God Is Oh So Merciful


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As I am lowered into my grave I think to myself. I didn’t believe this is how death would be; I hear their weeping and mourning but I don’t see their faces, filling me with dread. Are those tears actually for me or are they mourning someone else? I desperately wish it is the former, but before my question could be answered my coffin is closed and I hear the dirt being shoveled into my deep grave.

I thought I would abandon my body and finally explore the last frontier, but instead I am stuck in this rotting corpse. Is it really my fate to rot here for eternity? Laying here in isolation until the Earth itself dies? I feared the thought. No that’s insane! But as the days went by and the days stretched to weeks, the weeks months, and months to years l knew this was true. But realizing the truth didn’t make it more bearable.

My body still rots… my eyes have already sunk but I still see, if that matters at all. My arms have holes and my legs have reduced to bone. And I feel it all, every decomposing limb, every insect and thing that turns my corpse into a home, and every speck of dust. And I think; Is this hell? Not a burning inferno but the peak of pain and loneliness? I go into a deep depression, wishing I could slam into the walls of my jail and yell in anger and fear. I am a coward I can’t take this! Damn you God you stubborn tyrant! But of course, he does not hear me and all I can do is indulge into the depths of my mind.

Countless years have passed and I think I’ve already gone half insane. I cannot think a cogent thought and I don’t trust the only man I know. Myself. I didn’t even notice that my bones are mostly gone. And when my body has completely gone back to the Earth my soul is finally freed. I float above the miles of dirt and sand hoping to find humanity, only to find nothing, no signs of man’s existence. Just a charcoal wasteland full of dirt and dark sand. I think for the first time in eons. Is this it? It is all I can muster before exploding into a fit of rage. “Is this it God?! Is this your cosmic joke put upon my soul!? Shoving me in the dirt for all these years just to show me nothing?!” Tears form below my eyes knowing there will be no one else I will ever know. I cry like a cowardly child, unromantically bawling with snot and hot tears, shamelessly in front of God and the cosmic audience. Then a red, vile hand rips through the sky in front of me, grabs me by the arm, and drags me into the hole.

My arm is burnt to a point I didn’t think possible. “I can feel pain? But I thou-.” The thing laughs. “Yes you're still dead don’t be a fool, please don’t act surprised by the fact I can hurt you.” I look up and I see a black void and a fire. There is a man sitting on nothing, beckoning me to come closer. And as I approach I finally understand who he is. It is the beast, Lucifer!

“Please take a seat boy, I’ve only come to talk.”

But like any insane man would, I reject him.

“Oh don’t you lie to me you filthy demon! I know your tricks! God might’ve left me but that doesn’t mean I’ll strike a deal with you!”

“Oh!” He says. “No deals for today, and anyways are you fine with being truly alone for much longer? Can you really bear it, coward?”

I look around, I again only see darkness and shadow.

“God had a different plan for you but I could leave you here instead.”

Frightened at the thought I quickly complied.

“Attaboy” He said mockingly. “God forced me not to lay a finger on you anyhow. He looks at my arm and smirks as if he was proud of himself. “Well, at least not on purpose… Even I live under his rule.”

“What do you want from me Devil?”

He let out a small chuckle. “I don’t need you for anything I just have to warn you. God has something different planned for you coward. But I will not lie, if he didn’t restrain me I would’ve put you with the murders and pedophiles after what you’ve done.”

He let out a raspy laugh that was loud enough to echo through the void.

“What the hell are you speaking of demon? I didn’t do anything to deserve your company!”

The beast let out a giant toothed grin, almost cartoonish in nature.

“You’re right boy, maybe you're a unique case and you don’t deserve it. But I personally think men like you should be treated harsher then rapists and sadists.”

I’m greatly offended at this point and say to him. “Oh and why is that beast?!”

His smile is gone and replaced by a solemn look instead. “Because men like you are the most annoying. Walking paradoxes, with bloated egos but at the same time self loathing, to an extent you couldn’t be alone with yourself for more than a minute. Hell! After the first 5 years of being alone you’ve already gone completely insane! Babbling and all!”

I’m completely perplexed. “What is th-“.

“Oh save it” he says pointing at an ocean blue door decorated with symbols and jewels. “It’s time.”

Then he lets out another smile and roaring laugh and disappears with the fire. Leaving me alone in the dark with only the door. I look to my left and right in fear. “Oh God!” I dash for the door and open it.

I make it into what I think is heaven. It looks like a utopia with pristine floors and joyous people. Something is strange here. But what is it? I watch the people walk on only one side off the road. I listen and hear no cursing, everything is uniform, and everyone is so kind and tender. Then I knew it. There is no true freedom here. Was I disappointed? Yes but I understood. You cannot have heaven for mortal men and women without restrictions or at least altering their minds. If not done, even a heaven with the greatest men and women will turn into a den of sinners. It just seems that God has chosen the former.

I see him on his throne sitting in his divine glory. I approach and ask God “What is my fate?” He says “Not to dwell here my son, I am afraid.” He laughs and gets up from his throne. He gives a warm smile, full of pity. “You are trying to comfort me with bliss before you bestow upon me your fair and true punishment, are you not?” God says “I’m afraid so” while still smiling. He taps his divine finger onto my forehead. I feel my body contort and contract painfully and aggressively before turning into a faceless shape, losing consciousness.

I appear in a concrete jail. I unsuccessfully try to move my body by forming into something else. I hear soft voices on the other side. I sit for days like this only hearing voices through the walls and nothing more. Is this it? My personal hell? Not the coffin that only welcomes the weak nor the void that welcomes nothing, but a concrete box that only welcomes disjointed voices with no chance of pity?! This fate welcomes not only loneliness but envy too. This really is God’s great punishment. My own personal hell.


Registered Phenomena Code: ███

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Non

Containment Protocols: Is to be kept in a standard containment locker. No further protocols are required.

Description: RPC-███ is a 10cm tall cube of flesh that reforms slowly if damaged. Samples indicate that RPC-███’s flesh is human and consists of mostly the kidney, heart, face, and eyes. Readings from equipment, anomalous or otherwise, have discerned that RPC-███ is neither sapient nor sentient. Testing does not result in any changes making it a non-priority.

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