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The Minimalism Contest: Words, words, words. There're too many of them. Too much time is wasted slogging through 10k plotlines, convoluted crosslinks, and every slasher cliche in between. Flash fiction is meant to be efficient — impactful. You get in; you get out. Bing, bang, boom! So, for the end of the year, let's keep it simple.

Post a short article in two months: No theme, no format, and no strings attached. Lay off the custom code & the deep-lore documents. 1st Place goes to the highest-rated article. Most Minimalist Article goes to the highest-scored article (see "Points System" Tab). 1500 words are the goal, but there's a 3k word limit. The shorter the better. What's not to like?

SUBMISSIONS ARE BEING STREAMLINED: To enter, upload your contest entry as if it were a normal article and tag it using "MinCon2023"

Rules & Article Requirements:

  • Articles do not have to be about minimalism, the contest is about quickly executing expressive ideas about any subject.
  • Your article must receive two pieces of crit posted in the drafts forum. DO NOT COLD POST.
  • Your article cannot exceed a 3k word count or use a custom theme.1
  • Multiple contest submissions and editing of already submitted contest entries are allowed. Furthermore, submitting reworked articles or pre-existing drafts that have gone unpublished before the announcement of the contest is also allowed.
  • Do not excessively advertise, vote-hound, or request a vote change for your submissions.
  • Using alt accounts or other deceitful means of vote manipulation will result in a life ban and disqualification from future contests.
  • To qualify for Most Minimalist Article, article submissions must have at least four users vote on it and require a minimum rating of 3.2/5 stars or beyond2

Word count will be determined based solely on text printed directly on the website page itself, meaning that CSS and other invisible do-dads that show up in the Page-Source, or raw text, DO NOT COUNT toward the total.3





MinCon Multimedia Contest: Upload your RPC-related art directly to the Site under the tags "MinConArt2023" and "art." The highest-rated art piece wins. Art, video, infographics, and audio are all good mediums.

  • ART ENTRIES DON'T NEED TO BE MINIMALIST: but should deal with themes of abstraction, brevity, or minimalism either visually or thematically.

Submission Dates:

Writing & Multi-Media Submissions Open: 9th of December, 3:30PM EST
Writing & Multi-Media Submissions Close: 17th of February, 11:59PM EST
Winners will be announced on Febuary 20th, 2023

  • Contact televisionisttelevisionist (!Zingo Zango Zalgo Zongo Bongo#6309#2181) for any questions/concerns.

1st Place with the highest-rated article will win the RPC-024 Slot and a 50k Toddbux Prize in the Main Discord. The Top Three Entrants will be featured on the front page. "Most Minimalist Article" will net its Author the "Writing-Challenge" Site Badge & Discord Role, a 50k Toddbux Prize. The Media Contest winner will also receive the Top-Artist Site Badge and Discord Role. So good luck!

MinCon Entries

Writing Submissions:

Art Pieces:

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