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Aliases: Father Gavrilo


Father Gavrilo as a novice in Site-286

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Serbian

Height: 187cm

Weight: 80kg

Birthplace: Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Prizren

Date of Birth: 11 July, 1935.

Enlistment Date: 28 September, 1991. (Formerly 1956)

Education History:

  • Serbian Orthodox Seminary of Prizren (1949 - 1954)
  • Informal Scientific Education (1942 - Unknown)1
  • Novice Studies/Training (1957 - 1961)

Occupational History:

  • Carpenter labor alongside his uncle (1954 - 1957)
    • Severely damaged his left eye’s cornea during a work accident, leaving him partially blind from that side.
  • Joined the monastery his uncle worked for2 following his death (1957- Current Time)
    • Conducted his novice studies under the guidance of his uncle’s friend, Fr. Nikolaj (1957 - 1961)
  • Tasked with studying the properties of anomalies within the monastery as well as developing new methods of containment following the end of his novice studies. (1961 - 1982)
    • Discovered a new method for permanent containment of sapient anomalies related to the Abrahamic faith, replacing the previous less effective techniques.
    • Assisted in the barricading of the monk billets alongside other monks and monastery workers for 2 days during a cascading breach, as well as volunteering to help reinstate containment measures within the crypts.
    • Successfully managed to convert 70% of all sapient anomalies contained in the monastery to Eastern Orthodoxy.
  • Spent several years in the development of methods to defend oneself from info-hazardous anomalies and attacks from outside entities (1982 - 1991)
    • With the correct use of verses from religious texts and symbols of faith, he was able to develop a method to defend against anomalies that target the psyche.3

Academic History:

  • Began working in the Patres Nostri order of the Theistic Department from within Site-286 (1991 - 2008)
    • Developed a statistics curve equation in conjunction with the Office Of Analysis and Science under the title of AAC, which allows to predict the appearance of anomalies worldwide using simple factors.
    • Authored several research papers in regards to the use and spread of occultism and demonic pacts within the Research Division, the dangers they pose, and graphics to visualize and prove it.
    • Was given the title of Protosingel by the Raška-Prizren Metropolitan in honor of his actions for the organization and the Church as a whole, alongside the blessing of Site-286’s Abbot for seeking further positions within the Authority. (2009)


Father Gavrilo believes in only two things: God, and his duty to protect humanity. He was the son of a Serbian mathematician and statistician who passed away when he was still a child, but not before teaching him the ways of science and the church. It was the latter of which his uncle, and now guardian, chose to lead him by. Spending most of his early years studying theology and mathematics, Father Gavrilo would then spend 3 years working with his uncle to get their family through an economic depression that struck the land. During this time, he would severely injure his left eye in a work accident, which was shortly followed by the, unrelated to the incident, passing of his uncle. This ultimately led him to become a novice within the monastery his uncle had worked so many decades for.

The discovery of the existence and nature of the anomalies kept within the monastery changed Father Gavrilo’s worldview, awakening a deep sense of duty within him. He spent day and night reading both religious texts and scientific papers he would have delivered to the monastery, weeks and months of studying even the smallest of anomalies if it meant getting closer to protecting his people and flock from the supernatural danger. He developed new methods of containment, the use of religious imagery and texts to fight off evil, and even took it upon himself to convert all anomalies possessing self-awareness to Eastern Orthodoxy.

And in 1991, his world shifted once more at the discovery that the Auctoritas had not disbanded as the monks within the monastery believed, but that they were still around in the world continuing their sacred duty. Although, not in the way he had hoped for. The organization he had worked in the spirit of within the monastery was now filled with occultists, satanists, pagans, and worse. Although their ways had shifted away from their Auctoritas days, this did not deter him from his goal and belief in self-improvement. He simply needed to show them the error of their ways, showing there is a better way.

Advancing within the ranks of the Theistic Department, a branch he considered would help him the most in his research, he sought after a way to shed light onto the Authority’s misguided ways. Thus, he spent the good part of the next 5 years working on what would later become one of the most famous research papers within the Theistic Department: “Demonic Rituals and their Exponential Increase of the AAC.” The document showed by using his theorem that rituals such as the ones performed by the Kaballic department were causing more harm than good in the majority of cases. While he never tried to force his beliefs onto people as a way of promoting these findings, his research quickly gained praise from sites all over the world who themselves began implementing restrictions on such practices. But, a number of them chose to continue as they were, to the disdain of the Authority at large.

Knowing his work was not over yet, Father Gavrilo continues advocating for the sustained research of anomalies both scientifically and theologically in an effort for the Authority to better conduct their operations without falling to dark temptations. His efforts have even granted him the title of Protosingel by the Raška-Prizren Metropolitan, along with Site-286 Abbot’s blessing to seek further positions in the Authority, for the flock still needs guidance.

Further Information

  • Partially blind from the left eye.
  • Easily recognizable by his thick beard and long hair.
  • Currently ordained as a Protosingel.
  • Took the vows of Poverty, Chastity, Stability and Obedience following the end of his novice studies.
  • Continues to work in Site-286 alongside other personnel.
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