Kadinism or the Kadinier faith is an anomalous religion. The origin of Kadinism dates back to the 1960s. Kadinist believe that anomalous objects and entities come from an entity known as “The First Light” or “The Lonely God”. Kadinist believe that the entity known as “The Lonely God” subsides in a pocket dimension that is contained inside a supermassive black hole.

Kadinist believe that “The Lonely God” interacts with sentient and sapient beings around the universe by speaking to them telepathically. Believers of the faith believe that “The Lonely God” created the universe to have entities to interact with. The first entities created by the lonely god were known as the Skadesh. The Kadinist mythology claims that Skadesh were entities that were stretch and grow to different sizes.

When The Lonely God created the Skadesh the Skadesh hated him. This saddened The Lonely God. The Lonely God created millions of entities over the course of billions of year and each of those entities grew to hate The Lonely God. The Lonely God had enough and made himself a pocket dimension to where he lays to this day. While The Lonely God slumbered in his pocket dimension, he used his spiritual form to keep exploring the universe.

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