GRP-112 - "The Moribund Wish"




Galactic Registered Phenomena: 112

Containment Rating: Omega

Lethality Rating: Black
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Containment: Containment of GRP-112 is no longer possible for the next 8,610,000 hours1 from this document's date of creation. Once this time has elapsed, the acting Administrative wing of the GRPC and/or any spiritual successor to the Protection Corps is to oversee the deployment of an indefinite military blockade over GRP-112 to prevent any lifeform from attempting a successful ground landing.


Photograph of GRP-112's surface, taken by POPS

Description: GRP-112 is the fourth planet of the ███████ star system. With a mass of 1224 kg and a volumetric mean radius of 4183.5km, the planet orbits a B-Type star2 located in the ███████ region of the ████ star cluster. GRP-112's atmosphere is a spherical portal to a spatial manifold embeddable in 4D space as the surface of a spherinder. These non-euclidean properties give the atmosphere of GRP-112 a depth that stretches into near infinity despite having a mean radius of 4183.5km from our euclidian viewpoint. Samples obtained via orbital airburst bombardment found that the chemical composition of GRP-112's clouds consisted of 94% H₂O, 5% SO₂, and 1% mineral debris, with no trace of any anomalous mineral element.

Discovery Log: GRP-112 was first classified as a lesser anomaly by GRPC researchers before conducting Experiment 112-1. At SGT 456173 hrs, the dense atmosphere surrounding GRP-112 began dissipating. Hereafter, aliens across the Galaxy reported a memetic calling to GRP-112. These chosen few are referred to as GRP-112-#. GRP-112-# instances vary by species, ethnicity, culture, and origin. However, all GRP-112-#'s share a luminescent sigil somewhere on their body. This sigil is considered memetic and will feed a stream of subconscious information regarding how the GRP-112-# can get to GRP-112, including vague details on the purpose of GRP-112, primarily the possibility of a wish (or the closest cultural translation thereof) to those who reach the planet."

A list of all known GRP-112-# instances are provided below:

Catalog of Primary GRPC-112-# Candidates of Note:


Artistic rendition of Jackson ██████, drawn by Captain Nemo

Name: Jackson ██████
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Gender: M
Age: (16) EST Years
Background: Product of the Free Systems Phynox Program3, Jackson was orphaned at birth. In his first 12 EST years, Jackson would be housed in the Hollywood Station Orphan Home for Child Actors until the GRPC shut it down for less than questionable legal practices.

Following the mass public outcry around the scandal, Jackson would eventually be adopted by Mr. and Ms. ██████. He would go on to work as an extra hand in an industrial facility aboard FSS The Rock until being selected by GRP-112. Jackson ██████ would seek medical attention for his anomalous marking, flagging him for GRPC interception.

Catalog of Secondary GRPC-112-# Candidates of Note:

Interview with GRP-112-1 aka Jackson ██████ during his temporary confinement and stay aboard the FSS Endeavor in a Galactic Ranger interrogation room.

An ALOS radio discussion between GRPC GD-BONDS aboard the FSS Endeavor and a GT Administrator Gl'da located on the GT Capital, Entropy Station 7257.2 lightyears away.

Interview between Captain Nemo and GRP-112-1 aka Jackson ██████ before his departure down to the surface of GRP-112.

Final audio log taken before Experiment 112-1 is initiated.

Experiment 112-1

The Drop Shuttle has made a successful landing on the surface of GRP-112.

Oh, my head.

Are you alright, Jackson?

Yeah, I'm just a little lightheaded.

Jackson ██████ suffers from temporary vertebrobasilar insufficiency due to the high Gs experienced during planetary reentry.

The vitals on your suit says the symptoms are temporary and will pass. I'm opening the airlock now; I'll exit first and secure the perimeter.

POPS accesses the Drop Shuttle; its active scanners perform an inferred and radioscopic scan of a 342ft/104.2m of the snow-covered surface around it. No life is detected.

The perimeter is clear.

Oh God, look up there at the sky! Should we take cover?

That won't be necessary.

At this time, Snee and her forces had fully engaged Galactic Rangers in orbit around the planet. POPS and Jackson ██████ gazed at the escape pods fired from destroyed ships. With their occupants being denied access to the surface of GRP-112, many would vanish before hitting the ground.

Where will they go?

Nowhere. They will continue to fall for eternity.

That's horrifying.

POPS and Jackson ██████ spin around, the former holding a PEW-Mk3 Laser Gun. At approximately SGT 456673hrs, 11min, 23sec, both Rangers encountered and came face to face with GRP-112-2.

A Ky-man-na!

Oh my, you startled me, almost zapped ya, missy.

Spacesuit Translators Online

Don't be silly. Robots can't be startled.

So alien, are you friend for a foe? Answer fast, or I'll blast ya.

You idiot. My people sent me here to meet you. As a member race of the GT, your Rangers are supposed to protect me.

While not stated verbally, POPS logged an analysis in the drop shuttle. Its hypothetical calculation regarding GRP-112 suggested that it might prefer to select those of a species that were younger and not fully developed. POPS did not provide a hypothesis for this function's purpose, stating it lacked the required information to make such an inference.

Another child? How peculiar. Of course, the GRPC will protect you. It's what we do.

I am not a child. I'm a juvenile- Wait, aren't you a child? I thought the GRPC was sending an adult.

There's been a change of plans. GRP-112-5 couldn't-

I hear something!

Jackson, I detect two lifeforms. One is a Lakno, but the other is unknown. We need to move.

Aftermath Report-112-A: Using the anomalous shielding of the clouds. GRP-112-2 took off from the surface of GRP-112 undetected. When entering orbit, GRP-112-2 cut power to all engines and dumped all power into the onboard heatsinks. GRPC imaging officers onboard ships in orbit, preoccupied with Snee's terrorist cell, barely notice GRP-112-2 sneaking past them.

It's believed that once GRP-112-2 boarded the Necter #9 ship, she did not sell her drop ship as intended. Interviews with pirates belonging to the Path Cell have supposedly told stories about how once aboard, GRP-112-2 had uncovered an alien trafficking operation and liberated the slaves from captivity.

While the legitimacy of these rumors is debatable, GRP-112-2 never arrived at any hospital planet in a 25-30 rotation radius. Discrepancies suggest GRP-112-2 might have believed GRP-112-1 would have informed the GRPC after the fact and changed her plans. Or she knew the GRPC was monitoring the situation and lied to GRP-112-1 till they were alone and could deactivate audio recording systems.

Addendum-112-B: Due to the memetic nature of GRP-112 in the wake of Experiment 112-1, GRP-112 is to be contained according to the "Ethica Ordine" protocol or EO-112, as devised by the Psy Corps to combat alien memetic hazards that could threaten the GT species' cultural autonomy. All subjects in contact with GRP-112 designated GRP-112-# are subject to strict surveillance within GT space and GRPC jurisdiction zones. Below are the current, up-to-date Rangers field reports on the current status of GRP-112-#s.

GRP-112-2 "Ohtli ███ Yaotl Xiuhcoatl █████ ████ ████████" After Report

GRP-112-1 "Jackson ██████" After Report

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