A Malthusian Manifesto




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Hundreds of copies of the following document were mailed to various Authority facilities worldwide in the late summer of 1921, not long after the end of Operation Lucre. Messages were frequently accompanied a variety of virulent and highly infectious biological agents. This incident marked the start of the still-ongoing large-scale hostilities by Church of Malthus agents against the Authority.

WE the Church of Malthus, Arbiters of Population, the Future of Humanity, do hereby proclaim:

i. An immediate state of Justified and Total WAR against the "RPC Authority."

ii. A firm resolve to bring about the utter and total destruction of the aforementioned organization, including but not limited to its staff, facilities, technologies, ideological underpinnings, all associated intellectual and physical works, military resources, political connections, finances, culture, and the biological and hereditary characteristics of its members.

iii. Our resolve to use any means, anomalous or otherwise, to bring about the destruction of the aforementioned organization, regardless of the cost in human lives, resources, materiel, or civilizational viability.

iv. Our intent to prosecute this conflict without rest or pause for as long as is required of us until the blight of the Authority is wiped clean from this earth, and the memories and biological legacies of its population.

v. Our determination to cast aside all differences of method, social class and ideological disagreement to accomplish this goal.

WE the Church of Malthus, The Guiding Hand, the Only Solution, do resolve the above five measures with the following justification:

i. That the Authority has squandered their potential social and political control over the proper growth and direction of human heredity, and have chosen to use their resources not to better the naturally increasing biological potential of Humanity, but instead to suppress it to maintain a false "normalcy."

ii. That the Authority has repeatedly refused to exploit or utilize anomalous technologies and concepts which could be employed to improve the biological potential of Humanity.

iii. That the Authority has demonstrated a repeated unwillingness to discuss or negotiate a peaceful path towards a Malthusian future.

WE the Church of Malthus, Society Given Voice, the Biologic Path, do further remonstrate and condemn the Authority for their gross and inhumane crimes against Humanity, to wit:

i. That Authority agents were directly responsible for the global conflict known as the Great War.

ii. That Authority agents deliberately allowed the scale and scope of the Great War to increase without limits, leading to significant loss of human life on all areas of the planet.

iii. That the Authority did not permit the establishing of a wartime order that would allow the selection of hereditarily advantageous populations, instead standing by and permitting the establishment of "trench warfare", which has singularly devastated an entire generation of biologically promising individuals through entirely man-made means.

iv. That not only did the Authority permit this razing of the human eugenic stock, but actively profited off of and encouraged the prolongation of the War for their own temporal gain.

v. That when the conditions of the War led to the epidemic of a form of influenza which primarily targeted those of superior eugenic stock who had been weakened by their exposure to the conditions of the Authority-driven war, that organization employed none of its resources to prevent the spread of the disease through non-Authority personnel.

vi. That the Authority, through its political arms, aided and abetted the formation of a political and ideological organization, or "League of Nations", which has as its stated goal the suppression of attempts by hereditarily superior populations to naturally overtake hereditarily inferior ones.

WE conclude that the Authority is guilty of the crimes of Hereditary Suppression, Indiscriminate Population Culling, and Gross Cruelties against Human Biology.

WE hereby pray that no god have mercy upon them, for they merit none.

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