cm Weight: ~60kg Birthplace:...

The Late Doctor "Silicon" by 0ktober0ktober

Rating: 4 8

tagnone #1 Article #1 Joke Article Top Ten Article Active Contributor Contest Winner Contest Runner-Up Challenge Winner Art Contest Winner {$translationblock} Department of...

Inv. Kelly E. Connors by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 4 6

In the post-action report written by the Authority Czechia branch personnel, they stated that Inv. Kelly Connors showed excessive ferocity during the 2-week investigation, often overworking...

GD-OCEA by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.8 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR OCEACOM GD-OCEA: Global Director Representative for Oceania. PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: An oceanographer from the Northern Mariana Islands and...

GD-ASIA "Uyoku" (2021-2024) by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.8 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR ASIACOM GD-ASIA: Global director representative for Asia. Personality Archetype: A middle-aged man of Japanese descent. Conservative, Resolved. Is a...

Inv. Nathan H. Keller by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 3.6 11

Nathan Keller's colleagues had filed complains against him during his time in the Authority for being overtly cynic and hostile, often assaulting personnel who mentioned Léa and Mary Keller or The...

GD-WEST "Thrice" (2021-2024) by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.5 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR WESTCOM GD-WEST: Global director representative for Western Europe. Personality Archetype: GD-WEST is actually a position held by three people, all...

GD-SOUTH "Yeta" (2021-2024) by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.3 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR SOUTHCOM GD-SOUTH: Global director representative for South America. Personality Archetype: GD-SOUTH comes from the less fortunate regions of Chile,...

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