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If you've ever come across lengthy "theses"1 and "fucking novellas"2 masquerading as RPC articles, chances are I'm behind them.

My list of published RPCs and tales in chronological order:

RPC-886 : The Last Fox 🦊

Surrounded, alone
Statues of my family
Tears fall with the rain
- Discarded Haiku found in Fushimi Inari-Taisha, dated mid-1950s.

My debut article for the RPC Authority, a story of inner strength and never losing sight of one's inner goodness despite centuries of loneliness and despair. Additional supplementary pages can be found within the main page, also linked here:

I wish to express my deepest respects towards Dr. Michihiko Hachiya (1903-1980, pictured with wife), a real life figure who survived and lived through the atomic devastation of Hiroshima. His published diary was used as a reference point for purposes of historical authenticity/accuracy. I hope this article brings further awareness of his story, and the horrific consequences of nuclear warfare.

RPC-490 : Traveling Artist's Toolbox 🧰

For consorting with a hazardous organization found guilty of reckless utilization of reality distorters and active corruption of the Established Perception of Normalcy, you are hereby wanted dead or alive. I'm picking dead.

A gift written for RedtideRedtide to assist in maintaining his GoI's standing, as thanks for helping me with 886's format. Involves La Academia Della Vera Arte and a depiction of Project Blue Book.

Further updates are in the pipeline. 490's owner is awake again, but negotiations for his release are yet to be done.

RPC-660 : Put it out before it puts you out 🚬

…the moment we brought these sticks into the public domain, we won. The moment the first smoker lit up a Zephyr stick, we won. Whatever you do to suppress or fight against our creation, we've won.

Collab with JimmyBoyHahaJimmyBoyHaha. My first entry for the Church of Malthus undergoing reworks to be less of a punching bag and more of a serious and deadly villainous organization with justifiable viewpoints amidst their atrocities, which led on to the design and creation of the Microbes Division.

Remember: Smoking isn't just bad for you, it's also bad for everyone around you.

RPC-959 : Diarrhoea Elemental 💩

And we are born in a world… COVERED IN SHIT! Bureaucratic SHIT! Oligarchic SHIT! Corporatocratic SHIT, Chemical SHIT and LITERAL! STINKING! SHIT!

Human civilization is a rotting morass festering in corruption, filth, apathy and decay. The Germ Squad, the Church of Malthus' very own gang of angry child soldier recruits, wants to remind everyone of that… literally.

Accompanying tale that shows the Church's own perspective during the raid, also linked in the article within one of the collapsibles.

When Shit Hits the Fan : A short tale

Buncha latest kids on the block got capped by Auth-pigs. Microbes' boss is breathing down your neck. Some other Germ Squaddies thinking they can run a tighter ship than you. Howzat for a day of being the boss of the Germ Squad?

An accompanying tale that shows the Church's own perspective during the raid as highlighted within RPC-959, linked in said article within one of the collapsible.

Offers a slight glimpse at the Germ Squad leader's past, her standing with the other sub-division leaders of the Microbes Division, and the Lord of the Flies-esque inevitability of managing a group of violent delinquents.

RPC-655 : An Ode to the Universe ☄️

Mankind, the stars are yours to claim. You only need reach out and grasp your rightful destiny.

Another piece written for RedtideRedtide's LADVA, in collaboration with Alex Mercer Fan ClubAlex Mercer Fan Club. An optimistic and wistful reminder that space is not all extraterrestrial horrors and bleak existential despair/dread. All knowledge is ultimately derived from that which we originally knew nothing of. There is still much good and beauty to be had out there.

Despite much that has happened in this mess of a world, my hopes and dreams that mankind eventually colonizes the stars does its best to remain as bright as said stars in the night sky.

Written while listening to this song.

RPC-494 : The Bones of Nagasaki 💀

…sometimes we see the filthy Gaijin fleeing before us like the little rats that they are, and we work in righteous anger to strike them down!

Published right in time for Halloween on 31st October 2019! And what better article to release on Halloween than a gigantic radioactive skeleton comprised of the bones of Nagasaki's atomic bomb victims?

Also slated for a major update pending the plot progression of Japan's Yōkai.

RPC-257 : 天岩戸, the Lightless Vault 🕳️

The seal! He wanted the seal to be broken. I heard the demands. He wanted his army back… Wanted the Tengu within to be released! But the elders, they chose death over surrender!

At last the truth of why the Yōkai vanished is finally revealed, but not before someone else beat the Authority to it; Leaving little behind save for death, fire, ashes and a damaged seal…

What originally started with 886, has grown into an entire compendium of lore involving the Yokai of Japan. Expect major updates pertaining to its escapees.

Major props to VizloxVizlox for help with the page's coding.

RPC-465 : Da Vinci's Bizzare Friend 🐚

Xbbylyk is no demon, nor is it an angel; it is along with its kin but a resident of God's clockwork workings, whilst we are but residents upon the face…

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many extraordinary talents. Another like him may never well be seen once more. Many strange things he invented and conceptualized; this piece examines the famous "armored turtle", the very first predecessor of today's heavily-armored military tanks.

What if that thing was no prototype tank, but in truth a diving suit for a friend from another world?

A watered-down take on the "eldritch abomination" theme, as an unusual and genuine friendship that was struck centuries ago. Good thing it's willing to listen! Even if all it can understand is abstract mathematics. Co-written with Alex Mercer Fan ClubAlex Mercer Fan Club.

