Operation Sleeping Beauty





CODENAME: Sleeping Beauty
MST: Foxtrot-4 "Prey"
DATE: 04/07/1936
LOCATION: Site-410, Territory of Saar Basin, Germany.
TEAM MEMBERS: F4-Cap, F4-1, F4-2, F4-3, F4-4, RPC-410-3

OBJECTIVE: Escort RPC-410-31 into RPC-410, terminate any RPC-410-1 instances encountered, retrieve RPC-410-2, and return from RPC-410.

EQUIPMENT: All team members have been equipped with standard-issue armor. MST personnel additionally provided with FMS2 helmets, A-5 semi-automatic shotguns, 8 F1-m1916 grenades, a pocket camera and tape recorder for archival purposes, and an aerial photograph of RPC-410 for navigation purposes.


METHOD OF INFILTRATION: West servants’ entrance.


Flora obstructing entrance cleared without alerting RPC-410-1 instances.

One (1) RPC-410-1 instance discovered in kitchen. Instance composed primarily of cookware, with additional elements of utensils, tableware, and an oven. Immobilized by shotguns. Kitchen exited.

Repeated chanting heard by team, coming from multiple locations and growing closer: “noch schlummert die Prinzessin; sie wird nie Frieden kennen. Nur ein wahrer Held kann diesen verschlafenen Tod enden.”3 F4-2, F4-3, and F4-4 volunteer to stay behind and draw the attention of the approaching RPC-410-1 instances while F4-Cap and F4-1 continue to escort RPC-410-3 to the back tower. F4-Cap and F4-1 provide remaining team with their grenades and a portion of their ammo.

Escorting party makes it to tower base. Begin ascent to top of tower. 2 RPC-410-1 instances discovered guarding entrance to topmost room. Instances are garbed in the clothing of royalty, and are composed of ornate wood pieces, jewelry, and fine fabrics. Both instances have a crown at the head4.

RPC-410-1 instances engage escort party. Instances display fire casting abilities. F4-Cap and F4-1 sustain minor burns, but successfully incapacitate both instances and proceed to room. Unconscious human female discovered on bed, successfully identified as RPC-410-2 by RPC-410-3.

RPC-410-3 kisses RPC-410-2. Nothing happens. Escorting party examine RPC-410-3’s hands for intrusions. Needle found on right index finger. Needle is extracted, and finger is treated for poisons. RPC-410-2 awakens, embraces RPC-410-3. Displays confusion as to the presence of F4-Cap and F4-1.

Structure begins to shake; Escorting party carries RPC-410-2 out of tower. RPC-410 begins to collapse. Party reunites with diversion party and retreats from RPC-410. All RPC-410-1 instances have ceased animation.


One (1) tape recording of RPC-410-1’s chanting.

Four (4) photographs of various RPC-410-1 instances.


CASUALTIES: Burn wounds on F4-Cap and F4-1, broken bones on F4-2 and F4-4, F4-3 deceased.

CONCLUSION: Mission successfully accomplished. RPC-410-2 and RPC-410-3 relocated to Site-035.

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