Mark Kenneth Diaz

As Editor-in-Chief of the ████ Press office in Phoenix, Diaz’s role is to be on the lookout for anomalous activity and to stop any press organizations from covering it through either editorial power or gag orders on potential anomalous events.





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Diaz, pictured on the right, covering the Siege of ██████.

Full Name: Mark Kenneth Diaz

Personnel ID Number: 392-876-268910

Security Clearance:

  • Level 1 (2017-Present)

Division: Protection Division


  • Counter Intelligence Department (DEP-022)

Sex: Male

Height: 172cm

Weight: 68kg

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Birthplace: Missoula, Montana, United States of America

Date of Birth: 13 January, 1992

Enlistment Date: 19 October, 2017

Education History:

  • California Arts Institute 2010-2013 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
    • Graduated Cum Laude.
  • Northridge High School, 2006-2010
    • Graduated with a GPA of 2.5.
  • ██████ Medical, (2016), Combat Lifesaver Course
  • American Red Cross, (2015), Basic First Aid/CPR/AED Course
  • Arizona CCW Basic Pistol Marksmanship Class (2015)
  • ████ Tactical Institute, Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course (2014)
  • ██████, Basic Shotgun Marksmanship Course (2014)

Occupational History:

  • ██████ Press, Editor-in-Chief, (2017-Present)
  • ██████ Press, Foreign War Correspondent, Combat Photographer, and Writer (2012-2017)
    • Covered the Philippine Siege of ████ in 2017.
    • Credited for multiple articles related to Operation Freedom's Sentinel in 2012-2014.
  • ████ Erotica Magazine, Editor, (2011-2012)
  • Toyota Dealership of Missoula, Lube Technician, (2011-2011)
  • ████ Media Group, Intern (2011-2011)
  • Vons Grocery Store, Courtesy Clerk, (2010-2011)
  • Chairman Zhang's Takeout, Chinese Takeout Delivery Driver, (2008-2010)
  • Member of the San Diego Screenwriters' Guild, (2006-2010)


Early Life:

Mark Kenneth Diaz was born in Missoula, Montana to two first generation Filipino immigrants ████████ and ████. His father would be a firefighter in Missoula while his mother was a nurse at a local retirement home. The two would divorce in 1997, leaving Diaz in his mother's care. He would develop hypertension at a young age which he was constantly hospitalized for. After a heart surgery, Diaz would be disqualified him from most heavy physical activity alongside a cancerous tumor in his arm which would later be removed. His family would split their custody of Diaz between Missoula, where he would go shooting with his father while he would learn basic medical skills with his mother in San Diego.

He would attempt to enlist in the United States Army in 2010 but would be disqualified after an EKG at MEPS revealed his heart condition.


Diaz would go to Northridge High School, a predominantly Hispanic school. Due to the bullying he suffered coming from an Asian household, he found himself joining a screenwriting group. Following his graduation from high school, Diaz would leave the San Diego Screenwriters' Guild and would be accepted into the California Arts Institute. He would be unable to relate to his peers due to his past and would be continually ostracized for his upbringing. Due to this, he would choose to advance through art school as fast as possible. Between all of this, he interned at a local news station as an article editor before he would quit in 2011, citing "workload stress".

Subsequent Work:

Diaz would work multiple part time jobs thorough high school, spending most of his downtime working on his screenplays. He would distinguish himself among his screenwriting group, which would cause him to apply to the California Arts Institute. While in college, Diaz would write for ████, starting out as an editor, and then making his way to writing porn reviews in early 2012. He would quit the same year and use the connections through ████ to be hired by ████ Press in 2012.

Reporting on US coalition operations in Afghanistan, Diaz would serve as a foreign press correspondent, often switching between combat photographer, writer, and editor. While reporting on Operation Freedom's Sentinel, an ambush in 2015 caused him to be injured and sent back to the United States. He would return to work six months later and would cover the European refugee crisis in 2015 and would be transferred to the Philippines for a "lack of objective reporting". Following this, Diaz would be embedded with a Filipino unit during the 2017 Siege of ████.

RPC Authority:

While embedded with Filipino infantry forces during the 2017 Siege of ████, Diaz would take and upload Fig. 1 showing members of MST Echo-13 taking part in Operation ████.


Fig 1: Members of MST Echo-13 stage for Operation ████████.

MST X-Ray Six would be deployed to create a counter narrative and would move to intercept any photos taken. Following this, two members of X-Ray Six would detain Diaz with Agent Cross posing as a CIA Field Agent and Agent Stanfield posing a US State Department operative.

Diaz would hand over a decoy SD card to both agents and would be released shortly after.

Realizing the SD card they were given was fake and that Diaz had leaked information related to Operation ████ out to a local news station for 20,000 US dollars, Stanfield and Cross would keep surveillance on Diaz. X-Ray Six would create a counter narrative explaining that Operation ████ was an American advise and assist operation taking place during the siege. A later decision by Director ████ would be made to induct Diaz into the ranks of the Authority.

Diaz agreed on the condition to make a livable wage and to have his college debt paid.(See transcript below) Diaz would then be transferred to a local ████ Press Affiliate office in Phoenix, Arizona where he would provide information to the Authority on possible anomalies for MST X-Ray Six.

Multiple Human Resources complaints against Diaz have been filed for his “lack of professionalism” and his demeaning comments toward co workers.

Following this, Diaz would be escorted to Dr. Lenny Kettleman's office for counseling after comments were made by him potentially suggesting his desire to commit suicide.

Diaz was ordered to take mandatory psychiatry for his emotional issues, and after six months his antidepressants and counseling appeared to be of positive consequence for him.

Diaz was awarded an Authority "Outstanding Achievement" certificate in 2019 for his actions under stress when he kept Agent ████ from going into shock following a firearms related training accident. Agent ████ has been reprimanded for his handling of this incident, and his negligent safety standards while Diaz has refused to take credit for his role in rendering aid to ████. Alongside this, his handling of an accidental fire in the break room of Site-015 has shown that Diaz is able to react well under stressful situations.

Further Information

Diaz is stationed at Site-015 and can be recalled as determined by any situation occurring on the west coast of the United States. He is to be at the affiliate ████ Press office, leaving the office every two weeks under the guise of being on assignment. Any issues from his occupation related to this are to be forwarded to Agent ████. As Editor-in-Chief of the ████ Press office in Phoenix, Diaz’s role is to be on the lookout for anomalous activity and to stop any press organizations from covering it through either editorial power or gag orders on potential anomalous events. Failing this, Diaz is able to call for a disinformation campaign aided by amnestics toward any witnesses of anomalous events.

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