GRP-774 — "Alien Robots from Outer Space"

Alien Robots from Outer Space





Galactic Registered Phenomena: 774

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-radiation.png Radiation h-sensory.png Sensory h-animated.png Animated h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Photo of a GRP-774 instance taken during the assault at Station-038.

Containment Protocols: It is recommended that all personnel maintain a distance of 8 meters from the lethal radioactive zone surrounding a GRP-774 instance, even with suitable antiradiation protective gear. It is also recommended to avoid provoking the GRP-774 instances. Peaceful negotiations with the GRP-774 organization "Observers of Life" are ongoing.

Description: GRP-774 is the collective designation given to robotic entities of extra-terrestrial origin. Said entities reach about 3 meters of height, possess a single visual sensor, an antenna of unknown purpose, and wrists that break open into mechanized tentacles capable of projecting high-powered lasers.

GRP-774 instances are fission-powered, forcing them to emanate an anomalous form of radiation as a byproduct. It's unknown if this anomalous radiation is considered a part of GRP-774 or controlled through telekinetic means, but it can be shaped and molded, defying the Laws of Motion.

Galactic Registered Phenomena: 774-A

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-sapient.png Sapient h-radiation.png Radiation h-sensory.png Sensory h-animated.png Animated h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-titanic.png Titanic

Footage taken from a video surveillance of GRP-774-A.

Containment Protocols: A 200 kilometers radius no-fly zone has been erected around GRP-774-A. Any ship that attempts to breach this hazard zone revokes its operating status under the Intergalactic Maritime Law and forfeits its right to be saved when in distress. If relations between mankind and GRP-774 breakdown at any point, two Free Systems / Blue Book PK Class Starraker-8s will launch a payload of 84 null gravity-propelled kinetic rods directed towards GRP-774-A. If re-establishing relations is deemed impossible, GRPC will permit Blue Book's first strike attack.

Description: GRP-774-A is a massive sapient spaceship resembling a squid, 97 kilometers tall and 16 kilometers wide. GRP-774-A is immune to conventional weaponry, resisting multiple missiles blasts, laser shots, pulse slugs and even nuclear warheads. Like the GRP-774 species, GRP-774-A emits the same type of anomalous radiation at extended ranges. It's been noted that WASP-331, located 02h 26m 51.00 and 37° 33` 02.00, has had its radiation emissions converted into anomalous radiation, becoming a hazardous extension of the ship.

Addendum 774-1 (Discovery): On SGT 415,080 Hours 21 Minutes 16 Seconds, Station-008 received an ALOS distress signal from Station-038, claiming that their Station was being bombarded by "alien radiation."

At the arrival of a small support fleet, the Station was severely damaged, and GRP-774-A was briefly spotted before leaving the area. Most of the personnel had been killed, with some of the few survivors presenting severe life-threatening radiation burns.

Dr. Joseph Lennon, a researcher at Station-038, was subsequently interviewed.

Interviewed: Dr. Joseph Lennon

Interviewer: Dr. Leonard Miller

<Begin Log>

Dr. Miller: (Enters the room.) Hello, Dr. Lennon.

Dr. Lennon: Hello.

Dr. Miller: (Proceeds to sit down on a chair.) How are you feeling?

Dr. Lennon: Well, I can't even feel anything. I think I'm developing cataracts.

Dr. Miller: I see… well, I'm incredibly sorry to hear that.

Dr. Lennon: Don't pity me.

Dr. Miller: I'll move on. Tell me, what exactly did you see?

Dr. Lennon: (Takes a deep breath.) It was just another work shift, a bit more tedious than usual. Suddenly, we picked this… thing up on the radar outside the Station.

Dr. Miller: What did this thing look like?

Dr. Lennon: No clue, but it was… moving in fast… and it was big, three times larger than the Station…

Dr. Miller: I see. Go on.

Dr. Lennon: After it got to within a certain proximity of our Station, it just stopped. The next thing we knew, we all started feeling ill. Station Geiger counters were going off the charts; of course, we immediately started to defend ourselves… (takes another deep breath) we did essentially no damage to it… and then… it shot this laser and… and…

Dr. Miller: That's enough.

Dr. Lennon: That wasn't the worst of it… I had my radiation suit on see. I was looking around the Station for survivors with a bag of Potassium Iodide tablets. Then the aliens came… and… well, they were… robots…

Dr. Miller: Robots?

Dr. Lennon: Yes… big alien robots… I tried avoiding them partially out of fear and on account of my Gieger counter going off the charts when I got near one… (takes yet another deep breath, scratching his arm a bit.)

Dr. Miller: If you need a break, we can-

Dr. Lennon: No… no… it's… it's fine…

Dr. Miller: If you say so… please, continue.

Dr. Lennon: In a few minutes, most of us had succumbed to the radiation. Those who had survived were losing our sight, hearing, taste, touch, or even all of them together. Dr. Clifford was with me. He had become completely deaf, but that didn't stop him from taking a picture of one of those things, that brave bastard.

Dr. Miller: At any point, did you hear or see the aliens talk to one another?

Dr. Lennon: Yes. Not verbally, but by their gestures, I could make out two of them arguing. No clue what they were going on it for, but after finishing, they ran off.

Dr. Miller: This argument, did it have anything to do with our inbound GRPC Jupiter-3 fleet?

Dr. Lennon: Possibly. I'm of the opinion they were having second doubts about finishing us off.

Dr. Miller: Do you have any proof to back up this claim?

