GD-AFRI "The Humanitarian" (2021-2024)

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GD-AFRI: Global director representative for Africa.

Personality Archetype: A scarred humanitarian of South African descent.

As an ex-HR Director currently in his 50s, his memory remains long, but his wilting compassion for humanity is longer. Often to the dismay of his colleagues, GD-AFRI remains the most interventionist Director of the Board — especially when providing aid to the third world when threatened by anomalous activity. However, he has a checkered past with complacency in several atrocities and is extremely stubborn.

His main goal is to expand Pan-African Authority Assets (primarily AEDF operations) and their significance within the organization. Although largely successful at passing their seldom proposals, the director will often work more to feasibly benefit from other proposals involving the internal infrastructure and resource management.

Relationships: He never favors a specific division, although he is favored by Protection. GD-AFRI has a strong work relationship with GD-OCEA and is very collaborative with GDs-SOUTH and EURA. Often, they are in opposition of GD-EAST ideologically, and GD-ASIA due to their expansionist involvement in Africa. If provoked, it is possible that they will vote against an issue to spite either of them even if counterproductive to their goals.


Zulu Forces patch.

MST Alpha-1-AFRI ("Zulu Forces'') designates the personal protection unit tasked with guarding the AFRICOM GD Representative. Originally several WESTCOM units trying to establish a more prevalent Authority foothold within mid-twentieth century Africa, the MST had undergone several significant structural changes over the years.

Today, the Force consists of various personnel handpicked from across the Authority's pool of decorated Protectorate and Deputy ASF officers for their occupational proficiency; united in their fierce loyalty towards Command.

Zulu Forces maintain a strict regiment: Operating several mobile camps across the continent. The team mainly consists of a primary strikeforce, led by joint Commanders and assisted by technical, intelligence, and adaptive medical services, respectively.

Their methodology stresses preparation above all else: Assassination attempts, wilderness training, and EMP Blackouts are among the thousands of contingencies the team is prepared to adapt to in the chaotic political climate of Africa. No move is made by GD-AFRI that has not meticulously been plotted by the MST beforehand. Each member is also trained to provide rapid aid when needed: Often prioritizing coordinating non-combative personnel away from enemy engagement.

However, in the field, the Alpha-1 Afri operatives favor a much more direct approach that emphasizes long-term strategy: Opting to overwhelm their opponents rapidly or guard their objective rigidly. Despite this, Zulu Forces are the least technologically advanced Unit of MST Alpha-1, often utilizing standard heavy artillery with minimal body augmentations and special recognizance equipment. Although, there have been several discussions for independent NuCorp Contracts for stealth-ware and lightweight body armor (currently pending).

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 6 Personnel
  • Overwatch: 2 Personnel
  • Logistics/ACI Support: 4 Personnel
  • Comms/Technical Support: 2 Personnel
  • Medical Support 4 Personnel
  • Rifle: FN FAL
  • Other Equipment: APY All-Terrain Tanks, NOBX3 Night vision goggles, TMK-MO Medical Operator Kit

Further Assignments

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