Operation Sour Syrup





Operation Codename

Operation Sour Syrup

Date Of Operation

April 13, 200█

MST Sierra-041
"Kudzu Killers"

Personnel Involved and Status:
Sierra-04-1 | Col. Edan
Sierra-04-4 | Pvt. Tomlinson
Sierra-04-6 | Cpl. Franks
Sierra-04-7 | Cpl. Sojo
Sierra-04-9 | Pvt. Hanson

Mission Summary
Through the interrogation of an acolyte of the Church of Malthus, the Authority has learned the location of a proto-cell in the Chengwatana State Forest of Minnesota.

Sierra-04's directives for the operation:
1. Verify obtained intelligence: a proto-cell is located within the Chengwatana State Forest.
2. Elimination of any and all armed personnel belonging to the Church
3. Capture any non-combat personnel belonging to the Church if possible.
4. Signal for deconstruction crew deployment upon location being secured.

Operation Status


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