Operation Shutdown




Shutdown O-5582

Date: March 25, 1955

Objective: Break into and terminate The Controller of RPC-558. Secondary Objective is to coordinate Artillery as a last resort.

MST: █████ (previously known as Strike team-Sigma)

Team Members: Sergeant Petrov of the Initiative, Corporal Lanning of the Authority, Private Rhine of the Authority, Private Kreng of the Initiative, Private Borisov of the Initiative

Forenote: At 1000 hours RPC-558 inexplicably attacked with multiple groups of 558-2 instances, in an attempt to breach the fencing surrounding RPC-558. Due to the strength and amount of fencing, all on-site ASF personnel were able to take positions around RPC-558 and open fire at some instances before the fencing was fully breached. While defence began, Strike team Sigma (housed in the workers complex), was ordered to find an isolated segment of the perimeter and work their way to The Controller for termination. Time was crucial to ensure no 558-2 instances escaped, or production of 558-3 instances was escalated.

[Begin Log]

Command: Strike team Sigma, have you located an entry point?

Petrov: Da Command, we’ve located a section not occupied by those things. Location is near the North Western corner of the fencing. Get an ASF unit to cover this entry point, and get the artillery inbound for danger close strikes if things get ugly.

Command: Keep in mind Sargent, we’re looking to pacify the RPC, not terminate it. Neutralisation is only necessary as a last resort.

Petrov: Understood Command.

[1 minute passes, Petrov is heard ordering the fence to be cut and ordering them to breach the wall]

Petrov: Command, we’re moving just now to the wall closest to the Controller room, and we’re intending to breach the wall to allow quick entry and escape should things get ugly. Do you approve?

Command: Affirmative Sargent, we need a swift pacification to ensure minimal damage to combined Authority and Initiative assets.

Petrov: Copy, [To men] The order was given, Breach!

[A loud explosion is heard, followed by loud alarms]

Petrov: Choyrt! 10 metres off. Men, Hurry!

[Gunfire is heard]

Private Borisov: Schitze, there’s a few of them in here!

Petrov: We’ll have a swarm of them on us if we don’t get this done quickly! You two! Hold out the exit and the entryway, I want to handle this alone!

[It is here that Petrov and his men enter the controller’s room. 2 Privates ran to the other door and covered the corridor that leads into the production room. The Corporal and a Private both cover the entry corridor. In the room is Researcher Victor, who was scheduled for an interview with the Controller]

Victor: Petrov you must listen to me! The factory, its-

Petrov: We all know! They suddenly started attacking us in giant hordes! We need to kill the controller as quickly as possible! Who knows how long they have!

Victor: Listen! The factory won’t completely shut down when you kill the controller!

Petrov: Near enough is good enough!

Automatic fire is heard over the protests of Victor

Victor: NO! STOP!

Private Kreng: I see a giant fucking horde coming this way! Is the Controller confirmed terminated?

Petrov: Confirmed, the Contr-

Victor: NO! You just-

[The sudden sound of panic in Petrov and Victor is heard. Then followed by metal scrapping and Victor screaming]

Petrov: CHYORT!

Lanning: Fuck me, Petrov what’s going on in there?

Petrov: Hold still Victor! I’ll get you out of there!

Borisov: Too close! Engaging the horde!

[Gunfire is heard, along with screeches from the X-2 instances]

Petrov: It’s not fucking releasing him! Victor can you hear me??

[No response from Victor]

Command: Sargent, have you terminated the Controller? A few of the X-2 instances have withdrawn, but there are still many out there.

Petrov: Not a fucking good time Command! [To his men] Men, keep laying down your fire! We’re freeing this scientist!

Command: Sargent please explain what’s going on.

Petrov: It didn’t shut down, It just grabbed the Researcher here and its…doing something to him.

Command: It didn’t shut down the factory? Get out of there, we’re neutralising it.

Petrov: Not until we get this researcher out.

Lanning: We got a horde coming on this side! Just leave the man and let’s get the fuck out of here!

Command: Get you and your men out of there now Sargent, we’re getting reports of X-3 instance appearing in a combat area, more are surely to come.

[Brief silence]

Command: Confirm the coordinates for the strike Sargent.

Rhine: They’re climbing over their own fallen!

Borisov: I’m almost out!

Petrov: …Command strike on these coordinates ██,██.

Command: Sargent can you confirm on these coordinates? These only hit-.

Petrov: I can confirm, just do it!!

