Mechanical Hedge Trimmer




Canon: Baseline
Series: I
Canon: Baseline Series: I

A bio-mechanical girl sat alone in her concrete and metal cell. A white straight jacket keeping the violence inside her mind from spilling out. All this girl wanted to do was protect the one she loves. Even if the methods that she employed were a bit brutal at times. A single metal door held close by magnetic locks was all between her and the rest of Site-031-2.

The engine that turned her mechanical limbs hummed peacefully. And the twin exhaust pipes on her back released unknown fumes. She never felt the fumes as this happened, even though she could feel these pipes.

The sign outside of her cell held a bright red triangle with a Greek letter inside. The number 439 was featured on the top of the sign, indicating the name of what was within. Below that descriptive words, meant to tell the reader what the thing inside of the cell was capable of. The single red symbol on the sign related the danger of the contents within.

The mechanical girl was quite fond of red.

A smile began to grow across her face as the clock in her head struck midnight, for she had been planning the events of this day for months. Today would be the day that she would ensure the safety of her dearest Katherine. After the clock would strike four in the morning, she would see the fruits of her labor.

The diesel-punk yandere waited patiently, glossing over the mental map she prepared of what would be happening at what time. At least, what would be happening if everything went to her plan.

00:00 - Guards change

00:15 - ASF Jackson will replace Maintenance Worker Jones's water bottle with one that has been laced with a fast-acting poison.

00:30 - Maintenance Worker Jones will disconnect the Carbon-monoxide tanks used for RPC-550's containment.

01:00 - Maintenance Worker Jones will leave the monoxide tanks disconnected as he makes his way to the medical ward.

01:15 - Janitor Bagingy will slip a laxative into Dr. Malcom's drink.

01:30 - Dr. Malcom will begin preparations for standard maintenance of RPC-550's containment unit.

02:00 - Dr. Malcom will leave his post to use the restroom.

02:30 - Carbon-monoxide would begin to be pumped into RPC-550's containment unit for standard maintenance.

02:45 - The facility entered lockdown…?

"Wait that wasn't supposed to happen until 04:00, what's going on?" The yandere asked herself.

An alarm she didn't recognize began to blare throughout the facility. Then an announcement came over the loudspeaker. Though she couldn't hear the announcement from inside her unit, she could make out some of the words through the vibrations of the concrete caused by the sounds.

"[unclear] come under siege by [unclear] forces, resulting in Site-031-2 [unclear] all personnel are to [unclear] immediately." was all she could make out.

Was all she could make out. But there was something else she could feel… "Gunfire," She said aloud, "Katherine could be in danger!"

The bio-mechanical school girl immediately decided that action needed to be taken. She paced back and forth, thinking about how she could break out. There was no way for her to come up with a plan like the one she had so perfectly designed to be enacted today. Her only hope of protecting Saito was to take a risk, if anyone was watching the cameras to her unit then they would activate the magnet.

She began to rev up the engine in her heart, channeling all of the power into her arms. If she was to break out of her unit, then she would need to break out of this white jacket. A perfectly clean symbol for those with broken minds. Meant for those who are not capable of coherent thought, and are therefore a danger to themselves and those around them. But she was not one of them, even if the Authority viewed her like she was. After an hour or two, she tore the sleeves from their attachment points on the jacket. Then she used her sharp metal teeth bite open the sleeves to reveal her hands within.

With the jacket off, and the magnet not turned on, she presumed it was home free from here on out. Her risk had paid off. She could feel that Saito was somewhere not in her office, possibly an evacuation shelter. But regardless of where her love was, she would need to get to her.

The bio-mechanical girl made her way to the door keeping her inside, the hum of the high-voltage magnet seemingly not present. She pressed her hands against the door, pushing it open with all the force she could muster. The exhaust pipes on her back began to release a visible white smoke. The door came open, and RPC-439 made her way through the small opening she made.

When she left her unit, it was immediately clear that things were not normal. The guards that should be stationed outside her unit were nowhere to be seen. Instead, the halls outside her unit were completely barren. The smell of chemical cleaners came from a tipped over janitor's trolley, with the sounds of alarms going off around her. Flashing alarm lights filled the hallways which twisted and turned towards the elevator that went up, but the buttons didn't respond when pressed.

"Out of order" She sighed, "I'll have to force it open and climb the cables," She said to herself.

Prying open the elevator doors was much easier than the doors to her unit. The smell of flowers and various other plants rolled over her like a tidal wave.

She examined the shaft to find that the elevator's safety mechanism had malfunctioned, resulting in it being wedged at the level below her. But other than that, she was clear to climb the cables towards the top floor. One hand after the other until she reached the top. Then it was a swing and a jump towards the door to that level, which she pried open.

