Gobi '05





This document was provided to the Authority by PCAAO administrator Liao Xinyi on February 28th, 2005, during the Joint Anti-Church of Malthus Operation of 2005. Despite the demands of PCAAO administrators, the document has been kept after Xinyi's death in 2007. The original author of the document is unknown. This document has been translated from simplified Chinese to English.

03/01/2005: Well, it looks like they sent us to die in the fucking desert. They treat us and the Koreans exactly like 197-1's but with slightly more rights. Xinyi especially. He hates us, even though he was a part of Divison 21 too. If you commit a crime while in service with the rest of the PLA, they put you in 21. No exceptions. The crimes vary. Private Duan Gengxinm simply discarded PLA property. I murdered my commanding officer after finding out he was selling secrets to the Japanese. No one believed me. Anyways, back on topic. Sergeant Qian Cheng lead our patrol to a large building in the middle of nowhere. Shortly after, we were fired upon. Fucking evoheads. The admins want me to refer to them as Pupils of Malthus for standardization, but fuck that. I'm no 197-1. Being the squad gunner, I lied prone. I started to lay down suppressing fire as the privates did their own little charge into the building. Thankfully those idiots were not hurt (at the time.) Cheng told us to rush in, that it was safe. I didn't trust them. there's always more snakes in the grass.

04/01/2005: Turns out I was right. An evohead with a claw for a hand killed Private Gengxinm. Never really knew the guy, but damn, he was young. Nobody deserves death dealt by an evohead. Liuxian, The only friend I have in this entire fucking division, found the one responsible. We threw to the ground and ran over him in our squad's truck. The death an evohead deserves. Liuxian laughed as he did it. He hated them as much as I did, but for a different reason. I hate them because of their perverted worldview. Liuxian just likes killing evoheads because they shoot at him, He could care less. Cheng let us go on patrol together. While wandering the desert, we spotted some MST soldiers fighting the evoheads. Liuxian and I decided to help, gunning down the masses. I swore I saw one of the ASF die like 5 times, just disappear, and re-appear. The one I saw die over and over, a woman, approached us, smiling. Their translator walked up to us too. As was our orders in this "Joint Operation" (Joint my ass! the MST’s are doing barely anything!), I informed Cheng.

05/01/2005: Our squad has linked up with the MST. The woman is an anomaly, it turns out. Said she was here as a tactical advantage. Judging by what I saw yesterday, I can certainly see that. Now I have two friends in this cold, dry, hell full of evoheads. Today, for the most part, I heard no gunfire. Finally, a day of peace and quiet. We told the woman about the 197-1's. She proceeded to drone on and on about ethics for about an hour. Like their organization is any better. She told us her name. Nadia. Nadia told the translator to go away. He complied with the order, meaning she presumably has authority. Although heavily accented and slightly broken, Nadia has surprisingly good Chinese. Liuxian was more impressed than I was. I guess even the little things can seem grand when a sniper can pick you off at any moment.

06/01/2005: We continued moving through the desert, scanning the environment. When things are quiet, you would expect an ambush, but no, the evoheads must be planning something. Liuxian was surprisingly confident. "Malthus must've been a coward, judging by his followers." Liuxian said jokingly. We all laughed. Cheng called us on Liuxian's radio. "Fireteam B, status report now!" he called out. "The Pupils must've evolved into mountains and sand. Either that or they ran off." Liuxian replied. I could yell Cheng yelling, but it was muffled by a rumbling noise in the distance. Once it faded, I could hear Cheng again. "That's our armor support. My request went through." He said before finally signing off. "68 Yuan the tanks aren't ours." Liuxian simply replied. Cheng had a habit of calling other people's property his own, like a true party member. Our attention turned to Nadia. "I recognize that sound. Those tanks are Leopard 2's, Ours." Nadia said before looking ahead. "Well, guess you owe me that 68 Yuan now!" Liuxian replied excitedly. I swear he can get excited over the smallest things. I guess that's what losing your family to separatists at a young age does to you.