Command: Standby, artillery strike on ██,██ in 3…2…

Lanning: The fuckin Commie just killed us!

[Muffled explosion is heard. The sound of gunfire stops as X-2 screeches are heard fading into the distance]

Borisov: They’re…retreating? But how?

Petrov: Never mind that. Men, regroup on me. I need all your help and we only have one shot.

Lanning: What the fuck was that?

Petrov: I’ll explain if we all get out of here, speaking of, are we all good?

Borisov: Kreng took a slash to his chest just as the explosion happened, ate through most of his armour but he’ll live.

Petrov: A non-fatal injury, we’ll get the medic to look you over when we get back. Current priority is to free this scientist.

Rhine: Forget him, he’s clamped into that chair.

Petrov: There’s a way around that. [To Command] Command I need one more artillery strike, bearing ██,██.

Command: Artillery strike inbound, I hope you know what you’re doing Sargent.

[Loud explosion heard]

Petrov: That hit the Production room, should keep the brain distracted. Let me just use…this.

Rhine: What is that?

Petrov: You Authority have your own name for it…Theta I think? This’ll hopefully cut power to the restraints.

Lanning: Hang on a sec, how do you know that’ll work?

Petrov: You must know your enemy well if you wish to strike him thoroughly….almost there…I looked up all schematics on this factory and saw it mostly uses magnets and electricity to hold things into place…like the doors, the lock to the armouries-

Borisov: And the restraints?

Petrov: Give our comrade here a medal. Alright men, here’s what we’re going to do. This little thing will start sucking up electricity to the restraints for a few seconds. Corporal Lanning, grab the researcher out of it when we begin and run like hell. Private Kreng, you meet up with the ASF unit guarding the fence and tell them what’s going on. The rest of us will cover you and secure a path, no doubt those things will come for us once we pull him out of the chair. Understand?

[All nod around this point. Private Kreng exits, and around 1015 explains to the ASF unit the plan. They all agree to help cover]

Petrov: Then its settled, we leave with every living person. [To Command] Command, requesting one final strike on the following coordinates, ██,██.

Command: You’re pushing it Sargent, this is the last strike we will allow before we level the entire RPC to the ground. We’re counting over ██ X-3 instances all approaching the combat areas. ASF won’t cut it in a few minutes.

Petrov: One more strike is all I need. Give us a 10 second countdown on my mark and we’ll extract during that time. [To men] We all ready?

[All nod]

Petrov: Begin the countdown NOW Command!

[A quiet humming is heard followed suddenly by loud alarms, yelling and running.]

Command: 10…9…8…


Petrov: Shooting, just RUN!

Command: 7…6…5…

Borisov: They’re running straight at us!

Petrov: Just get through the hole!

Command: 4…3…2…

Rhine: There they are!

Petrov: Get off the top of this hill!!

Command: 1…

Petrov: JUMP!!

[A large explosion is heard, followed a few seconds later by a giant salvo of explosions]

Undetermined: KEEP DOWN!

[The explosions are heard for another minute, then only the sound falling of debris is heard]

Undetermined: …Are we all alive?

Petrov: It seems so…Men! Are you all alive?

Rhine: I’m here with Kreng…god that fall fucked up my hamstring.

Borisov: I am also alive Sargent! No major injuries here!

Lanning: I’ve got you’re fuckin doctor Sarge, hope he was worth it.

Petrov: The Initiative never leaves one of our own behind Lanning, I expect no less from the Authority. [To Command] Command, the Operation is complete, and an Authority Researcher was successfully rescued, however may need psychological evaluation due to exposure to the Controller’s seat. We also need medical attention for 2 soldiers, one received a slash to his chest and another may have a pulled leg muscle.

Command: We’ll get those ready for you Sargent when you get back to Site-XX. However, I have recieved word that the General wants to have a word with you.

Petrov: …Understood.

[End Log]

Closing statements: Sargent Petrov was questioned on his reckless and needlessly risky behaviour. Petrov cited that the neutralisaiton of the RPC was the only possible choice to prevent an even worse catastrophe, and the rescue of the Researcher was due to a personal code of conduct, recorded quote: “No Comrade left behind”. After consulting the Initiative’s generals and viewing the testimony of Researcher Victor, a joint punishment of demotion was agreed upon, promoting Corporal Lanning to the Sargent rank. The rescued Researcher was able to relay the effect of the Controller’s seat (as seen in the attached document) and is scheduled for a 3 week break then (due to request) reassignment to The Office of Analysis and Ethics for Project GD-6 IE.1

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