The smell of plants was stronger here, and it was a lot quieter than she suspected. No gunfire could be heard here, so she must be quiet or they would find her and force her back to that disgustingly clean concrete cell. She couldn't go back, not again, not even if Katherine asked it of her.

"Straight down the hallway, then take a left through the cafeteria," The girl told herself as she opened the door to a never before seen jungle. It was filled with an oddly diverse array of plants, grown out of human corpses. The ventilation system spewed pollen and floating seeds into the room.

She examined the first body she came across, looking to see if it had anything useful on it. It was that of an ASF she searched his pockets, with the only useful thing she found being his service knife. A common blade with a serrated edge, it would do her nicely.

The mechanical girl got back up, examining the rest of the room before declaring that there was nothing else of value within. She left the cafeteria and made her way to the elevator from this level to the ones above. Immediately upon opening the door to the cafeteria she came face to face with the perpetrator of the botany massacre.

Directly in front of the mechanical serial murderer was what looked to be the body of a 10-year-old girl. Its eyes were gone, the sockets leaking a black liquid. Plants grew out of the animate cadaver, giving it the illusion of life.

The cadaver went for a swipe with its green left hand, but the mechanical girl evaded the attack assuming a combat stance. The corpse shambled towards the diesel-punk cyborg at an alarming speed.


A single strike from RPC-439 decapitated the shambling corpse, causing plant-like tendrils to emerge from the neck to reattach the head to the rest of RPC-550's body. Nature's child was far from lacking on defense and used the yandere's overconfidence to grab a hold of her opposite wrist as she followed through her strike.

The thorns of roses burst from the cyborg's wrist, ripping and tearing her flesh as it grew across her body. As it enveloped her arm, flowers could be seen blooming on the girl's palm.

Significant losses of flesh caused the regenerative organs within RPC-439 to go into overdrive. The plant matter growing throughout the yandere's body began to be converted into flesh at an ever-increasing rate until only flesh remained. Leaving the excess flesh that grew along the plant matter to fall to the ground.

The machine girl knew that she could not beat the corpse in battle. So she decided to run, not to protect herself, but to protect her dearest.

But this would not be an easy escape, for the flower girl had hidden the majority of her power from the Authority. The vines, bushes, trees, cacti, and flowers which grew out of the corpses on the ground began to swing and turn. Moving to ensnare and ultimately kill the mechanical girl. A cactus tried to wrap around RPC-439's leg, but the serial killer jumped out of the way.

The plants began to animate the corpses they inhabited. Each body shambling towards the cyborg as their leader had done before. There were about ten of the shambling corpses in the room with RPC-550 and herself. All of which blocked her path to the cafeteria's exit. Her course of action was made up, first, she would need to prune these overgrown hedges, then she would escape.


RPC-439's strike upon the first botanical zombie landed true, rendering its legs from the rest of its body. But this zombie was naught but a janitor who wore no armor. Unlike the security guards who had also became these "Shamblers". Some of the dead flower girl's shamblers tried to use their firearms on the mechanical girl. Landing a few solid hits which were easily regenerated.

RPC-439 jumped to the wall, repelling from it onto a firearm wielding shambler. Then proceeding to return the undead creature to its grave, splitting its head open with three very solid stabs. She then took the shambler's gun, unloading the remainder of the magazine into another shambler, rendering it dead, before discarding the empty gun.

RPC-550 grew a whip made of bramble and thorns from its arm, swinging it at the mechanical girl who was able to dodge it enough not to be slowed. But the whip still tore pieces of the cyborg's flesh off as it grazed her back. At this moment, Nature's Child left an opening for RPC-439 to escape the cafeteria. So the machine acted upon this opening, breaking through the line of shamblers to make it to the door.

One of the shamblers had grabbed RPC-439's wrist with RPC-550 extremely close by and ready to strike. So the mechanical girl cut her hand off with a single precise strike. Sprinting out the doors to the cafeteria, and down the hallways until she was felt she was far enough away.

The walls, floors, and ceiling were all covered by plants that constantly released pollen to such a degree the air appeared a light green tinge. Her mechanical hand began to regrow, with the main metal structure complete, now only waiting for the flesh to grow on top using the available plant matter around.

As she continued down the hallway, the plants grew thicker and thicker. It became clear that the extent of this disaster was far larger than just her or botanical corpse's escape. As white cotton seeds floated around her, seemingly able to control where they went. When they landed on concrete, the seeds would quickly grow into small plants, before releasing seeds of their own.

