L-GRP-699 "Cuban Missiles"




You are reading a legacy article written prior to the founding of the GRPC.


Registered Phenomena Code: 699

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial

Containment Protocols: Any reference or information regarding NEO-███████-382 has been and must continue to be removed from the database of any major astronomical agency and any website that references the anomaly. Any reported sightings intercepted and removed by DEP-010, followed by the amnestization of the author and any witnesses.

A 24-hour constant surveillance system is currently in place at the RPC-699 missile silos. Any changes or movement by the instances should be immediately reported.

Misinformation efforts related to any RPC-699 events are in effect, including historical records and reports.

The AEDF is authorized to utilize S-400 Triumph anti-ballistic missiles to neutralize projectiles should an RPC-699-∆ event reoccur. MST Alpha-3 “Scavengers” are entrusted with disinformation and retrieval efforts of intercepted instances, eliminating any record of what happened on radars and military reports worldwide.

Description: RPC-699 is the designation given to a group of five, (initially six) ballistic missiles located within missile silos on the surface of ███████-382, a Near Earth Object1 Instances of RPC-699 are positioned in various missile silos around the surface of ███████-382, and are understood to possess anomalous liquid propellants that allow them to reach MACH-2023 as soon as they are deployed from their silo. This property further solidifies the notion that the rest of the missile structure is adapted to withstand these velocities.

Investigations have confirmed an extraterrestrial presence on NEO-███████-382 responsible for installing and maintaining RPC-699. After contact and communication through a Xenogloss Device4 with the radio antennas5 from one of the misiles, these entities were confirmed to not being human after the Authority made contact with them by using the Xenogloss Device previously mentioned, and claimed that their actions were in fulfillment of a "treaty". A brief record of outreach between the Authority disguised as a sovietic scientist with these entities is shown below.

Headquarter: Greetings

Alien: Greetings again, Anatoly.

Headquarter: Current status.

Alien: Positive, waiting for orders.

Headquarter: Change the current missile target.

Alien: Denied, our mutual agreement strongly prevents changing any missile-related factors

Headquarter: Remind me our agreement please.

Alien: Please refeer to your local data base.

Headquarter: Remind me our agreement please.

Alien: Please refeer to your local data base.

Headquarter: Goodbye.

Alien: Goodbye, Anatoly.

Due to the lack of research and meritorious evidence, these extraterrestrial entities have yet to be catalogued as anomalies.

Each instance of RPC-699 all target a city in Cuba6. These cities are Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Camaguey, Guantanamo and Cumanayagua. Cumanayagua is the only city so far affected by an instance of RPC-699.

RPC-699 was discovered on 06/03/1969, following an AEDF report of an unidentified object entering the Earth's atmosphere. Minutes later it was identified as a ballistic missile of a then unknown design7. Due to its high velocity, no anti-ballistic defense at the AEDF's disposal could intercept the missile during the time available. RPC-699 directly impacted on a small town 30km away from the city of Cumanayagua. The Authority censored and amnesticized all survivors8 of the event which was cataloged as RPC-699-∆. Censorship on a global level was deemed unnecessary, as only the military radars of the U.S. bases in the Ascension Islands were able to detect the instance.

The city was placed under absolute quarantine under the pretext of a serious yellow fever epidemic until the damage caused could be repaired and rectified. Even so, the incident came to the attention of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. He ordered an imminent meeting with the ACI and the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba (MINFAR). A report of the meeting is shown below.



Name & Rank: Agent García
Unit: ACI Intelligence Operations Unit
Date: 07/12/1969

Authorized By: Principal Diplomacy Director Hoffmann from Office of Diplomatic Relations
Site: Puerto-Caribe-04
Reason: Discussion about Cumanayagua

Purpose: Avoid misunderstandings with the Cuban regime and establish a dialogue table.
Author(s): Agent. Erick García, Director Stan Hoffman
Commissioned By: ACI Head of Intelligence "Caribean Sight", Office of Diplomatic Relations.
To: Global Directorate, ACI DEP-010.

Prelude - "Initial approching"

After the Cuban government became aware of what happened in Cumanayagua, the Authority and the Public Relations Department contacted MINFAR to justify what occurred and to briefly and superficially inform them about RPC-699. Fidel Castro himself ordered a meeting with the Authority.

Current State of Diplomacy with the MINFAR

ACI's main concern was retaliation and the termination of the Authority's activities in the Island by the Cuban government.

Authority Central Intelligence Actions:

At the meeting Agent Garcia clarified the events in Camayaguama. Presented with the evidence, the Cuban government ruled out the possibility of the Authority being responsible.

However, MINFAR now concluded the United States was complicit in the RPC-699-∆ event due to current tensions stemming from the Cold War, and specifically the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Agent García tried to argue that there was no concrete evidence suggesting a culprit and that the best thing to do was to remain on alert. MINFAR doubted these statements and maintained its concern about U.S. encroachment in the country.

Moreover, the USSR Ministry of Public Relations was contacted, seeking answers for the creation of the treaty and the Xenogloss device. After several omissions via mails and messages, the Authority contacted the President of the URSS, Georgy Malenkov personally. After questioning him for creating the treaty and the missiles, he said:

We were cornered, Cuba is a geopolitical threat, Fidel is so volatile, and the weaponry we have entrusted into his hands is even worse. We are suspicious that they have been able to develop their own nuclear weapons because of what we have lent them. With some seismic studies we have been able to verify it, something unknown and at bigger scales is under Cuba, we don't know why or where exactly.

But these aliens do, they have been watching us since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and they probably also see human kind as volatile beings on a general level after the Manhattan Project and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They contacted us a few years ago, and have been trying to tell us what Cuba is up to ever since, but the language barrier has so far prevented them from doing so. All they could begged us to do was to set up a series of pre-emptive missiles, and with their help it was easy. We don't know why they want to help us, but we are sure they didn't do it for free, the cost will come one day.

After an undercover investigation by the ACI in the Cuban subsoil, the conclusions of all the researchers were:

In short, something lives underneath Cuba. The spectrograms around the whole Cuban territore, all they gave abnormal variations to those predicted.


Notice the yellow anomalies

we don't know what or who they are. And an increase in the seismological levels in the last month in the entire Cuban territory has become perceptible, reaching a maximum magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale. Some researchers have proposed the whole of the Cuban island as the cause of these variations in the spectrogram, since there wasn't any other factor meritorious or capable of provoking these sounds in the entire Cuban territory.

At the same time, the radiation levels recorded in some of the caves and subsoils were unusually high, with a minimum of 102 and a maximum of 112 millisieverts, we are concerned that the island itself may be alive, and Fidel and MINFAR might be hiding something from us.


In regard to the above-mentioned series of events, we recommend the following:

  1. The Authority mantains the surveillance and protocols on Camayaguama and the general Cuban airspace in assembly with the MINFAR.
  2. The Authority gathers more intel on the actual causes of the RPC-699-∆ event.
  3. The Authority maintains constant meetings with the Cuban government to avoid a conflict between the United States and Cuba.
  4. The Authority research more about the subsoil of Cuba.

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