Misfortune Contest

Broken mirrors cast prophecies of sickness and death. Hardship falls on the carefree who spill salt and tip horseshoes. Crossing paths with black cats and sidewalk cracks brings tragic accidents. Grab your nazar and cross your fingers to protect yourself from the powers you cannot see, and welcome to the third annual RPC Authority Halloween Contest!

Submissions Info

The Misfortune Contest: Create an RPC article with the theme of misfortune or superstition. The submission with the highest final rating will win. The winner of the Misfortune Contest will get bragging rights, the RPC-013 slot and a featured spot on the front page. Those who do not win are encouraged to upload their submissions.

  • Optional Challenge: Write the scariest Misfortune entry! Those who vote on more than half of entries will be able to vote for which entry they think is the scariest. (Leave a comment in the discussion forum to say when you no-vote an article!) The winner will be awarded with the special challenge badge and a featured spot on the front page.

Pumpkin Carving Contest: Carve an impressive pumpkin! (Other objects are accepted, including Sugar Skull decoration and anything else that you can think of. Don't be afraid to get creative.)

  • Contact CroalCroal (Coupon#1773) to enter

Discord Art Contest: Create a piece of art related to misfortune, superstition or horror. See here for more information.

  • Contact CroalCroal (Coupon#1773) or AscriberAscriber (Ascriber#2181) to enter


Submissions Open: 18th of October, 12AM EST
Submissions Close: 25th of October, 11:59PM EST
Voting Begins: 26th of October
Winners will be announced on the 31st of October


  • Do not coldpost. Writing submissions must receive two pieces of feedback in the drafts forum.
  • Wait until the submission period begins to upload your page.
  • Submissions must match the theme in a justifiable way.
  • Pre-existing drafts are allowed, so long as they have never been posted to the wiki.
  • Edits to works are allowed.
  • Only one RPC entry is allowed per user.
  • Do not request for people to change their vote on your entry, excessively push or pester people to rate it, or message an overtly substantial amount of people to read your entry such that it may provide you an unfair advantage.
  • Attempting to manipulate votes using alt accounts or other deceitful means will result in your entry being disqualified; you may also be barred from future contests or banned from the site.

To Enter

1. Write your article and get feedback on the forums.

2. Post your entry to the site with the URL "Contest:MisfortuneContest<YourUserName>" with your site user name in place of <YourUserName>. For example, if a user named Chad were to post an entry it would have the URL rpcauthority.wikidot.com/Contest:MisfortuneContestChad. This page must be posted by you or a collaboration partner. You must receive feedback before posting.

3. Add the tag "Misfortune2020" to your entry so it shows up on this page.


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