Misfortune Contest

Broken mirrors cast prophecies of sickness and death. Hardship falls on the carefree who spill salt and tip horseshoes. Crossing paths with black cats and sidewalk cracks brings tragic accidents. Grab your nazar and cross your fingers to protect yourself from the powers you cannot see, and welcome to the third annual RPC Authority Halloween Contest!

Official Placements

First place goes to RPC-013 : STRESS BUDDY™ by Amazing! Co. by Agent EldritchAgent Eldritch with +24!

Second place, and the winner of the Scariest RPC Challenge, goes to RPC-329 : Black Cat Nebula by ieatcrepesieatcrepes with +18

Third place goes to ACS Dreamscape by VizloxVizlox with +17!

The winner of the RPC Art Contest is Rota with The Dawn!


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