07/01/2005: I KNEW they were planning something. I saw at least 35 evoheads, all in formations. They began to attack The ASF position. We hurried to assist our comrades but we were too late. The evoheads had killed many members of both the MST and Division 21. There were few survivors, Cheng being one of the few left alive. Fortunately, their victory was pyrrhic at best. Evohead idiots dropped intel at the site, and they lost 28 of those men. I picked up the intel, recognizing the language it was in instantly: English. Although I can recognize English, I am not fluent. I handed the intel off to Nadia. She then looked up at us. "This says why they are here. They are trying to locate your cloning machine." Nadia said, referring to Anomaly-197. Liuxian smiled, looking like he was trying to hold back laughter. "I knew the evoheads were idiots! 197's at-" He exclaimed before I cut him off. "They're still in this desert, Liuxian! Let them continue!" I shouted at him. "You're finally showing initiative! I'm proud of you,-" Cheng said before coughing loudly. Nadia moved Cheng's right hand off of his chest, revealing a bullet hole. Cheng collapsed shortly afterward. I checked his pulse. "He's gone." I said in a rather cold tone. To be honest, I was sad, but showed no signs of it. "Does that intel say where their base of operations is, Nadia?" I asked. "Yes. There are coordinates on here." She replied. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Let's take the fight to them!" I shouted, before spotting a transport vehicle in the distance.

08/01/2005: Today was rather uneventful, considering what happened yesterday. Just driving through the desert. When you're forced to fight, all places seem to stretch on forever. The evoheads must be hiding in their base, considering we found none on our way there. After approximately an hour of driving, I got hungry. I knew there were rations in the back of the vehicle, where Liuxian and Nadia were. I exited the vehicle, walking around to the back. I saw Liuxian handing something to Nadia. They were conversing in English. I was shocked. Liuxian, my best friend, had been living a lie? He was a spy the whole time? It could be worse. At least he wasn't a fucking evohead. Plus, he was still my friend. I promised to keep my mouth shut. But this revelation comes with a heavy cost. If Head Administrator Xinyi, or, god forbid, Head Administrator Candidate Tai, find out about this, It could very well jeopardize the peace between us and the Authority. I have to keep this book a secret.

09/01/2005: We found it. The evohead base of operations. We would not assault it yet, however. We needed a good plan. evoheads might be shit decision-makers, but they are damn good warriors. I have to admire their spirit, even if I hate their actions. We observed the patterns of the evohead soldiers, finding the optimal time to strike. A few things caught my eyes. They have a few tanks. They might be T55's, but a tank is still a tank, regardless of quality. After that, we knew what had to be done. Being the new Divison 21 Commander for the operation, I called in reinforcements. I told them to bring anti-armor weaponry. Nadia also called for extra personnel. The assault begins tomorrow, and I am determined to win.

10/01/2005: There is only one word I can describe the assault with: Visceral. The walls are covered in the blood of both evohead and ally. Bodies riddled the floor. Even after only a few hours, the stench was awful. I began examining the bodies of my fallen comrades. One of them was laying face down in a pool of blood. I turned the corpse over, instantly falling into tears. It was Liuxian. My only goddamn friend in Division 21. He's gone and I can't change it. Those fuckers will pay with their blood if there are any left. Only three people were left alive in that base after the first two hours. Me, Nadia, and a final evohead. I gunned him down with no remorse. In fact, I was fucking smiling. I was happy! Overjoyed! God, this place has changed me. In a way, I've become like the enemy. A killer for fun. I guess this is their last laugh.

11/01/2005: Nadia and I patrolled the desert alone, searching for any more survivors. We finally found a group of 4 MST personnel. Safety. Their commander called for evacuation. I then heard an explosion in the distance, seeing smoke rising from the evohead base. I smiled. My objective was complete. Now all I had to do was wait for evacuation. The VTOL reached our position 5 minutes afterward. I was then informed that I could not evacuate with the ASF personnel. Nadia and I exchanged a final goodbye as the VTOL took off. After a while, I became separated from the group. I think I'm going to die out here. Well, at least I-FUCK! Well, I guess the evoheads finally got me. I've been shot. Definitley something high-caliber, as it knocked the wind out of me. Damn, it hurts. I saw another Division 21 member walking towards me. I guess this is a good place to leave off. I don't want my life's story to end on a cliffhanger. Well, this is the end. I will die happy, as I die a victor.

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