GD-WEST "Thrice" (2021-2024)

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GD-WEST: Global director representative for Western Europe.

Personality Archetype: GD-WEST is actually a position held by three people, all of whom are triplets with the first two being brothers and the youngest being a sister, each being a few seconds apart from each other. They appear in their mid 30s, and are often contrasting to each other, all three having different views on the single matter which can make it hard for GD-WEST to cast their vote, requiring more time than most others. Almost always together very closely, and often speak together at the same time or with one finishing the other's sentence.

The eldest brother is a more conservative man, holding a sharp attitude that caters more towards retaining old policies regarding anomalies and experiments, preferring to go with the safest method. He was formerly a union leader from Containment before his promotion.

The middle brother is a conservative, but experimenting man, open to suggestions but still favouring older and more traditional methods of how to do things, most notably when it comes to Authority policies on weapon use. He was formerly a Stg from Protection before his promotion.

The youngest sister is a more open woman, showing a better attitude towards newer Authority policies, regardless of how many times she is voted out by her brothers in favour of traditional policies. She is most keen towards new ideas of research. She was formerly a Site Director before her promotion. She has been described by many as being more open-minded and taking a look at things from various viewpoints.

Due to the need for a new GD at the time as a result of various emergencies occurring within WESTCOM, but with each one of the triplets having come out tied in each voting session, a choice was made to include all three as a singular entity for the role of GD-WEST

Relationships: Because of the nature of GD-WEST, all 3 members possess varying relationships with the other GDs, with the eldest having a more closed-door attitude towards all matters concerning the west, contrasting the youngest who is more considerate with the others, open to exploiting more beneficial opportunities. The middle child acts as an inbetweener for the relationships, serving better as the diplomat due to his more neutral stance in the matters.


Schrodinger's Cat patch.

Schrodinger's Cat is a select group of elite operatives from Hotel-1 that is tasked with guarding the current WESTCOM GD at all times. Acting as their personal bodyguards, members of Schrodinger's Cat have been carefully selected for their expertise in various areas of protection.

Members of Schrodinger's Cat specifically utilise armaments that were previously used by its operatives when they were former members of Hotel-1, mainly those that would better aid them in their role as bodyguards. The L85A3 SA80 is the standard issued rifle given to all members of Schrodinger's Cat.

When it comes to the use of more dangerous or high-powered weaponry, only the eldest member of the GD-WEST authorises his bodyguards to carry it with them, otherwise they are normally not allowed to carry it with them when it comes to the other two.

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 10 Personnel
  • Overwatch: 2 Personnel
  • Rifle: L85A3 SA80
  • Sniper: Accuracy International AWM

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