From the first breath of life, the world has experienced catastrophic event the likes of which cannot be imagined. How the world moves past these events, is all due in part of the Nivaldi, a secular group of beings which regularly warn the people of an upcoming catastrophic event. Having only made first contact with the Authority in the past 20 years, the Nivaldi and their motives are still unknown. Although their warnings to the world have been beneficial in the sense, their true intentions are not known leading to the shroud of secrecy surrounding them and the information they hold.

The Nivaldi and Children of Nihil are simultaneosly uninfluenced by each other and enemies. Although the Nivaldi seek to warn the people of upcoming mass extinction events, the gods they worship still seek to destroy life as we know it. The Children of Nihil; however, seek to call upon natural disasters and extinction events to become closer to their gods. Although the Nivaldi do not seek to impose on the efforts of the Children of Nihil, and the Children of Nihil do not seek to hinder the work of the Nivaldi, the two groups worship similar deities which can influence collaboration or opposition of the two groups.

It is currently unknown which dieties the Nivaldi worship; however, it can be deduced that there is no one main diety or one main religious system which hold prevelence in the eyes of the Nivaldi. Instead, a pantheon of destructive forces each encompassing their own domain are revered and held to their own prowess. Sacred Nivaldi texts and reports dating back to ancient civilizations depict Nivaldian gods spanning across polytheistic and monotheistic belief systems such as Pagan and Judeochristian beliefs centered in Russia, the Scandanavian territories and English and Roman kingdoms.

It is hypothesized that the congregation of various religious entities would lead to the onset of a mass extinction event which is why containment of RPC-616 and the various entities related to it is of top priority in the eyes of the Authority.

Nivaldi RPCs

  • RPC-099 - The Extremely Probable (Yet Still Equally Improbable) Probability Device
  • RPC-168 - Incompatence
  • RPC-373 - To Sleep Like an Angel

Articles That Reference Nivaldi

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