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GD-ASIA: Global director representative for Asia.

Personality Archetype: A middle-aged man of Japanese descent. Conservative, Resolved. Is a part of an oligarchy composed of Japanese hardliners of the former Japanese Empire that was absorbed into the Authority upon the abolishment of the Japanese AOI and persisted during the Cold War.

GD-ASIA is characterized by his favoritism towards the Japanese branch of the Authority and his hatred for the Chinese Government, responding to their aggression with the might of the Authority's Protection forces, which often leads to rash decisions that strain his relationship with the rest of the Board.

This leads to a balance between the approval of several R&D projects in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and the rampant militarization of MSTs within the Southeast Asian Regions, which he views as the ultimate deterrent against PCAAO and Chinese encroachment, both of which are part of his long-term goal of containing Chinese activities within its own borders and to develop other Asian countries, riding their need of reliance on Western influence. This Sinocentric policy results in a largely lackluster/undefined policy in regards to other entities of interest, namely "Kabushi Kawaii", "Hōritsu shōsha", and the "South Sea Enlightenment Movement", which is largely left to the local branches to handle.

Relationships: With the continuing hostility between PCAAO and the Authority in general, GD-ASIA largely sides with Protection to violently stomp out any Chinese attempts at outward expansion. With the greater cooperation with the PCAAO following the decades-long expulsion from Chinese soils,1 GD-ASIA sees this as the golden opportunity to strike back at the Government and will side with any Division if it meant gaining the upper hand on China (E.G. Containing an anomaly ahead of PCAAO and give the necessary funding to keep it off of Chinese hands).

His relation with GD-EURA is especially difficult as he is of the belief in abolishing the Eurasian Command and re-incorporating its territory and Asia Command into a single entity. A blatant display of his views comes in the form of occupational forces sent into secluded regions of various Arabic states under the guise of "weeding out Darwinist Influence"


Founded shortly after the formation of the Asia Command. Alpha-1-Asia is long since viewed as one of the many displays of Japanese monopoly over the "GD-ASIA" seat of power that went largely unquestioned due to the political turmoil within the region during the Cold War.

With the many GD-ASIAs that came before almost universally leaning to the Regional Command for support, the administrative directors from Saitama are almost synonymously regarded as the management staff for GD-ASIA in general. Thus when the time came for the establishment of an Alpha-1 detachment for ASIACOM resulted in the formation of the "Imperial Forces".

The members of the Imperial Forces are all selected by either the Regional Staff or GD-ASIA himself, and always have a military background or experience serving similar duties such as MSTs and ASFs. In terms of structure, the Imperial Forces is divided into two groups: A bodyguard unit of at least four personnel always in the presence of GD-ASIA as he transports across facilities and a rapid deployment unit that can be deployed at any location for any tasks, be it to defend GD-ASIA or strike down enemy groups. Officially, the rapid deployment unit consists of only 16 personnel, but funding and equipment for the unit have been on an increase, suggesting a greater number of personnel than it was led to believe.

Over time, controversies piled over the Imperial Forces, being implicated in a series of misconducts such as intervention in civil conflicts and suspected assassination attempts of several major figures across East Asia. Pending investigation results may result in major restructuring and the reprimanding of involved personnel.

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 4 Personnel
  • Deployment Force: 16 Personnel
  • Rifle: Howa Type 20
  • Transportation: Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier, Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck

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