April Fools 2020 Contest

Write an article that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Has 15 or more hazards (They must be legitimately relevant to the anomaly)
  2. A Containment Division tone RPC. You are REQUIRED to follow the format. (You better hope Ascriber actually gets the format into existence)
  3. A Malthus GoI RPC/tale where Malthus isn't just a generic antagonist fill-in but actually has development and character (crazy, I know)
  4. If you had a Ghosts and Robots draft and didn't finish it, FINISH IT YOU BASTARD.
  5. A tale that isn't WAY TOO FUCKING SHORT. 2k words+ (60% of our tales are less than 2k words and that percentage is TOO HIGH)
  6. Write an article that is, in some way, based on the events of the Authority Minecraft server.
  7. Write about tables.

Thanks to the anons who suggested the last two in the community poll.

Congratulations to JimmyBoyHaha with the contest winner RPC-949 "This Table? It's NOT GOOD" at +10 with 10 votes. In second place comes a tie of +7 between High Gamma with Table at 21 votes and Ashtor3th with A Bat Out of Hell at 9 votes.

The winner of the Art and Memes Contest is High Gamma with Zzzzzzzzzzzz at +9 and 11 votes, with second place going to Vizlox with Baph Slaughters Boson; The Many Men Behind the Slaughter at +8 and 10 votes.

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