Horoscope Contest


Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.

— Carl Jung


Welcome to the first community-driven contest, the Horoscope! This contest is non-staff driven, and as such, will not be run as homogeneously as other events. It is a freestyle event, which means that each article must pertain to a singular sign of the Zodiac in some way, shape, or form. How you go about this though, is entirely up to you! Detailed below will be a list of rules for entry and a brief overview of each astrological sign and its associated themes. However, the most important rule is, have fun. If you have any additional questions: message AlmardukAlmarduk or televisionisttelevisionist.

The Zodiac


Aries, The Ram

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and as such, represents leaders — bold, ambitious, confident, and assertive. Uncomplicated and single-minded, Aries represents fire and jumps headfirst to action, frustrated by detail and nuance. Conservative but not unintelligent, Aries prefers things done quickly.

Astrology believes that Zodiac signs inherit their wisdom from the previous sign on the wheel. In Aries' case, there is no "previous" sign, and no wisdom to inherit. Aries is thereby blindly optimistic and, not unlike children, singular and somewhat egotistical in its approach to life. Believing in "every person for themselves," it rarely indulges in generosity.

Aries also has a short temper — both in the duration of its fiery outbursts, and the buildup preceding them.

  • Single-minded and driven
  • Represented by fire and great force
  • Upbeat and focused on the joy of life
  • Natural leaders
  • Quick to anger and quick to calm
  • Opposite of Libra

Note: The overview listed above is not a required resource for your entries. An article does not need to use the themes and ideas listed here to qualify for entry. You can be as esoteric in their interpretations as you so desire, as long as a correlation can be drawn. These overviews were created to help inspire you.


  • Entries must be main-list RPC articles or tales. Rewrites of current articles do not apply.
  • Each entry must correlate to a single zodiac sign.
  • An entry's relevancy to its chosen sign will be judged by several community members.
  • You may contribute as many entries as you like.
  • Do not coldpost. Writing submissions must receive two pieces of feedback in the drafts forum.
  • Do not request people to change their vote on your entry, excessively push or pester people to rate it, or message an overtly substantial amount of people to read your entry such that it may provide you an unfair advantage.
  • Attempting to manipulate votes using alt accounts or other deceitful means will result in your entry being disqualified; you may also be barred from future contests or banned from the site.
  • When formatting your page, please consider using the custom header in accordance with the sign in question that the article is based on.

Additional Information

  • Article submissions open right now, go crazy!
  • Winners will be declared once all twelve astrological signs have a submission with at-least eight ratings and a favorable score of 3.5 or higher.
  • If a sign has several entries, the article with the higher rating and the appropriate number of rates will be chosen.

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