GRP-010 - "Dream Aliens"





Description: AE-010 is the designation given to a series of anomalous events located within the Nebula Sh2-1361, and seems to be expanding into Caldwell 42. AE-010 events manifest once an individual, alien or otherwise capable of dreaming, sleeps in a location more than once. These anomalous locations are not connected to space-time but rather areas of rest and relaxation. Examples include bedrooms, hotels, hospitals, ship quarters, spas, nests, clan burrows and incubation sacks. When a subject enters a state of deep sleep in a AE-010 location, the individual is guaranteed to have a nightmare.

Discovery: The effects of AE-010 were first made aware to the GRPC during the events of a first contact mission with the inhabitants of the Alfirk System3 to invite them into the GT. Through diplomatic talks, Rangers discovered that the Alfirkianians had no cultural or psychological concept of a "positive dream". AE-010 events had also affected the resting places of diplomats and Rangers in orbit around the planet.

Subject: Dr. William Wilbury
Occupation: GRPC XenoBiologist & Diplomat
Time of Occurrence: 09Hr/036Rot./0002 AE

The subject dreamed they were holding a conference in front of various work colleagues. One of his colleagues pointed out that Dr. Wilbury was utterly naked. This caused the audience to laugh and verbally mock him. At the climax of the ridicule, an Alfirkianian approached. Dr. Wilbury's derma was violently ripped off by the Alfirkianian, ending the dream.


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