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"History has shown time after time that humanity can only undertake a great change when a common threat befalls them. Wars have been fought, kings have been slain and billions have fallen all in the name of survival… No more. I believe that humanity is capable of virtue, to live side-by-side in peace. I aim to create a world with no violence, to bring harmony, serenity, equanimity; a world with no boundaries."

—Wilhelm van der Berg, founder of Nucorp industries (1867-1944)

Founded in 1914, Nucorp Industries began as an applied scientific research company specializing in licensing their inventions and techniques to other companies. Nucorp came to the attention of the Authority in 1939, when they sold a substantial volume of technical material on the production of nuclear piles to the US government, including the copyright on the concept of the "nuclear reactor."

The Authority approached Nucorp after the end of the Second World War, offering a partnership with their obviously-advanced manufacturing and applied materials sciences division. Under this agreement, the Authority and Nucorp established a joint manufacturing facility in 1956, which was subsequently utilized for the Battlecarrier project, ending in the late 1970s. Nucorp remains a valuable partner to the Authority, which frequently relies on their industrial base and expertise in reverse-engineering anomalous technologies.

Nucorp-Authority Joint Projects

RPC-150 - Adobe Photoshop Cognitohazard Suite 6
RPC-925 - Mind Ward
RPC-030 - Necrotizing Steam
RPC-955 - Like Tears in Rain
RPC-164 - Outdated Equipment
RPC-794 - The Mass
RPC-831 - AEGIS v8.3.1
RPC-193 - The Amazing! Co. Kidz-Frendly STAPLOR!™
RPC-954 - Nothing Last Forever…
RPC-247 - Fuel Economy
RPC-131 - How to Catch an Info-Demon
RPC-267 - The Widow and the Mechcronomicon

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