RPC-439 continued down the hallways, the plants occasionally moving to reveal a shambler beneath which she quickly dealt with. The knife remained her primary weapon in this odd scenario, as dismemberment proved more effective than bullets against the shamblers. RPC-439 had decided to search the janitor closets on this level before getting on the elevator, hoping one of them would contain a blade larger than her knife, but they never did.

As she rounded the corner approaching the stairwell, she saw a man who was not a shambler; frantically gathering samples of the plants as if his life depended on it. He was not part of the Authority, that much was obvious from the way he moved, to the clothes he wore. He appeared to be wearing a diving tank that was connected to an oxygen mask. The man wore a windbreaker that was duct-taped to snow-proof pants that were in turn duct-taped to his boots winter boots. All of this was covered in what appeared to be makeshift diver's mail. With various esoteric runes and symbols covering the surface of his clothing.

After observing the man for a few seconds, she was certain that he must be part of a group that attacked this site. That would mean that this man would be hostile towards her dearest Saito, which couldn't be allowed. She sneaked up behind him, slowly drawing her blade before lunging at the poor man, tearing him limb from bloody limb. Her victim carried a wooden coin depicting an odd-looking tree with two people praying to it on either side and the words "Descendants of Yggdrasil" on the back. He also had a map of this entire facility on him, but with various markings signaling where she could easily enter and exit the facility from without being detected.

She followed the directions marked on the map, exiting Site-031-2 to see a camp on the top of a nearby hill. She approached the small camp as it was in the direction she felt her dearest. The camp was filled with panicked people who seemed to not know what was going on. "Who are you?" One of the people in the camp inquired, observing the mechanical cyborg and the bloodstain from her most recent victim.

RPC-439 ignored their questions, heading towards the interior of the camp to search for her most beloved. Eventually making her way towards the most heavily guarded tent. Two massive men stood in front of the tent, they wore bark-covered robes and carried what could only be described as wooden rifles. As she approached the entrance one of the two moved in front of the entrance in an attempt to prevent the mechanical girl's entrance.

This action by the gatekeeper proved to be futile, as the mechanical girl easily pushed the man out of the way with a single fluid movement of her right arm. It was only then that the true severity of the anomaly which had wandered into their camp dawned on those present.

RPC-439 noted the construction of the tent as she entered, it was set up like they were trying to keep the plague from escaping. A makeshift airlock separating the interior of the tent from the outside world. She saw that RPC-439-1 on the damp ground. Laying there in a pool of her own blood- "No she can't be dead" RPC-439 told herself in denial. Yet the woman in front of her breathed no breath.

She took a closer look at the body, collapsing to her knees as she approached. Plants had grown from the inside of the woman to the outside, causing her to burst open. The machine began to see only red, then the gears in her mechanical heart stopped turning. Her metal joints locked up as the cogs within her mind were worked to their breaking point.

…In addition to the previous features that I requested on the mechanical yandere, there is something else that I wish. Despite everything, I am but a man, which means that I will die one day. Because of this, I pain to think about how the mechanical yandere will feel after I am gone. So this is the feature I am requesting: After I die, she should gain the ability to decide her own fate. Or in other words, after I die she should gain free will.

I know that this is an odd request. But as you guys have always said, I have an oddly warm heart for a numbered customer of Kubushiki Kawaii.

Sincerely: The Eighteenth

File Update: Post Site-031-2 destruction


Registered Phenomena Code: 439

Object Class: Neutralized (presumed)

Hazard Types: Aggression, Regenerative, Organic, Mechanical, Sapient N/A

Containment Protocols: N/A (remains not recovered)

Description: RPC-439 is a bio-mechanical entity with a feminine humanoid shape. RPC-439 is 1.67m tall, has black hair, dull red eyes, and is of a slim build. RPC-439 possesses para-biologically enhanced regenerative capabilities, which allows RPC-439 to siphon materials from the area around itself to regrow both the organic and mechanical parts of its body at impossibly fast speeds. Additionally, RPC-439 possesses notably increased speed and strength when compared to a standard human subject…

File Update: Post Site-031-2 destruction


Registered Phenomena Code: 550

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard, Self-Replicating Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Bio-Hazard

Containment Protocols: INCOMPLETE

Description: RPC-550 is the collective designation of the now destroyed Site-031-2 and all plant-based anomalies that now inhabit the former site. All individual anomalous organisms confirmed to be present within RPC-550 are designated ranging from RPC-550-1 through RPC-550-12.

RPC-550-1 is the sapient, animate cadaver of Caucasian female, formerly known as Fabiana █████, 10-year-old daughter of Adam █████; and now confirmed to have had an association with the group of interest known as “The Union” before the events that would lead to its current condition…

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