No. 0456

No. 0456





Threat Class: T2

Paranatural Type: Entity

Safety Procedure: All known remains of 0456 have been incinerated, while any object that had been affected by 0456 was studied and either kept for further research, or returned to its original location.

Person of Interest-0371 "Mark Zane" has been given a prison sentence of ten years with no chance of parole, a £250 fine and has been placed on Monarch Security's watch list as a priority level 2 target. In the event PoI-0371 is found to have continued the practice of paranatural activity during his sentence, he will face further repercussions.

Secured Location: 0456 was previously under the ownership of the Cornwall Institution, before its termination.

Paranatural Description: 0456 was an entity crudely constructed out of pipes and measuring approximately 1.9 m. A crown made out of cardboard has been attached to 0456's head, and has suffered minor damage to its wellbeing. A small amount of fluid containing traces of waste and other material will occasionally spew from anywhere on 0456's body.

Attempting to communicate with 0456 has been unsuccessful, as 0456 was either unable or unwilling to respond to interview attempts. 0456 has not demonstrated any high forms of intelligence, and was found unable to follow any form of command and in some cases would simply ignore outwards stimuli.

Once 0456 makes physical contact with certain objects or entities through one of its upper limbs, they will become subject to a "degrading" effect that is not well understood. This will begin with a starting period of the affected material beginning to melt slowly. The amount of time that the affected material will take to melt, is dependant on its size and mass, with bigger objects taking a relatively longer time to melt.

Living entities affected by 0456 do not expire immediately, and will continue to retain their intelligence even after the liquidation of all their internal organs. In most cases, victims of 0456 will expire due to starvation as they are unable to take in any form of nutrition.

Attachment 0-1:

0456 was first discovered by a Monarch field agent during their inspection of the Cornwall Institution's school mascot competition.1 The following submissions were presented in the school hall.

0456 won the competition with 632 votes (It was later found out that the voting system had been rigged by unknown means.) and became the school's new mascot. For a period of two weeks, 0456's full paranatural properties were undiscovered by Monarch Security, and no noticeable incidents took place.

Attachment 0-2:

On the 5th March 2017, over several reports were posted by individuals residing within [INFORMATION RETRACTED] about a recent string of deaths regarding some of the fauna in the area. An investigation was launched, and a trace of fluid from 0456 was discovered at the time, leading to suspicions of PoI-0371.

Attempts to locate PoI-0371 and 0456 were met with failure, as questioning of individuals in their area revealing that they had vanished the day before. A search for the two was conducted, but no evidence suggesting to their whereabouts could be found.

Later that same day, an individual from the Cornwall Institution had been found in the parking lot of █████ █████, affected by 0456. They were euthanised after no medical cure could be found for their condition, and their next of kin was notified of the incident.

Attachment 0-3:

On 8th March 2017, Southampton police received a threatening call from PoI-0371 who began using a list of codewords that a Monarch Security A.I managed to pick up on and transferred the call.

Attachment 0-4:

PoI-0371 was successfully apprehended at █████████ however, 0456 was not present at the scene. When questioned as to the whereabouts of 0456, PoI-0371 claimed that they had to abandon it, as they were unable to keep it under control. A small team of tactical agents was prepped, and were sent to scout for 0456 at its last given location.

0456 was later discovered, when a report about a customers trapped within a melting restaurant reached authorities. The tactical team made their way to the location, and was sighted at the left side of the building. Members of the tactical team attempted to issue a warning for 0456 to halt, and a warning shot was fired, but was ignored by the entity.

An agent equipped with a flamethrower was sent, and began engaging with 0456. Despite the entity's attempts to fight back, they were eventually rendered neutralised after suffering a significant degree of damage. The remains of the entity were collected and later disposed of via incineration.

All occupants of the building were safely escorted out, after additional tactical agents arrived to break in and retrieve them. A cover story for the incident was created.

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