Trick or Trauma

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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-Hallow

Object Class: Alpha-Orange Alpha-Purple Omega-Black

Hazards: extra-dimensional-hazard, immeasurable-hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-Hallow is to be kept in basic anomalous item storage. Experimentation with RPC-Hallow is permitted to individuals with level-2 security clearance. RPC-Hallow is currently uncontained. Any instances of RPC-Hallow located outside the facility should immediately be reported the RPC-Hallow Research Team. All personnel are to catalog any actions made by RPC-Hallow until the RPC-Hallow Research Team arrives. If RPC-Hallow-1 is active, catalog the subject involved with the activation. Any instances of RPC-Hallow-2 are to be discreetly procured and contained by the RPC-Hallow Research Team.

Description: RPC-Hallow is a piece of vanilla taffy in a featureless white wrapping paper. RPC-Hallow is a red door. The exterior of the door is decorated with plastic stickers of pumpkins, ghosts, and candy. RPC-Hallow appears randomly during Halloween, replacing the door of a vacant house. The door will not open unless a child below the age of twelve knocks on it The door will not open unless the individual knocking on the door is wearing a Halloween costume.

When an individual wearing a costume knocks on RPC-Hallow, the door opens and an instance of RPC-Hallow-1 manifests.

RPC-Hallow-1 has the physical appearance of a seven foot tall humanoid in a Grim Reaper costume. It is unknown if RPC-Hallow-1 is sapient, however, due to the lack of intellect shown from RPC-Hallow-1 it is assumed not to be. When RPC-Hallow-1 answers the “door”, (RPC-Hallow) he will ask the knocker a question, “Trick or Treat?”. If the subject questioned by RPC-Hallow-1 answers with “Trick”, the subject is afflicted and is now considered RPC-Hallow-1-X. If the subject answers with “Treat”, RPC-Hallow-1 will create an instance of RPC-Hallow-2 and give it to the subject.

RPC-Hallow-2 is a small piece of taffy that is wrapped in thin wax paper. The taffy flavor has direct influence over the color of both the taffy and the wax paper (I.E. if the taffy is banana flavored, the taffy and wax paper will be a light yellow). The flavor of RPC-Hallow-2 has no known correlation with the effects of RPC-Hallow-2.

RPC-Hallow-2 exerts no anomalous properties until consumed. The subject that received RPC-Hallow-2 does not have to be the one to consume it for the anomalous properties to take effect. If the candy is consumed by an individual not dawning a Halloween costume, consumers report the item tasting stale, and no noticeable effects occur. The candy will slowly transform the individual into the matter or entity that their costume depicts. The subject is now known as RPC-Hallow-2-X. Transformation rate is dependent on how fast RPC-Hallow-2-X can digest RPC-Hallow-2. It seems as though RPC-Hallow-2 cannot transform individuals into Mythical or religious characters. Currently, there is no known limit to what RPC-Hallow-2 can transform the subject into.

RPC-Hallow-2 entities are awaiting more specific classifications. Petition sent to Authority from RPC-Hallow Research Team to classify RPC-Hallow-2-X entities as separate RPCs. Reason being; each RPC-Hallow-2-X has unique properties and containment protocols, each RPC-Hallow-2-X is considered to be completely separated from RPC-Hallow after transformation, giving each RPC-Hallow-2-X would make paperwork less complex and easier to manage.

So far, ██ instances of RPC-Hallow-1-X have been contained. ██ instances of RPC-Hallow-2-X have been contained, ██ have been eliminated.

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