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Hey there! Welcome to my author's page.

My articles


RPC-145 - the one where they try to contain a cartoon character


RPC-165 - the one where the pot combines people's minds and I make a pot joke in the name


RPC-185 - the one with the psychic worms that kill people


RPC-255 - the one where I entered a competition to make a leopard gecko article, and all I could come up with was a mutating desert that make your dick mutate and yellow monsters appear


RPC-547- the one about the happy rover I made because Opportunity fucking died and everyone liked it


RPC-710 - my winter contest entry where I made a bird that causes floods which is a totally original concept fuck you mods I should have won reeeeeeeeeeeeee

I also wrote an article on the Sandbox about sentient bacteriophages that live on an oil rig and acted like spiders that Amazing! Co. made. It sucked. Don't ask.

My sites

Site-045 - the site I made for a few articles because I couldn't figure out another site to use only to realize weeks later that it already existed and now I have to fix it

Site-046 - the site I made after I realized 045 was taken

I have made literally nothing else and I keep writing articles in the vain hope they will get popular, because I can't write anything other than horror or comedy.

Thanks, have a nice day!

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