Personnel Dossier

Foreword: This document is a collection of all notable Authority personnel for official archival and internal matters.

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GD-ASIA by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.8 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR ASIACOM GD-ASIA: Global director representative for Asia. Personality Archetype: A middle-aged man of Japanese descent. Conservative, Resolved. Is a...

GD-OCEA by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.7 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR OCEACOM GD-OCEA: Global Director Representative for Oceania. PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: An oceanographer from the Northern Mariana Islands and...

Inv. Nathan H. Keller by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 3.6 11

Nathan Keller's colleagues had filed complains against him during his time in the Authority for being overtly cynic and hostile, often assaulting personnel who mentioned Léa and Mary Keller or The...

GD-WEST by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.5 4

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR WESTCOM GD-WEST: Global director representative for Western Europe. Personality Archetype: GD-West is actually a position held by three people, all...

GD-SOUTH by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.3 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR SOUTHCOM GD-SOUTH: Global director representative for South America. Personality Archetype: GD-SOUTH comes from the less fortunate regions of Chile,...

GD-EURA by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3.3 3

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR EURASIACOM GD-EURA: Global director representative for Eurasia. Personality Archetype: An old, but sharp man from the Mediterranean belt, GD-EURA...

Captain Erin McKinley by XedricXedric

Rating: 3.3 20

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 19██, Erin Elrick McKinley to Mrs. ███ McKinley and Mr. ██ McKinley. She let an uneventful childhood and graduated school with an interest in architectural. However...

Nicholas S. Rieper by DrPiersonDrPierson

Rating: 3.3 30

Dr. Rieper was born to wealthy parents on August 23, 1952. His father ran a defense contract company, having various ties with the Defense Department and, allegedly, numerous intelligence services....

Eric R. Driscoll by HydrozenHydrozen

Rating: 3.1 15

Dr. Driscoll had graduated from the Berkley University of California with a master's degree in Chemistry. At 23 years of age, Driscoll soon had been employed into the CIA’s Directorate of Science and...

GD-AFRI by BlairinBlairin

Rating: 3 2

Office of the Directorate GLOBAL DIRECTOR AFRICOM GD-AFRI: Global director representative for Africa. Personality Archetype: A scarred humanitarian of South African descent. As an ex-HR...

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