Myths & Magic Contest

Thaumaturgy—the concept of casting magic and creating miracles through rituals, beliefs, and ideologies—has existed for millenia. The Authority, ever curious with the supernatural and anomalous, has always had a vested interest in researching Thaumaturgy, to discover every facet and mechanism of these magical systems.

What actions will cause flame to spark from your very hand? What intents of mind will bring rain pouring across a bone-dry desert? It is up to the Authority to catalogue this corner of the anomalous world, and to explore the many branches of magic that sorcerers study.

Official Placements

First place goes to Vicarius Leti: The Lich Pope by SovereignAuthoritySovereignAuthority with +22!

Second place is a tie and goes to both: The Last Bequest & The Sleeping Kings by Von PincierVon Pincier with +19!
And The King & The Tide by Worm that WalksWorm that Walks with +19!

Third place is a tie and goes to both: The Roar of War by Doctor LupinDoctor Lupin with +14!
And Nine Thousand Lives & The Witchcraft of the Angra Mainyu, Who Is All Death by AlmardukAlmarduk with +14!

Art Contest Submissions


The Mesopotamians by: Ashtor3th


A Curse on Containment by: Slimeisgood

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