Inv. Nathan H. Keller

Nathan Keller's colleagues had filed complains against him during his time in the Authority for being overtly cynic and hostile, often assaulting personnel who mentioned Léa and Mary Keller or The Black Tulip. Nathan Keller was later ordered to attend psychiatry sessions in the office of Dr. Genevieve Varghast. MST Sierra-8 investigators and a small portion of the protection division personnel had given Nathan Keller the nicknames "Revenant" and "The Authority's Own Bandog".





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Full Name: Nathan Harris Keller

Personnel ID Number: 002-365-22789

Security Clearance:

  • Level 2 (2012–2014)
  • Level 3 (2014–2017)
  • Level 4 (2017–Present)

Division: Protection

Bureau: Authority Central Intelligence


  • MST Sierra-8 Junior Investigator, Homicide Department (2012–2014)
  • MST Sierra-8 Senior Sergeant Investigator, Homicide Department (2014–2017)
  • MST Sierra-8 Senior Lieutenant Investigator, Cartage Department (2017–Present)

Sex: Male

Height: 185cm

Weight: 95kg

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Birthplace: Albany, NY, USA

Date Of Birth: October 1st 1982

Enlistment Date: July 6th 2012

Educational Background:

  • Arbor Hill Elementary School (Graduated 1993)
  • West Hill Middle School (Graduated 1996)
  • Albany High School (Graduated 2000)
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Graduate (Enrolled 2000–2004)

Occupational History:

  • NYPD Patrol Unit (2004–2007)
  • NYPD Homicide Detective (2007–2012)


Early Life

Nathan Harris Keller was born to John Francis Keller and Eleanor Keller (formerly Eleanor McCarthy) in Albany, NY, USA. John Keller was a US Army soldier assigned to the 5th Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment and was among the 23 KIA during the US Invasion of Panama in 1989. Eleanor Keller was a teller in Trustco Bank, located in 40 Central Ave, Albany. Nathan Keller then lived with his mother until the age of 10, where Eleanor Keller was murdered during a home invasion in ██/██/1992.

Nathan Keller then moved in with his uncle, Malcolm Keller, who was the only living relative he had left. He enrolled in Albany High School, along with Malcolm Keller working there as a teacher. Nathan Keller then had a rough childhood, seeing how Malcolm Keller's apartment was located in West Hill; a well known ghetto in Albany. He was then forced to work at an early age, as Malcolm Keller was unable to accommodate his daily needs. One of his part-time jobs include manual labor—underpaid and under the table.

Reports from his former known associates and several police reports at the time indicated that Nathan Keller used to deal various substances and partake in petty thefts—one report stated that Nathan Keller used to take his cut in the form of cocaine packets and proceeded to abuse said substances periodically. As part of a rumor, several accounts stated that he had took at least 2 lives in armed robbery.

Malcolm Keller was killed in a crossfire during an armed robbery shootout in ██/██/1998. Nathan Keller then inherited his wealth and his apartment. Reports from his former classmates and teachers stated that his uncle's death had thrown Nathan Keller into a depressive episode, often refusing to eat nor drink during his school lunch break. When one of his classmates visited him in his apartment, Nathan Keller was found on the floor, collapsed from heroin overdose. This event had allegedly made Nathan Keller leave the life of crime.

After a full recovery and several therapeutic sessions, Nathan Keller was back in school and graduated in ██/██/2000. His performance earned himself a scholarship in John Jay College of Criminal Justice, located in the nearby New York City. He then graduated at age 22 with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and immediately enlisted in the New York Police Department. After finishing the Academy, Nathan Keller was assigned as a patrol unit for 3 years, before his performance earned him a promotion as a homicide detective in 16/01/2007.

Marriage and Children


Lea Kafka (left) and Mary-Anne Keller (right), 24/01/2012.

In his youth, Nathan Keller had a romantic interest named Veronica Marlowe, who was his classmate in Albany High School as well as his partner in crime. They met just before a pawn shop robbery orchestrated by Nathan Keller's accomplice. Both dated for 2 years before Veronica Marlowe was incarcerated in Otisville Correctional Facility.1

After finishing the police academy and being tasked with patrol duty, Nathan Keller met Lea Kafka working as a waitress in a diner outskirts of New York City during his lunch break. Nathan Keller then dated Lea Kafka for 2 years, before being engaged shortly after his promotion to a Homicide Detective in 16/01/2007 and both were married just 1 month later.

Nathan Keller and Lea Kafka then had a daughter, named Mary-Anne Keller, in 23/12/2007.


