Praetorian CIWS System vII

(a) Patent No.: P-100
(b) Date of Patent: May 21, 2002

(c) Inventor: Victor V. Dominic Site-070

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(d) Appl No.: 11/100,002

(e) Filed: Jun. 01, 2000


The Praetorian CIWS System vII is the second incarnation of an Authority top-of-the-line close-in anti-air anti-personnel defense system. The system is capable of firing armor-piercing tungsten penetrator rounds at a rate of 6,000 rounds per minute. Rounds that impact a desired target will cause the sudden alteration of the target's chemical structure, usually accompanied by a substantial release of energy in the form of heat. Target objects struck with these rounds are effectively chemically converted. In less chemically pure targets, this would result in severe structural damage. Created by Dr. Victor Von Dominic during his time studying RPC-002 within Site-070.


(I) Original Design
The original variation of the Praetorian CIWS was designed by the chief engineer of Site-002, Smith O'Neill Durkson, in 1968. The design was presented as a part of Site-002's Fireguard Project, which presented Authority engineers with the task of designing the next generation of Authority defense systems. The first Praetorian CIWS was capable of firing 4,000 rounds per second and its dynamic and ergonomic design cemented its position as the Authority's premier defense system. Its effectiveness in site/authority asset defense has seen the system's use across Authority operations worldwide.

(II) Site-070
From 19██ to 19██, RPC-002 was held within Site-070 to study its anomalous properties. At the time Dr. Victor Von Dominic was temporarily assigned to the RPC-002 Project at Site-070. During his assignment to RPC-002, Victor Von Dominic attempted to replicate the item's anomalous properties. He built several prototypes using distinct alchemical principles to attempt to replicate RPC-002's properties. On September 10th, 19██, a successful replica prototype with RPC-002 properties was created. The prototype was an M1911A1 pistol with the ability to chemically alter targets in an identical form to RPC-002. The prototype would be mass produced in many variations, but the procedures to its production have been kept a closely guarded secret of Site-070 personnel.

On December 21st of 19██, Dr. Victor Von Dominic created the first prototype of the Praetorian CIWS vII. The updated system would be flanked by two 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling gun auto cannons imbued with the properties of RPC-002. An upgraded Authority Ku band fire control radar system would be installed on the exterior center of the system to provide information on both non-anomalous and anomalous targets. An updated fire-control system allows the Praetorian CIWS vII to search, locate, track, engage, and terminate targets using an advanced computer-manipulated radar system.

(III) Authority Use
The upgraded Praetorian CIWS vII system would be seen as an obvious successor to its first iteration, but due to its origins of originating from Site-070, many site directors have stood against the installment of system to their sites. The original Praetorian system stands to be the most commonly used form of site defense to this day in light of the CIWS vII improvements. Although not widely used, many local sites surrounding Site-070 have adopted the Praetorian CIWS vII to great success and the system's superiority to the original has been recognized by the larger Authority.

The Praetorian CIWS vII system sees usage in various types of settings. From anomaly containment to site protection, the effectiveness and brutality of the system has made it an up and coming staple in Authority defense technology.


While the recreation methods of the Praetorian CIWS vII anomalous properties are classified by Site-070, the Naztec Agreement allows for the declassification and dissemination of the system's non-anomalous components.

The Praetorian CIWS vII is composed of aluminum and reinforced steel plating. A large cylindrical dome contains the internal components such as a Ku band fire control radar system, search antenna, and lower sidelobe tracking antenna. Below these components is a steel reinforced compartment housing the ammunition of the system. This component, informally designated by Site-070 engineers as the "Praetorian's Belly" is theorized to contain the function that gives the Praetorian CIWS vII system its anomalous properties.

The exterior of the system contains two 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling gun auto cannons that fire Authority manufactured Mark 333 APDS Rounds. The exterior of the system can also be equipped with an optional video tracking device and video camera.


The Praetorian CIWS vII system has a wide array of applications for both the Protection and Containment divisions due to the systems versatility.

(I) Site/Installation Protection
The Praetorian CIWS vII can be installed on the exterior of an Authority site/installation to provide anti-air and anti-personnel protection. The system's on-board advanced components are capable of differentiating between Authority personnel and non-Authority personnel. The Praetorian CIWS vII system will notify on-site command to the presence of any threat. On-site command is left on deciding whether the system engages the perceived threat. In the case that on-site command is compromised, the system will automatically engage the perceived threat after a preprogrammed amount of time has passed without on-site input.

(II) Containment
The Praetorian CIWS vII system can be installed to contain anomalies of high threat. How the system is used in containment protocols is up to the discretion of the containment specialists.

I hereby claim benefit under Treaty of Ottawa and United Nations Res. 1980/0120, patent application Ser. No. P-100 filed Jun. 01, 2000, The P-100 application is currently pending. The P-100 application is hereby incorporated by reference into this application.

Proposal On Selling Praetorian CIWS vII Systems to allied AoIs/GoIs

Commercial Viability: High

Details: The effectiveness of the system has inspired the proposal of selling units of the system to allied GoIs and AoIs. The first Praetorian CIWS system has sold a total of 23bn USD. The Office of Financial Affairs theorizes opening the Praetorian CIWS vII system for sale will increase the Authority's revenue by █%.

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