Site-009's Index of Lesser Anomalous People





In addition to locating and containing multiple anomalous objects across the globe, the Authority keeps track of numerous human anomalies and persons of interest with knowledge of the anomalous. The vast majority of the aforementioned can be successfully contained using the standard Humanoid Containment Protocols and pose minimal threat to the Authority and humanity as a whole due to their mundane and often limited anomalous capabilities. To facilitate containment and prevent saturation of the RPC database, Site-009 (''The Hyperion'') has been assigned to assist in the containment of these anomalies.

All entries in this document are about individuals (designated as Lesser Anomalous People) who meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • The individual is exhibiting anomalous characteristics that can be contained with minimal effort.
  • The individual is affiliated to an Entity of Interest or possesses detailed knowledge of the anomalous (sometimes reclassified as Persons of Interest, should they show a direct connection to an anomaly/Entity of Interest.)

Additionally, all entries are divided into three categories according to their current status and location:

  • CONTAINED: Subject is contained under Site-009's custody1.
  • FUGITIVE: Subject is not contained, previously breached containment, or was forcefully taken by an Entity of Interest.
  • NEUTRALIZED: Subject is no longer anomalous, deeming its containment no longer necessary.

The format is as follows:

Designation: Lesser Person-XXXX
Affiliation/Affiliation Status: Subject's connections and relationships with the Authority and/or Entities of Interest.

Description: Physical and psychological profile of the subject.
Properties: Anomalous attributes of the subject.
Notes: Additional and/or follow-up information (Optional).

Lesser Anomalous People


Designation: LP-027

Affiliation: Authority (Neutral)

Description: LP-027 is a Caucasian male measuring 187 cm and weighing 76 kg. LP-027 was born on 17/02/1994 in Naples, Italy. The subject has been living homeless and unemployed since 29/10/2009; in spite of this, LP-027's body shows no signs of malnourishment or bad hygiene.

Properties: Upon entering a Non-ERM Sleeping stage, LP-027's body will alter the biochemistry of its organic tissue, causing organic matter to rearrange into hardened volcanic ash. During this state, LP-027's body is well preserved, and can only be damaged with a flame exceeding a temperature of 303° Celsius. In 80% of all documented instances, the transformation lasts for 6 hours and 31 minutes.

Notes: According to LP-027's testimony, the anomalous traits first manifested on 03/02/2020, during a 6.2 Earthquake near Pompeii, Naples. The subject was roaming the underground sewer system of the city when it was suddenly hit by a shockwave, followed by a cloud of smoke and burning ash. LP-027 subsequently passed out, due to the elevated amount of carbon monoxide, before being discovered by a local sewer maintenance team sent to supervise the damage caused by the tremors.

Designation: LP-030

Affiliation: Authority (Neutral)

Description: LP-030 is an adult African-American female measuring 163 cm and weighing 54 kg. LP-030 was born on 19/06/1976 in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). Prior to containment, LAH-030 worked as a model for the ███████ Magazine before being forcefully kidnapped in 1992.

Properties: LP-030 lacks a majority of the organs that keep the human body alive. A study post-angiography reveals an absent digestive, urinary, circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive system. Despite this, the nervous, dermal, and muscular systems, along with the subject's cognitive functions operate typically without repercussions.

Notes: A preliminary study indicated signs of blunt trauma in LP-030's face and head, and a cerebral angiography confirmed the presence of Class-██ Amnestics in its limbic system. Investigation as to who planted this agent inside LP-030's head is still ongoing.



Designation: LP-112 (previously Researcher Dharius Abad)

Affiliation: Authority (Rogue), RCPA (Allied)

Description: LP-112 is a Hispanic male measuring 1.89 m and weighing 62 kg. LP-112 was born on 27/09/1976 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico). LPP-112 was a researcher for Site-███'s Experimentation Wing, working in the study of interdimensional travel prior to escape.

Properties: On 20/02/2020, LP-112's consciousness from the RCPA timeline assimilated/merged with Researcher Dharius. LP-112 proceeded to steal one of the on-site land vehicles and presumably fled to a nearby location guarded by a Mexican cartel group. Since the event, the number of reported information breaches2 in Monterrey has increased by 20% and has all been linked to LP-112 operating in the area.

Notes: A single note was left by LP-112 prior to the escape. This is the only evidence that concluded LP-112's status as originating from another reality.

My doppelganger is stuck in ground zero, which means you'll never see him again! Bye!


Designation: LP-942 (previously CSD-076).

Affiliation: Authority (Hostile)

Description: LP-942 was a Caucasian male measuring 150 cm and weighing 60 kg. LP-942 was born 06/12/2000, in Ohio, USA. LP-942 was transferred from ███ ███████ Juvenile Detention Center to Site-███ and was subsequently employed as a CSD asset.

Properties: LP-942 originated from testing with RPC-███, a video game console that allows the player to partially ''transform'' into the current playable character3. After the exposure, LP-942 developed the following abilities:

  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced mobility and strength
  • Manifestation of sword ''projectiles''
  • Psychotronic attacks; more specifically, telekinetic evisceration

More information regarding these properties can be found in the attached Addenda.

Notes: ASF Site Commander ██████ ███████ authorized the neutralization of LP-942, due to the severe threat it posed to Site-███. A full report has been declassified and published below.

Designation: LP-188

Affiliations: Authority (Allied)

Description: LP-188 was a Caucasian male measuring 180 cm and weighing 59 kg. LP-188 was born on 12/09/1818. In spite of this, LP-188 stopped aging biologically after reaching 20 years of age.

Properties: LP-188's body continuously regenerates, granting the subject a condition known as biological immortality. This was possible due to LP-188 subconsciously replacing and transforming its dead cells into new types of cells, keeping its organs and other bodily functions in pristine condition, now for 100 years and counting

Notes: LP-188 was neutralized on 13/06/2019 when Site-014's nuclear warhead detonated inadvertently. Security footage recovered from the incident indicated that LP-188 was standing within 20m of the device (directly on ground zero), as a result, the subject vaporized almost immediately after the on-site detonation.

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