GD-SOUTH "Yeta" (2021-2024)

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GD-SOUTH: Global director representative for South America.

Personality Archetype: GD-SOUTH comes from the less fortunate regions of Chile, where he developed the improvisation skills that helped him to reach his current status. With the Southern Command being one of the least funded nor remarked regions compared to its peers, GD-SOUTH became more esoteric with experimentations which he believes to be the way forward with the advent of the Anomaly Boom.

Notable achievements include the containment of a Gamma-class anomaly, the improvement of anomalous-focused technology, supporting Containment, while also being one of the founding members of the Southern Experimentation League, made to harness the useful potential out of stable anomalies found in South and Central American regions.

Relationships: Although not well liked by his peers for his somewhat cocky attitude, naive behavior, and unorthodox methods, GD-SOUTH was also never liked by outsiders. However, he was shown to be a very capable person, as well as generally keeping his more “eccentric” personality well-hidden. GD-SOUTH greatly favors the usage of anomalies over any other methods, believing it to be a viable substitute to more conventional methods of containment given Southern Command’s resource constraints, this results in him almost always siding with Research on most occasions.

GD-SOUTH has obtained a somewhat antagonistic relationship with both divisions outside of research. His relations with other GDs is unstable, some enjoy him while others despise him, although he is one to talk to during meetings. Controversial yet ballsy, GD-SOUTH is one to start a conversation, and never the one to end it, always on the forefront of every argument, a vocal, young man who's making waves for a future yet to arrive.


Goat Killer's patch.

MST Alpha-1-SOUTH, designated Goat Killers, is a fairly recent Unit created after the dispatching of the old Alpha-1-South team, and theorized to be founded/co-founded by the newest GD-SOUTH. Although most of its origins are unknown, it is known a good portion of the staff found inside MST Alpha-1-SOUTH ("Goat Killers'') have personal connections to Southern Experimentation League members. Although limited on resources, and some appearing to be similar to normal ASF, despite this fact, the Unit appears to have "distinctive characteristics."

Alpha-1-SOUTH can be found constantly surrounding the GD even in situations of isolationism, and rarely one can be found without the other, only standing when absolute security is found, one such example can be found during Meeting 4910.
The MST appears to be mostly incapable of communicating outside of a few members. It is unknown if this is a physical deformity or a code inside the Unit.

The Unit appears to be composed of a small number, but still might be found to be one of the most effective Alpha-1 Units, this seems to be the result of SUT(Small Unit Tactics) that are taught to newcomers when introduced, although the information of the joining method appears to be hidden from most of Authority Database.

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 10 Personnel
  • Overwatch: 4 Personnel
  • Rifle: AKM
  • Other known Tools: M84 stun grenade, Noise grenades, Fragmentation grenades.

Articles involving GD-SOUTH or Goat Killers:

Meeting 4910 - Meeting 4910

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