Missing RPC

A surge in missing person cases has racked North America. There has been a series of rumors surrounding our National Parks. Dark rumors. In particular, travel advisories have been issued at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico, due to their dramatic spike in accidents. A perfect storm in the public eye has brewed. Eye-witness reports, unexplainable homicide cases, nuclear testing in Nevada — to the average person, these events are unconnected. But to the initiated, a web of lies is unfolding. With nothing but the whispers of a shadow government coming to protect us, people turn to self-reliance to keep their communities safe.

In hopes of gaining either fame or enlightenment, a movement is born. A small cliche has flooded our forests, dedicated to proving the establishment wrong. They are conspiracy bloggers, unlicensed zoologists, gun enthusiasts, collectors of the macabre, and amateur documentarians. Supplied with nothing but their wit, whatever rifle they can smuggle in, and their undying morale, these people are not acclimated to what lies beyond the surface.

These hunters, and the mythic entities they clash with, stand to cause more harm to the world than to themselves. A weakened Authority monitors the situation from the shadows, only intervening when necessary or least costly. Still, it is their duty to minimize civilian exposure to the anomalous, archiving all potential interactions and intercepting all civilian caught anomalies. Field agents must prevent harm if possible; cover up if necessary.

The truth is out there, somewhere, and for once, we can’t contain it.

The Event is Over!

Congratulations to The Son of Man with the contest winner Report On The Esoteric State Of Appalachia at a perfect 5 stars, Raggabrash in second place with RPC-624: The Hidebehind at 4.7 stars, and JimmyBoyHaha in third with RPC-429: Whistling in the Dark at 4.4 stars.

As promised, all entries will be featured on the front page. The event page is still open to post-contest articles. Staff team would like to thank both the dozen authors able to finish their drafts and the few of you who at least tried to write for the event. Successful contests really vindicate the hours our Contest Team puts into these things. And remember, keep an eye out for Post-Event articles.


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