Notebook Acquired From The Assembly Hall





In ██/██/21, a ████ page notebook was found in the assembly hall of Site-███. The acquired document contains crude recreations of various Authority registered phenomena files, presumably written by children.1 It is unknown how these children gained access to classified information, the origin of the notebook is still under investigation.

Document is cataloged by numerical order. Some information may be classified.


Registered Phenomena Code:

Object Class:

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols:


the small thing, and also the big thing

Rejster Fenomena Code: ███ ███

Object Class: Not very sure….

Hazard Types: Nothing

Containment Protocols: rpc does not do anything.

Description: it is the big thing, and the small thing! Dont know what…..

Auntie Janeth :)

Registered Phenomena Code: 049

Object Class: Dead X_X

Hazard Types: i dont atchualy know


Containment Protocols: Auntie Janeth hangs around in site 2

Description: Auntie Janeth is really nice and funny, adn and she sometimes says scarry storys, she's the best ever 4ever and 5ever. also shes a ghost

funny crabs

Registered Phenomena Code: 076

Object Class: might hurt you

Hazard Types: alive, sometimes atacks people

Containment Protocols: leave it alone (but feed it also)

Description: theyre crabs that take their legs off and make weird shapes. they catch and eat other animals kind of like humans do.

the wierd room

Registered fenomena code: 205

Object class: gone

Hazard types: dont get too close to the chars!!

Containment protocols: u dont need them anymore but stay inside the building so it dosn't come back


Description: it was this room in a building that was really weird and had black chairs in it. if you got too close to the black chairs you would feel bad and die. the door closed and it was no longer there except for a guy who also died later. the doctors found dust in his tummie

Weird Computer Program

Registered Phenomena Code: 313

Object Class: Creepy, don't like what I see

Hazard Types: Not good for me to look at, especially the S-01 thing

Containment Protocols: do not open it

Description: it's a computer game or something, don't like what it's showing me…

this one helps you live forever!

Registered Phenomena Code: 341

Object Class: gone forerver!

Hazard Types: really gross way of not dying ever

Containment Protocols: already contained (its dead)

Description: th e authrotiy found out that we coudl live forevr if we just trusted computers but the authrity didnt trust computers so no one can ever be human ever again!

the scary lady

Registered Phenomena Code: 400

Object Class: Scary.

Hazard Types: Scary, Lonely, and a Woman

Containment Protocols: Don’t be alone at Site-051. I don’t have to worry cause I have many friends.

Description: RPC-400 is a ghost monster of a woman who worked for the authority. Legend has it that she was murdered by a loved one muwahahaha >:)

stolas sonete soneet sonneet SINGERS

register fenomena cod: beta white 41 3

object clas: betta white

hazzard types: they move a lot and can swim in ther ship

contain men protocols: let them sing and let them talk with capten (they like talking a lot!)

descripshion: 4 13 are pirates seilors that like to sing a lot with them and with people they really really really really really like to talk so they tak alot with them and with the capten and with everyone! the gost and the lider are best friends and love each other a lot more than they like to talk!


Prinseses and pots

Registered Phenomena Code: 421

Object Class: Safe but a little scary.

Hazard Types: Makes you scared and sad.

Containment Protocols: The ROD Foundashon puts 421 safe inside forever. There she will suffer forever and ever and ever. No one will ever hear her again.

Description: 421 is a brown pot with a prinses trapped inside. She is crying HELP! HELP! but help never comes becaus the pot is seeled shut. Every one who hears her gets scared and sad.

Capitalize Karla

Registered Phenomena Code: 551
Object class: alpha
Object Class: alfa orange
Hazard Types: animated, regenerative,
Hazard Types: anemited, regenratife, contact, idealogical
Containment Protocols: Capitalize
Containment Protocols: karla sleeps in ██████ kapelle where she waits for the CHOSEN ONE to take her sword and become the harbinjer. harbinger

Description: CAPITALIZE was a nun of the Knights
Description: karla was a nun of the Exiled Nights of Poland. She holds sir. Fidel's sword waiting for a CHOSEN harbinjer to appear and kill all the monsters on earth.

Your grammar improved! Good job! ★★☆

I hate this class.

Bee healers

Registered Phenomena Code: 588

Object Class: Good

Hazard Types: nune

Containment Protocols: Put them with other bee friends in site …

Description: Mommy says bees are friends, and they make all the bad go away when they touch you, and they make delichouce honey, my brother doesnt like them becauz he is a dumb dumb.

Pandora’s Stupid Box

Registered Phenomena Code: 618

Object Class: Danger.

Hazard Types: Avoid it.

Containment Protocols: Put it in a box

Description: Pandoras box is a very dangerose anomaly that will spawn demons sometimes. There is pestilense, war, famine, and death. Pestilense will make you sick and famine makes you hungry. But war and death? They will fight you and its so anoying BECAUSE THEY JUST KEEP BEATING YOU UP FOR NO REASON AND WHEN YOU TELL THEM TO STOP THEY JUST LAUF AT YOU. STOP SHOWING YOUR ANNOYING DEMON FRIENDS TO ME PANDORA I HATE THEM.

If all evil is open call +44 ██████████

Vase kitties!!!!

Registered Phenomena Code: 725

Object Class: safe (and cute!)

Hazard Types: moves around

Containment Protocols: Buy them from the stor and give them food and sheltur

Description: 725 are cute cats made of clai that move around! they even meow and eat and play and everithing els a cat does. just dont drop it becuz it is fragile nevermind it dosnt. Still so cute!

관숭아's glasses

Registered Phenomena Code: 822

Object Class: Safe.

Hazard Types: It makes you sick if you look at it for too long.


Containment Protocols: The RCP Auhtorty is stil keeping it but they should give it back to its owner.

Description: 822 is a really bad sunglass made by a girl a long long time ago. When you wear it you can see the invisable Kare! I wore it many times before to help her rite notes for 관숭아. She is very nice.

Nightmares Beneath My Bed

Registered Phenomena Code: 993

Object Class: Yellow, Alpha.

Hazard Types: Fire hazard, blunt trauma, trauma

Containment Protocols: It’s in room 28 of the ███ Apartment on ████, London. Be weary of uncle. Run away if you feel the air is hot or if you hear banging beneath my bed. Show no mercy to the dolls.

Description: My nightmares have been coming into life, and they took me to their home, underneath my bed. The authority came and made my parents forget all about me.

a place at site 2
Sekter 100 [I just learned this number :)]

Registered Phenomena Code: don’t know, the voices told me about it.

Object Class: safe, but I hear that they want out.

Hazard Types: a place that wants to be real

Containment Protocols: the authoriti dont want you to know because they are fat liars

Description: a place that doesnt exist. wait how does that work? how can I hear you if you don’t exist?

Addum: a man with a lab coat wants me to remember a phrase. I’ll try to write it down.

authoriti nineteen twenti proyect ere-bus

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