Guide Hub

Guide Hub

This page serves as a central hub for guides relating to writing, coding and conduct.

General Guides

Site Rules - Rules that you will be expected to follow at all times.

Guide for Newbies - An introduction to the site: dos, don'ts and important tips.

Writing Guides

Writers Guide - An overview on writing, from conceptualization to posting.

Tagging Guide - How to tag your article properly.

Canon Policy - An overview on canon, Lore Team and lore submission requirements.

Editing and Rewrite Policy - When you can and can't edit a page and the site policy on rewriting articles.

Criticism Guidelines - How to give thorough, helpful critique.

Coding and Formatting Guides

Formatting Guide - How to format your pages.

Widget Hub - How to use the various site components and themes users have created.

Scripting Guide - How to use JavaScript in your pages.

Component Hazards Guide - How to use the hazards component in your pages.

Sidenote Guide - How to use sidenotes in your pages.

Badge Guide - When to put badges on articles.
» Do not put badges on articles without staff permission.

Special Class & Hazard Box Guide - How to use the special header box component in your pages.

Auptics Author Quote Module Guide - How to make a custom embed box for your page to be displayed by the Auptics Discord bot.

Niche Writing Guides

An Informal Guide to Radiation - How to write about radiation with realism.

Firearms 101: Writing Guns and You! - An informal crash course as it pertains to realistically writing firearms.

Cosmic Embers Writer's Guide - A guide on writing for the Cosmic Embers universe.

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