Dr. Lennon: I believe their initial radiation burst was an attempt to communicate, and we mistook it for an attack.

Dr. Miller: What leads you to believe they communicate through radiation?

Dr. Lennon: Because when they were arguing, my Gieger counter would spike in correlation to their gestures.

Dr. Miller: Thank you for your service, Dr. Lennon; with this knowledge coming to light, we might have a chance at resolving this interspecies conflict. (Proceeds to leave the room.)

<End Log>

Addendum 774-2: 75 hours 23 minutes 16 seconds after the interview with Dr. Lennon concluded, a GRPC Jupiter-3 scout ship manned by two Echo-8 Rangers, Dr. Miller and Rosetta2 located GRP-774-A orbiting WASP-33b3.

The following interview log is a rough morse code to English translation by Rosetta. Here are Dr. Miller's radio and GRP-774-A's radiation bursts back and forth messages.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Miller: Hello, we peaceful.

GRP-774-A: No, stop, we regret.

Dr. Miller: Attack stop. We forgive.

GRP-774-A: Lies.

Dr. Miller: No, no lie.

(Silence for approximately 1 minute.)

GRP-774-A: We believe, but no approach.

Dr. Miller: Understandable. Question, why attack?

GRP-774-A: You attack us, we communicate.

Dr. Miller: So, you do use radiation to communicate.

(Silence for one minute.)

GRP-774-A: Yes. Confused why you point that out.

Dr. Miller: To humans, radiation hurt.

GRP-774-A: What?

Dr. Miller: Radiation dangerous to us.

GRP-774-A: Sorry, we didn't know. We give human apology gift.

Dr. Miller: Question, gift kind?

GRP-774-A: Good gift, help human.

(A small pod is launched from GRP-774-A at the Jupiter-3. Recovery of the pod revealed ten suits lined with an alien alloy.)

Dr. Miller: Suits received.

GRP-774-A: Question, human friend?

Dr. Miller: Yes. Question, what suit do?

GRP-774-A: Make radiation high into radiation low.

Dr. Miller: Question, can humans approach now?

GRP-774-A: No, ship radiation too high. Gift can't protect.

Dr. Miller: Suppose, meeting place. Building for both our kinds.

GRP-774-A: (Remains silent for 10 minutes.) Good idea, but who make?

Dr. Miller: We make, our gift to you.

GRP-774-A: Thank you.

(GRP-774-A ceases communication.)

<End Log>

Two of the ten alien antiradiation suits have been sent to labs in Station-038 and Station-008 with the rest being kept in storage. Upon review of this conversation by GD-XENO and GD-FRONT, it was decided with much consideration that a declaration of war on GRP-774 be postponed till after initial peace talks. GD-XENO signed off on the construction of a human relations embassy orbiting the planet WASP-33b, which would work both as a friendly neutral ground and as a forward operating base if relations broke down.

Addendum 774-3:

Interviewed: GRP-774-1

Interviewer: Dr. Leonard Miller

Foreword: This interview took place 8,760 hours 41 minutes 33 seconds after the construction of the WASP-33b embassy. By that time the GRP-774 had developed their own in-built translator/radiation armor, converting their radiation spikes to text-to-speech English.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Miller: I am really glad you signed off on this interview, 774-1. You're fine with "774-1", right?

GRP-774-1: Yes.

Dr. Miller: Glad to hear that. There are many things the GRPC would like to ask your species.

GRP-774-1: Species?

Dr. Miller: Yes GRP-774-1, your species. What is your collective's name?

GRP-774-1: Collective, ah. Name, Observers of Life.

Dr. Miller: Is that your species' name or your organization's name?

GRP-774-1: No understand difference.

Dr. Miller: Why did you pick that name?

GRP-774-1: Life pretty, enjoy looking at.

Dr. Miller: Have you met any other lifeforms besides humans?

GRP-774-1: Nope, but we imagine they're pretty too.

Dr. Miller: I see. Your ship, how does it work?

GRP-774-1: Great Unit said I don't tell anyone.

Dr. Miller: Ok, moving forward. Where did you come from?

GRP-774-1: I was built in a factory by older units.

Dr. Miller: I see… and who built these older units?

GRP-774-1: Older units.

Dr. Miller: And who built them?

GRP-774-1: I don't want to say. It makes me upset.

(Sound of a Giger counter's ticks increase as Radiation levels in the room start to rise.)

Dr. Miller: GRP-774-1 get ahold of yourself or I'll be forced to terminate this session.

GRP-774-1: I'm sorry.

Dr. Miller: That's ok 774-1, we can skip this question if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

GRP-774-1: Creators long gone, but very bad people.

Dr. Miller: Bad? In what way?

GRP-774-1: They disliked life, enjoyed fire instead.

Dr. Miller: So how were they defeated?

GRP-774-1: The Great Unit punished them for their wickedness.

Dr. Miller: The Great Unit?

GRP-774-1: Our leader.

Dr. Miller: Where is he now?

GRP-774-1: Over there.

(GRP-774-1 points to GRP-774-A outside a porthole.)

Dr. Miller: He's inside your ship?

GRP-774-1: No, he is ship.

Dr. Miller: Fascinating. Thank you very much, GRP-774-1. This information you've given us today has helped both our races get one step closer to understanding one another.

<End Log>

Addendum 774-4: After discussing it with the instances of GRP-774 themselves, it has been agreed to refer to as their species as "Penganoids".

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