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Hello, I am s n o w y, or snowyisdead on Discord. I like writing horror and things about space. When reading, I get bored very quickly but oddly enough, I was able to find a very strong interest in containment fiction. Originally, I found SCP during a car ride to Chicago by TheRubber. After watching my first video about SCPs, specifically a reading and explanation of SCP-939, I learned that SCP is cool as shit and it was something I would attempt to pursue as a hobby. I could not get accepted into SCP due to me being too young at the time.

I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to participate in something as cool as SCP, but then I went to Google and searched for alternatives to SCP. After an annoyingly long time, I stumbled across RPC, and after reading about it, I thought it was the next best thing! I joined the wiki, then the discord and began writing. As expected, my first article, The Memory Camera, which is now deleted, flopped. Hard. Not gonna lie, that discouraged me but the RPC community assured me that it was just part of the writing process and that I just needed practice. I began pumping RPCs out back to back with each one slowly getting better than the last. Still, I was not very good at writing for this wiki nor was I necessarily liked in the Discord either. So in response, I took a decent break from RPC so I could better my skills and once I felt I did, I rejoined, which is where I am right now!

But as for myself, I am pretty introverted. I don't really enjoy talking to new people, or going out of my way to. I am obsessed with space, specifically astrophysics and black holes. I am really wanting to incorporate more space themes in my articles down the road!

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DISCORD: snowyisdead or snowy#2713

  • RPC Authority Official Discord Name: snowy

WIKIDOT: s n o w ys n o w y

Despite me being able to be reached through Wikidot, I prefer being contacted through Discord because I will be able to see the message quicker as I am on there frequently.

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