Galactic Registered Phenomena: 048

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: Purple
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Photograph of GRP-048-1 prior to containment.

Containment Protocols: Due to GRP-048's anomalous function, GRP-048-1 is to be contained within a remote ship hangar, designated OL-Hangar-048, within the Norma Arm near NGC-5927. This hangar is to be 160m3 and constructed out of lead-cement and lead metal.

CSD personnel entering GRP-048-1 are to be accompanied by at least two instances of GRP-774 at a time due to their high resistance to radiation. Personnel must equip a GRPC-issued high-level radiation EVA suit during standard research operations. Necessary equipment, including a standard Geiger counter and a handheld transceiver will also be provided. If GRP-048-1's radiation levels are measured in excess or equal to ~2,000-3,000 µSv, all organic entities aboard GRP-048-1 are to be relocated to a lead-lined safety chamber within the hangar. Further research cannot proceed until monitoring equipment displays safe radiation levels.1

GRP-774 instances inside GRP-048-1 regularly record GRP-048's energy output to estimate its next activation period. When the holodeck activates, a remote-controlled drone equipped with a camera and sample-collecting mechanism will be piloted into the holodeck chamber to survey, document, and take samples from the projected surroundings.2 During a Reality-Easy simulated event, drone mission parameters shall be altered from reconnaissance to active combat.

Description: GRP-048-1 is the designation given to a heavily damaged extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is proportionally 72m in length, 82m in width, and 40m in height. Thermal imaging of GRP-048-1's bulk revealed two components of note: a Sphaleron Reactor3 in the spacecraft's rear, and a spherical shell within GRP-048-1's core roughly 35m across. While both components are usually cold, averaging at -270.42C, at 18 hrs 44 min intervals, the ship's automated systems will attempt a reboot. During a reboot phase, all systems aboard GRP-048-1 will become operational for approximately 2 hrs 30 min.

Within the core of GRP-048-1's hollow cavity is GRP-048, a highly advanced holodeck. The room is hollow, with smooth, curved, white walls. Affixed to the interior of the chamber are large lens-like structures. When GRP-048 enters its reboot phase, these lenses will project a randomized set of environments. The environments produced by GRP-048 are not bound to the chamber's physical proportions. The technological processes that create these extra-dimensional proportions are as of yet unknown. However, one anomalous material has been identified as critical to the function of GRP-048's holographic projection lenses.

Designated as GRP-048-24, this alloy possesses the anomalous characteristics of light manipulation. When exposed to any energy source, GRP-048-2 will create a photonic matter shell around itself. In theory, GRP-048-2 can take on any hypothetical form. Once a reboot phase ends and GRP-048 powers down, all GRP-048-2 material sheds this photonic shell. This decay emits high radiation levels, anywhere from 10,000 µSv up to 300,000+ µSv. It has been theorized that due to the scarcity of GRP-048-2 inside GRP-048, the holodeck must "reprogram" GRP-048-2 to emit new holographic shells for every new simulated instance. It is believed this rewrite process can be briefly observed at the beginning and end of every system reboot phase. Unfortunately, due to the risks of being inside GRP-048 during a system shutdown, the GRPC is still unaware of the exact method by which GRP-048-2 can be modified.

Below is a list of cataloged worlds simulated by GRP-048:

Designation About Danger
Reality-ABLE Reality-A appears as a large and seemingly infinite forest of massive bone-like needles. At random intervals, the planet's surface becomes a pseudo-form of dark matter, incorporeal to Reality-A explorers. Caution
Reality-BAKER Reality-B appears to be an ever-changing Earth. At random intervals, time will spontaneously accelerate and decelerate. It has been noted that, at times, Stone Huts and Medieval Villages will appear. The construction of these structures can not be attributed to any form of life. Safe
Reality-CHARLIE Reality-C appears as an ocean planet of TRAPPIST-1f, homeworld of the Salkai. Atmospheric conditions on the planet are volatile. At random, a region's temperature will unexplainably jump to 650C-2,500C, flash-boiling any water source that may be present. Caution
Reality-DOG Reality-D appears to be the alien world of Vulcan-55, stuck in a perpetual night on Yunder's Day. Hanging over the simulated landscape are two asteroids colliding, emitting a kaleidoscope of colors. Regularly, fragments will break off from the asteroids, crash landing onto the planet's surface. Dangerous
Reality-EASY Reality-E appears at first glance to be an infinite abstract painting of an alien world. Attempting to enter the simulation during this phase will result in the explorer's instantaneous death, as they are crushed down into the 2nd Dimension. Attempts to recompile a 3D picture out of the 2D fractals suggest that the inhabitants of this world were semi-aquatic crustacean analog lifeforms.5 Dangerous

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