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File photo, circa 2019

Welcome to my author page.

My name is HydrozenHydrozen, I go by "Arbitrium" on the RPC Discord. I joined the RPC Authority on July 4th, 2018, around half a month after it was created. I previously used to write SCP drafts for the SCP Foundation before the whole controversy had happened.

I began writing for RPC almost immediately after I joined, the first article by me being RPC-650. Since then I have been writing for RPC. I am quite happy as to how RPC has managed to set itself apart from SCP with different terminology and what not.

There is not much else to say about me. I hope you enjoy my articles. Goodbye.

Oh yeah, I also have a Soundcloud.

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My Articles


RPC-555 is the London Clocktower which houses the Great Bell, nicknamed "Big Ben", in Westminster, London.


RPC-650 is a scarecrow, fashioned to appear as a human skeleton. RPC-650 is animate, sentient and hostile…


RPC-703 is a bottle of Sprite Zero. Every 24 hours, it will undergo a "zero state" in which any physical attribute that can be measured or determined will become exactly zero.


RPC-991 is a complex temporal mechanism known as the "Chronovisor"

And more soon…

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