RPC-603 : Restoring Roots for Wounded Wombs 🌱

My daughter… Is she going to be like that, too? Sprout leaves or grow bark skin, turn green?

Written for Alex Mercer Fan ClubAlex Mercer Fan Club's own GoI, the Sons of Yggdrasil. A take at another Alpha-White (read: completely harmless) entity made in a genuinely altruistic manner (side effects notwithstanding), and a stab at the possibility that incident logs don't always have to involve containment breaches, mass deaths, infrastructural damage, horror and/or widespread destruction.

Mishio's Return : A 4-Chapter Tale

Hakishi… Hakishi! Old fox! Hurry up and get up, we have to go!

RPC-886's twin sister successfully escapes the clutches of RPC-257's magical darkness, finding herself in a completely changed Japan.

But where is her beloved crybaby of a younger sister (even if it's by five minutes), who was nowhere to be seen in that accursed cavern?

RPC-316 : The Grand Director of Global Directors and Sole True Founder of the RPC Authority 👴

Do you know how tiresome it gets when everything goes your way in life, without having to invest a single smidgen of effort to get what you want? To live basked in luxuries undeserved and fake titles galore? Don't get me wrong, I still make the most use of it! I'd be a fool not to! But it all gets so tiresome sometimes, wouldn't you understand?

A crucial next article in my line of Yōkai-based articles. I wrote an awfully large amount for a nuisance that is just going to serve as a stepping stone.

Currently incomplete; the final revision is due to be posted after a major event.

And if you had to ask? No, he is no actual "true founder of the RPCA" or whatever title he's gone by. Trickster spirits and all, right?

RPC-486 : Morose Trickster 🐾

And that's right! It was you humans! You did this to us! All of us! All our family is still locked away in that cave! Why?! Why would you do this to us? What did we do to deserve this?

886's sister is back, and she's not very happy about the state of things (which is putting it mildly).

NOT an evil spirit, despite her leanings towards the mischievous/malicious side of the fox business. A bit of slapstick comedy in here, and a bit of sadness as well. The culture shock is real.

I REALLY took a long while to get this completed.

Reworked, tidied up with new offshoot page:

RPC-702 : Small Snake, Big Heart 💖

Shine on in your adventures, you sweet little thing. We'll always love you no matter what.

A little snake filled with love, joy and innocence. A little friend who's an ode to better years, and sad wishes to go back in time to those happier days. But should it all come to nothing, time spent is still time that can never be taken back…

I release you, my little friend. You are no longer just the product of two imaginations. Go forth, and be so much more.

With this, I am one step closer to the major plot progression of the Yōkai.

RPC-424 : Malthusian MRE 🍄

In a better world, this would be publicly hailed as a wonder of biology and agriculture; food that grows where it can, when it's needed! But this isn't a better world now, is it?

Took this out of stasis and cranked it out to completion as a break from Yōkai-related stuff. Rushed it out to drafts, then sat my bum around for weeks.

Wanted to show a Malthus article that showed the GoI is capable of being more than just bloodthirsty genociders, and that some of their creations CAN be used for good, even if the intention for their use is anything but.

Got one more fungus-themed Malthus draft in stasis, but I should work on a different faction's microscopic creation first before that. And, of course, I should also get back to working on the Yōkai plotline…

A Trip to Tokyo : A 4-Chapter Tale 🌃

"But… but you're not Yōkai, are you? You're just humans…"

Mishio has a foray out into the human world, not knowing how her blissful ignorance will be forever shattered by a convergence of shadowy forces behind the glitter of Tokyo's night scene…

Anyways! This tale is done. It's been sitting in drafts for a long while and it's had to undergo some major revisions then gathered dust for more time, but it's done.

The major wave-transitioning tale comes next after this. Wave 2 is coming.

In the Fox-Witch's Wake : A 3-Part, 14-Chapter Tale 🔖

A tale so large (that I was ordered to split it into parts) made to fully flesh out the background of someone was originally a fleeting side character; Published not just as a side story but also a sequel to Mishio's Return, showing the consequences of Mishio's actions and how they continue to ripple through the quiet town of Takachiho, long after after she has left.

Part 1: Memory's Oblivion 🚐

"There. Was. Never. A. Fox."

Part 2: Wolf Among Sheep ✉️

"That Sarada girl… Teach her a final lesson not to screw with me."

Part 3: Sword Held High, Head Higher 🏫

"Pray you never see us again."


1. Write one article centered around each major GoI in this list:

  • GARD (idea set in stone, Bigg approved)
  • PCAAO (idea set in stone, Fifth approved, Ascriber okay-ish)
  • Project Blue Book (Lupin approved)
  • RCPA (more or less done, Fifth and co very approve)
  • The other branches of the Microbes Division: Viral Labs and Protozoal Collective in particular
  • Nihil cult (Something about drowned suns, flooding and typical doomsday stuff. Been discussing stuff with Indonesian Gent, seems very excited by my ideas so far)
  • Cetace's Kin (Much like Nihil I barely know much about them aside from the fixation with cetaceans. If I do ever pull this off, I'm sure Ball would be very happy.)

2. Write out the entire plotline for the Yokai's return
3. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4. More articles.

My workshop of drafts
(read at your own spoilers) <- Currently working on a flaming pack of rats <- Contains final offset for the main article (RPC-316), will be moved in once a certain event concludes.

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