I Found The King In My Basement




Mother died quite recently and as I was cleaning the house of her belongings I notice the basement door. She said to never go in, she never said why just not to, I was always afraid of her so I listened. But now that she can’t stop me, I let curiosity get the better of me and I open the door. The stairs look like no one stood on them since they were built. I walk down them, I can’t see a thing until I go almost all the way down to the bottom.

I look to the corner of the basement. I see two bright blue lights, a shade of the blue I never seen before, they’re beautiful. Then I come to the realization these aren’t lights they’re eyes. to my own surprise I am strangely relaxed and completely calm. These eyes look lively, more alive than any other pair I’ve ever seen. if I didn’t know any better I would think that whatever owns these eyes is the only living thing in the entire world. And everything and everyone else are walking corpses. I can’t see it’s body but I can tell it isn’t malnourished, I can tell it’s comfortable and completely relaxed sitting in this basement as if it belongs here, almost like it’s sitting in its own home. I finally ask “what are you, and what are you doing in my basement?!” It says “this is my home, this basement is where I’ve been living for eternity.”
Eternity? But how is that even possible? I think to myself but I have more important things on my mind so I ask “did my mother know about you?” “No” it says “but she she knew to never open that door.” “Ok then” I say “but you didn’t answer my first question, what are you?” It says “I’m your father of course.” I tell it “That’s impossible, my father is long dead, even if he wasn’t I know you couldn’t be my father, he didn’t have eyes like yours.” It says “Haha! I’m sorry if I confused you my son I didn’t mean in the traditional sense, I’m the creator of everyone and everything on this planet, this of course means that I control the fate of everything I create to.”

So? You control my fate?” It says “Yes, not only that but I control everything you do.” I’m baffled “What is this some kind of cruel joke!? Haha, next you’ll say you’re god!” He says “Thankfully no if that was the case I would’ve gone mad already, my life is lonely enough if I was god I wouldn’t even know what living is.” So I ask “What shall I call you then?”
Me? Hmmm, I suppose you can call me the king of earth.” I had the urge to kill him I was disgusted at the fact that someone controlled my every thought and action and I don’t know why but I knew I could kill him. So I asked “Ok then king. What’s keeping me from killing you right now and stopping this madness?!” He says “Absolutely nothing, I’m the king of earth and control everyone’s fate but I can’t attack anyone or defend myself, I can create but not destroy, but I’ll have you know this, even I don’t know what would happen if you kill me. So will you choose to rid the world of me and face the consequences of your actions, or will you leave this place knowing you don’t even control your own will?”

I don’t exactly remember what happened next I just know the fact I didn’t kill him. I do remember why I didn’t kill the king thought, it was because I was simply afraid. I was afraid of the consequences, afraid of whatever may happen and nothing else. The funny thing is I know exactly where he is, he never moved and even now nothing is stopping me from ridding the world of him but I will never do it, I’ll never even see him again because of this fear.

I used to think that he’s stopping me from killing him by controlling my actions and thoughts. But I now know that isn’t the case. I know he isn’t so much a coward to do such a thing. This fear is completely mine, it’s most likely the only thing I can call mine anymore. So I live my days knowing the only thing keeping me from stopping this physical dream, stopping this madness is my own mind, body, and soul.

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