Incident Site-009-1




"They struck quickly, and without much warning. The lighting went emergency red. Klaxons sounded. No announcement was given. All we heard were some VTOLs landing and some muffled gunshots. The explosions were close to follow, as it turned out."

Incident-009-1 was a coordinated attack orchestrated and carried out by the Church of Malthus on Site-009 via the infiltration of Site-007 and subsequent theft of Authority assets. Conducted on the 7th and 8th of January, 2010, on the 7th of January now-confirmed Church of Malthus operatives arrived into Site-007 under the guise of newly-hired aircraft maintenance personnel, designated to be working within the boundaries of the site's airfield.

It is now apparent to Authority investigators that this attack was prepared in advance by a matter of months, or potentially even years, with investigators suspecting many mid-to-high level personnel of having taken part in the lead up to the assault on Site-009.

Authority investigators are currently attempting to learn exactly how the Church of Malthus managed to enter Site-007 without being detected, searched, or stopped in any way. As of yet, it is still under investigation whether or not this was simple complacency or active sabotage on the part of Authority personnel working on the site's airstrip.

It was later discovered that the aircraft maintenance personnel hired to work on Site-007's airfield were in fact trained Malthus pilots, whose task was to covertly steal six Authority VTOL aircraft under the guise of "scheduled flight training", as per the air traffic controller's explanation. This part of the Church's operation took no less than two hours to complete, with no Authority personnel having learned of the theft until after the conclusion of Incident Site-009-1.

The Authority tracking systems placed on these VTOLs were swiftly and systematically de-activated or destroyed, indicating a leak of Authority documents regarding the safety and security features on Authority aircraft. Following this, the Church of Malthus operatives boarded and took off with the aircraft, flying to an as-of-yet unknown location in order to acquire six teams of Malthus operatives disguised as Protection personnel, from where the Authority now knows they began flying one day later to Site-009.

Autopsies performed on deceased Church of Malthus operatives indicate extreme anomalous mutations and genetic manipulation within each cadaver; it is clear that these anomalies were chosen for these strike teams specifically due to the fact that none of them were immediately apparent unless taken on closer inspection. From bullet-resistant flesh to hidden appendages capable of ripping a fully-armored security personnel member in half, the anomalous features in use by the Church to conduct their overt operations have been described as both disgusting and incredibly ingenious.

It has become openly apparent that the Church of Malthus has absolutely no qualms about such activities, and in fact openly welcomes all genetic and anomalous augmentation available in order to increase their fighting strength. Training to deal with hostile augmented humanoid entities has been drafted up in order to better prepare Protection personnel against attacks of this type in future. Additionally, the Authority has begun looking into the means by which the Church augments their operatives, for future usage in the integration of augmented personnel into Authority activities.

It appears that the earlier stage of this plan was dedicated entirely and only to the later stage's success; the only means of access into Site-009 is via a dimensional portal leading into the Site, which can only be accessed vertically via aircraft. Naturally, the best choice for conducting such an infiltration is VTOL aircraft, which we now know the Church of Malthus did not have at the time.

Upon landing on the site's airfield, Malthus operatives disembarked their VTOL aircraft and entered the site with no resistance offered. Investigations are still being conducted as to whether or not this was due to apathy or laziness on the part of Site-009 security personnel, or active Church of Malthus indoctrination of said personnel.

The initial attack was described by personnel as "explosive" and "unnaturally speedy". Regardless of its description, the attack was effective in disabling the Site's first response force, allowing the teams of Malthus operatives to penetrate much deeper into the site than would otherwise be predicted for the time the attack took. This ruthless speed took security personnel by surprise, who reportedly "…were pushing tables and chairs out of the doors to try to use as some kind of rudimentary cover."

It has been universally agreed that Authority personnel were not only unprepared for such an attack, but entirely out of their element in fighting it off. Site-009's remote location and relative security most likely contributed to this issue, but it has become clear to the Authority that extreme disciplinary measures are to be taken if such an event is to not be repeated in the future.

The proposed reasoning for the Church of Malthus attack on Site-009 is the recovery of certain people of interest proven to be in connection with the Church of Malthus, who were detained within Site-009 at the time of the attack, as well as the potential recovery of certain humanoid anomalies also contained within the site, the acquisition of which could've proven useful in the Church of Malthus' initiative to forcefully "advance" the human species.

Authority investigators have little words as to what this "advancement" really looked like, and therefore have opted instead to utilize the words of the on-site Protection personnel who took part in the defense:

"Under their helmets and the uniforms, they really did trick us, but man.. They didn't even look human. They didn't look like animals. I.. I think the only thing to call them is just ginormous globs of assorted biomass. Crab claws.. tentacles.. lion's manes, and all kinds of stuff that I couldn't even define. They were ripping people apart. Using multiple guns at a time, depending on who they were. It was like I was in a different reality. I-… seeing those people I knew for so long, getting ripped apart like that… Not even graced with the quick ending of a bullet. I couldn't imagine it. I'd like to forget it."

On further request, the anonymous Protection personnel member in question was issued Class-A amnestics and planted with false memories of the incident, in order to spare him the psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder of having to remember the incident in its entirety.

Whatever their reasoning may have been, their attack was most likely going to succeed until RPC-158-1 demonstrated its anomalous properties of extreme aggression once RPC-158 is threatened by external forces. Breaching its containment through the use of an anomalous RPG-7, it rushed to meet the attack and the sparse group of defenders attempting to hold it off, and single-handedly targeted and wiped out multiple teams of Malthus operatives, allowing Protection personnel the time required to gather resolve and coherence in order to put up a significant defense.

Projections of the attack have indicated that, if it had progressed one hour more without significant interference, the entirety of Site-009's containment would've been compromised, leading to multiple potential end of the world scenarios involving the RPC's contained there, as well as the release of many traitors and spies to the Authority with extremely confidential and valuable information to the Church of Malthus.

Following the attack, RPC-158's containment classification has been moved up from Alpha-Orange to Theta-Orange. Additionally, a board of review has been established among the upper echelon of the Protection division in order to establish more robust security protocols regarding site defense and the requisitioning of Authority assets. Those responsible for the incident have been apprehended and investigated pending release or disciplinary action.

Due to this humiliating and unfortunate series of events for the Authority and its clandestine operations, it has been seen to that all members of the Protection division will work tirelessly to ensure that Incident Site-009-1 is never repeated again, and that better monitoring is kept on the activities and potential agents of all Groups of Interest hostile to the Authority.

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