  • Lea Kafka Magdalena (12/02/1984 - ██/██/2012)


  • Mary-Anne Aleta Keller (23/12/2007 - ██/██/2012)

The Black Tulip Murders

In the summer of 2012, Nathan Keller was investigating the murder of Emma Hopkins that was a part of The Black Tulip murders. Eric Hopkins—the father of Emma Hopkins and was later revealed as an APAS art collector—attempted to answer questions and provide useful information to Nathan Keller before his wife, Jenna Hopkins murdered him and claimed her own life. Nevertheless, Jenna Hopkins stated that The Hopkins used to deal various weaponized art anomalies to Tony Armone, a well known mob boss that had allegedly bribed the rankings of the NYPD. However, this was not enough for an arrest warrant. After months of investigation and several serial murders, Nathan Keller was able to confirm that the victims of The Black Tulip murders were connected to Tony Armone—in business and in private matters.


The aftermath of the car bombing. (Exterior [L], Interior Front [M], Interior Back [R])

Before Nathan Keller could file a warrant to the District Attorney, Tony Armone sent assassins to rig Nathan Keller's issued cruiser with explosives. However, the explosion had claimed Léa and Mary-Anne Keller's lives instead. Shortly after the funeral, Nathan Keller refused the captain's order to take a two-week vacation and was later suspended. He then went on an unauthorized investigation, aided off the records by his colleagues.

The suspicious behavior of his captain stalling the arrest of Tony Armone, added with several evidence that Nathan Keller had obtained, led to him uncovering the web of conspiracy involving not only the Chief of the Police, but also the Mayor of New York City as well—ultimately leading to a full-scale investigation and their arrests.

The Board of Global Directors took interest in Detective Keller after he successfully terminated Tony Armone, proven to be a high ranking member of the American Continental Syndicate and the mastermind behind The Black Tulip murders. Global Director 03 then offered Nathan Keller a transfer to MST Sierra-8 "Sundowners", believing the intricate knowledge of the American Continental Syndicate and its inner workings he had obtained would be a great asset to the Authority.

RPC Authority

In ██/██/2012, Nathan Keller accepted the transfer offer and was garrisoned in Site-002. He was also provided private housing in the Harmon Crossings apartment complex, just north off of the McCarran International Airport.

After completing the standard medical evaluation and taking the eminence test2, Captain Ryan O'Connor greenlit him into active duty. He was then given complete authority over any and all cases along with task forces assigned to the American Continental Syndicate after observing his profound knowledge of the matter.

During his first years in the Authority, Nathan Keller's colleagues had filed complaints against him for being overtly cynic and hostile, often assaulting personnel who tried to talk about or mentioned Léa and Mary-Anne Keller or The Black Tulip murders. Nathan Keller's apparent alcohol dependency and chainsmoking would often be met with disciplinary actions and was threatened to a potential reassignment by his superiors. However, HR supervisors would often drop the case, seeing how he would only drink and smoke after work hours and in designated places (often being the Authority owned community bar). HR supervisors would also commend him for his work performance instead; refusing to take vacation nor sick days and staying overtime. Despite his professional work etiquette, many of his colleagues were worried that he might be obsessed with the American Continental Syndicate.

Nathan Keller was later ordered to attend psychiatry sessions in the office of Dr. Genevieve Varghast. Dr. Varghast initially suspended Nathan Keller from active duty as he was diagnosed with Major depressive episode and post-traumatic stress disorder. After approximately 3 months of consuming antidepressants and attending therapeutic sessions, Dr. Varghast observed significant progress and allowed Nathan Keller to return to active duty. However, his cynical and nihilistic behavior was still apparent.

Due to his hostile behavior in the early years working in the Authority, MST Sierra-8 investigators and a small portion of the protection division personnel had given Nathan Keller nicknames such as "Revenant" and "The Authority's Own Bandog".

In mid-2014, Nathan Keller's animosity against the American Continental Syndicate was getting progressively more apparent, as observable during a methamphetamine lab raid in ████, ██, where Nathan Keller executed every gunmen—even after they have surrendered—without orders from his superiors. Dr. Varghast made an official request to Captain O'Connor to suspend Nathan Keller from active duty for a complete psychological check-up. However, Captain O'Connor instead ordered Nathan Keller a temporary transfer to the cartage department, believing the work atmosphere would relieve him of post-traumatic stress while also being productive.

In recent years, Nathan Keller has been showing progressively positive attitude towards his colleagues and excellent work performance. In ██/██/2015, Captain O'Connor assigned him a partner, named Junior Investigator Kelly Connors.

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