Office Of Financial Affairs


Welcome to the Authority's Office of Financial Affairs. The role of this Office is involved with anything that affects Authority finances, positive or negative; and is divided into two subdivisions for the purposes of consistency and efficiency. The Administrative subdivision is where normal and abnormal accounting and auditing occurs, and the Commercial subdivision contains capital and asset acquisitions, and anomalous commercial efforts. For more information on the individual departments of the subdivisions, please continue reading.



Accounts and Audits

Accounts and Audits (AA) is the department in charge of making, keeping, and verifying records for the vast sea that is the Authority’s assets. If an asset is tied into RPC purposes, site administration, global administration, or involved in one of the innumerable shell companies of the Authority, AA keeps a book on it. The current collection of records occupies a space of ██ square kilometers.

Candidates for open positions in AA are thoroughly vetted by The Abacus Fold. Alongside testing accounting skills with modified books originally of AA archives, candidates must also possess the ability to collate non-traditional assets and be skilled in asset valuation. This includes assets of terrestrial, extraterrestrial, or alternate universe origin; and assets with various properties of being, tangibility, or sentience. When it comes to the AA, everything financial must add up, even for an asset where logical understanding is null.

Accountants of AA are tasked with fulfilling the making and keeping of records of Authority transactions, assets, subsidiaries, shell companies, payroll, amongst many other account types. They are also in charge of granting financial aid for special and emergency requests for RPC projects. The capital the Authority commands is nigh innumerable, resulting in the Accounts team having to check numerous records before making a decision. HR investigations have determined this to be the most contentious duty of the Accounts team when interacting with the RPC divisions; seeing Gamma class designations as a major point of contention.

Auditors of AA are special officers of Financial Affairs and are granted Level-4 security clearance in order to complete their duties. Outside of entities given an exclusion designation by Authority Administration, Auditors will investigate any Site, Area, RPC project, member of staff, inventory, department, or division of their discretion. Staff relevant to their investigation must give their complete cooperation and follow their instructions directly.

The Abacus Fold

A Fraternity of senior members of AA that personally validate all incoming financial data directly or indirectly related to Authority business; both literal and figurative. Where AA is limited strictly to working with Authority assets and finances, The Abacus Fold is a group of gifted financial minds that assist the Authority in additional areas.

Former bankers, Fortune 50 company accountants, government auditors, and back-channel middlemen are rumored to be among the alumni of the Fold. Regardless of their backgrounds, they provide a unique skill set for the authority, beyond their regular verification and vetting duties.

Tapped into innumerable information feeds of various industries of business, The Abacus Fold can and has assisted in RPC efforts intertwined in the world of business, including the training of MSTs in industrial espionage and financial investigation. The Fold's varied past experience and contacts across multitudes of industries have yielded ██ RPC objects for the Authority.



Anomalous Commerce

“In God we trust, all others pay upfront.”

Anomalous Commerce (AC) is tasked with providing revenue to the Authority via the commercialization of understood phenomena or (relatively) benign anomalies. AC Salesmen are recruited from numerous occupations, including specialist trade workers. Salesmen work in teams of varying sizes, with a required minimum of two members.

All salesmen must undergo a thorough background check and memetic analysis in order to qualify for the Anomalous Sales College. College courses are for the purposes of informing all potential salesmen of necessary elements of Research, Protection, and Containment that will be relevant in their daily operations. Salesmen, upon graduation from the Sales College, are granted access to numerous contacts representing various private individuals, private and public companies, and government organizations; all already vetted by Financial Affairs.

Contrary to what most Authority personnel outside of AC think, graduates and veterans of the sales force are tied to the College for their entire employment; they are not free agents upon graduation. With the wealth of information and leads they obtain from active sales force members, the College is able to assign the "inventory" and contacts of members based on their experience and skill. As a result, fresh graduates are generally not allowed to make deals involving anything beyond Authority-studied "understood phenomena".

For an anomaly to be approved for commercial sale, the anomaly must meet the following criteria:

  1. Any physical hazards must not be severe enough to cause permanent physical harm.
  2. Any mental hazards must not be severe enough to cause permanent mental damage. Mind-altering anomalies with effects similar to current narcotics are subject to individual evaluation are subject to evaluation if a second party is not required.
  3. The proposed anomaly must not have the ability to alter the thoughts and mind of another individual via the user, or anyone by force.
  4. The anomaly must not have the ability to control the actions of an individual.
  5. The anomaly must not have the ability to change probability or alter the function of reality.
  6. The anomaly must not have the ability to allow an individual or any entity to travel through time.

All salesmen must be prepared for new additions to the criteria. The sale of an anomaly that falls under newly added criteria will result in dismissal from Anomalous Commerce and memetic memory erasure if proven to be accidental. Purposely selling violating anomalies, new and old, will result in immediate termination. Any anomaly previously approved for sale that violates new criteria requires Protection to be informed if the interception of sold anomalies is required.


Due to misuse from certain salesmen, certain proposed mind-altering anomalies have been denied approval. Due to this misuse, Criteria 3 and 4 have been implemented. As of today, direct violations of Criteria 3 or 4 will result in immediate termination. The updated criteria have been attached to this memo. Inform yourselves immediately.

Mr. ████, Ms. ████, and Mrs. ████ are to meet with their ASF escort and report for immediate memetic memory erasure. You three should be thankful you are useful beyond your sales experience, as your incompetence nearly exposed the existence of anomalies to the entire European public. Be grateful the distraction operation was effective.

To all Sales Corps staff operating in or near Bosnia, you are to exfiltrate immediately. Operation Lucre will become active starting █████ber 9th. Communicate with the Sales College for briefing and open assignments at your earliest availability.

- Global Director 4, ████ █████; July ██, 19██


"Effective fronts require successful shells."

Acquisitions is responsible for acquiring commercial and industrial entities for the Authority. They are the fiscal means of expanding the Authority capabilities vertically and horizontally, both resulting in a dual benefit. From the work of the Acquisitions Department, the Authority gains new or expanded capabilities from fledgling or already successful companies, and a new location for non-commercial Authority operations to use temporarily or permanently. Acquisitions' motto refers to this effective means of concealing the Authority's presence in competitive industries.

Acquisitions specialize in key areas to accomplish their goals.

  • Document Tampering and Falsification
  • Negotiations
  • Paper Trail Imbroglification1
  • Working with HR for filling open positions in subsidiaries.
  • Takeovers
    • Amicable Takeovers
    • Hostile Takeovers2
  • Coordinating with Protection for:
    • establishing security for owned corporate entitles.
    • Literal Hostile Takeovers.

Commonly referred to in Acquisitions and Protection by the acronym LHT, Literal Hostile Takeovers are a joint operation conducted for the purposes of initiating a takeover in which time does not allow for the traditional methods of acquisition. An LHT requires the entire Acquisitions department's focus and skill set to be devoted to making the transfer of ownership as quiet as possible.

Protection's efforts are towards applying amnesics on shareholders and officers of the company, and the target company's operational staff; for the purposes of facilitating the changing over of ownership and the cooperation of the admin level; and having it continue to run post-forced transfer. Former shareholders are left thinking they sold their shares, and find their accounts and portfolios reflect that. Officers continue to run the company as they did, or are purged for discovered incompetence.

After its establishment at the end of Operation Lucre, Acquisitions has completed seven LHTs, the most recent having occurred on May ██, 20██; to secure the ownership of ██████ Inc. and RPC-███.

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