Recovered image of an instance of RPC-666-A.

Registered Phenomena Code: 666

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Self-Replicating Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-666-A should remain locked at all times. Do not unlock them under any circumstances. Keep them locked. Please.

Description: RPC-666 refers to a currently unidentified species of parasitic fungi found in the genus Cordyceps1. While RPC-666 is predominantly parasitic, spores left without a host will continue to grow in the wild. Curiously, spores of RPC-666 will grow regardless of the presence of a food source. Fully grown spores in the absence of the host will in all cases resemble a functioning door, referred to as an instance of RPC-666-A. The styles of door construction vary, though the doors always appear to be in advanced stages of aging and decay. When opened, instances of RPC-666-A that have grown functional frames can be used to enter a secondary space, currently believed to be some form of separate reality. Every functional instance of RPC-666-A discovered so far opens to the same space, and it is hypothesized that all functional instances do. [See Addendum 666-III for RPC-666-A exploration log.]

Instances of RPC-666-1 and RPC-666-2 will become innately aware of the location of RPC-666-A if an instance is within a certain distance2. If RPC-666-A is close enough instances of RPC-666-1 and RPC-666-2 will fervently attempt to find and enter it without significant care for their own safety. Instances have been observed attempting to physically break through containment walls in order to enter RPC-666-A. If allowed to enter RPC-666-A, instances will not return and are considered to be deceased.

A majority of hallucinations described by RPC-666-2 instances refer to finding and entering "the door" or "my doors", most likely referring to RPC-666-A. When asked to describe the doors referred to in their hallucinations, RPC-666-2 instances will give inconsistent answers, further corroborating this hypothesis.

Addendum 666-II: Effects Revision


Smaller tumors in an instance of RPC-666-2.

While originally thought to be harmless to humans, recent discoveries have shown that prolonged exposure to RPC-666 does cause an infection in humans, similar to its effects on smaller mammals. Researchers have separated the stages infected individuals (referred to as RPC-666-2) reach as the infection progresses. These stages are detailed below.

It is currently unknown how conscious RPC-666-2 instances remain past Stage 4, however it is hypothesized that the ≈3% of body mass left over is the organism's nervous system, and the subject forms connections to the tail knot in a similar manner to instances of RPC-666-1.

Addendum 666-III: RPC-666-A Exploration Log

Foreword: Despite the original two-man exploration of RPC-666-A being recorded, the original footage was corrupted. In light of this, Cpt. Walker was called in for an interview to describe the events of the expedition.

Interviewed: Captain Walker of MST-█████ "██████"

Interviewer: Researcher Moore

<Begin Log>

Moore: Hello, Captain. Were you told why you were asked to come in today?

Walker: Yeah, they said the footage I shot isn't working, so I have to tell you what happened for the record.

Moore: Precisely. Now, are you ready to begin?

Walker: Sure, I guess.

Moore: Alright then, first question. Who was on the expedition team?

Walker: It was a smaller job, so it was just me and… P-Private Collins.

Moore: Out of the original team, how many returned?

Walker: Come on, really? Is this some sick joke?

Moore: I know, Captain, I know. These are just standard questions for the record and I need you to answer them, ok?

Walker: Alright, alright… I'm the only one who returned from the expedition.

Moore: There were no complications entering RPC-666-A, correct?

Walker: Yeah, yeah. We got through the door no problem.

Moore: Were there any complications immediately upon entering?

Walker: Nah, the door opened into some kind of cellar or basement. There were no problems till we got outside.

Moore: Please describe the landscape within RPC-666-A.

Walker: Well… there's not much to say, really. All we really saw was some forest. The soil was a little more loose and shaky than we were used to, but it was otherwise pretty normal. It was really dark… OH! We thought it was just night at first, but when you looked up at the sky there was nothing. No stars, no moon, absolute black.

Moore: Interesting. How long were you in RPC-666-A before any complications occurred?

Walker: Shoot, couldn'ta been more than five or so minutes before the… thing showed up.


Single photo recovered from RPC-666-A expedition.

Moore: Now I know it will be painful for you,but can you please describe your encounter with the creature?

Walker: S-sure, alright. I can do that.

Moore: Thank you.

Walker: Well, we weren't expecting to see any other creatures in there, especially not any human-looking ones, so we were understandably a bit spooked. Of course, Collins didn't bring any firearms, but I drew mine just in case. As it walked toward us, we could see that it didn't have a face, so at this point we were about ready to bolt. When it got close enough for us to see that it's entire head was a mess of rat tails, like the ones in the experiments, I just about lost it. It… lunged at Collins and I fired at it-

Moore: So a shot was fired at it before it attacked Collins?

Walker: Yeah, but… it was too fast for me. By the time my mind caught up to what was happening, the thing had grabbed Collins and sent a whole bunch of fucking rats scurrying up his arm…

-Cpt. Walker pauses for a moment.-

Walker: Shit was brutal, man. They were eatin' him soon as they got on him. Burrowing under his skin, there was blood everywhere. Kid couldn't even scream, they were running down his throat too. Soon as I understood what was going on, I drew my gun again, but the thing was gone. I tried to help Collins, but he started to sink before I got to him.

Moore: He was sinking into the ground?

Walker: Well, "gound". To help him, I tried digging around him, and my god it was awful… Just under the layer of dirt there were rats everywhere. Ground was so loose there 'cause the whole thing was just some dirt on top of a fuckton of rats. Wigglin around and shit, it was repulsive. Their tails were all tied together too, like the things head but times a fucking trillion. The damn things probably went down for miles, the whole fucking forest growing over a giant pile of rats. And they were pulling Collins down fast. I tried to help him, I really did… I pulled so hard trying to keep the kid above ground but those fucking rats… I wasn't-

-Cpt. Walker pauses once again and takes a deep breath-

Walker: I wasn't strong enough. I tried, I really did but… when they started gnawin' on me I panicked and I just… oh, God, I… I left him there. I left him there with them… And I ran all the way back out the door and I… didn't even stop.

Moore: …Thank you Captain, that was… very illuminating.

Walker: N-no problem, Doc.

Moore: Now, for the record, do you think there would be any benefit in continuing exploration into RPC-666-A?

Walker: What the fuck do you think?

Moore: Well, I-

Walker: No. Keep the motherfucking things locked and throw away the key. I don't know how many goddamn rats are just sitting behind those doors, but if there are as many as I think there are, and they're all tied together like you guys know they are, I can assure you the Authority or whoever else wants no part of that shit. I'm done here.

Moore: Thank you for participating-

-Cpt. Walker exits the room before Researcher Moore can finish.-

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It is clear at this point that further exploration of RPC-666-A should be halted for the time being. The Board will have to intervene if research is going to continue.

you overloaded the screening
it's designed for one viewer
but the friends you have growing inside saw it too

find a door
come to us
were waiting for you

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