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GD-OCEA: Global Director Representative for Oceania.

PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: An oceanographer from the Northern Mariana Islands and practicing Zen Buddhist. Their prior involvement in Oceania's tourist industry granted them extensive knowledge on the region's geography and environment which are critical to Authority efforts at investigating deep-sea anomalies.

A follower of the Rinzai school, GD-OCEA was taught to endure relentless physical and mental trials to achieve true enlightenment and self-awareness. Through the cultivation of their mind and body, GD-OCEA emerged as a sharp and decisive researcher in The Congregance.

A strong advocate of work-life balance due to their faith, GD-OCEA continues to hold daily meditation sessions with other personnel on their break, encouraging others to test their limits.

RELATIONSHIPS: Primarily favors the Research Division. Their support for expanding Authority resources in Oceania has caused clashes with GD-WEST-1 over the direction of Research priorities. Carefully manipulating the relationship between GD-NORTH and GD-ASIA with regards to military operations has elevated the position of GD-OCEA on the Board.

Protective Service Unit


Davy Jones Patch

MST Alpha-01-OCEA ("Davy Jones") is the designation for the protection service unit tasked with guarding the current OCEACOM Global Director Representative at all times. As the personal bodyguards of GD-OCEA, members of this unit are recruited or approved by each new incumbent.

To avoid divisional, regional, and political conflicts, these recruits are to be taken from the OCEACOM officers' pool who have shown exceptional prowess in the field and in a strategic capacity. After completing the NCOIC, recruits are then ready for induction into MST-Alpha-01.

Davy Jones works closely alongside the Authority Naval Force to secure a variety of blue-water and green-water naval vessels to escort GD-OCEA and OCEACOM forces to several sites and containment facilities in Oceania. An ANF Peacock-class Corvette warship is designated for long-term possession by Davy Jones operatives. The unique nature of GD-OCEA's responsibilities require an adaptable security strategy to protect against non-state actors, armed pirates, and eco-terrorist groups operating in Oceania.

Unit Composition

  • Bodyguards: 8 Personnel
  • Logistics Support: 11 Personnel
  • Assault Rifle: UDMC PVAR Rifle
  • Watercraft: ANF Peacock-class Corvette
  • UAV: X-craft Enterprises Valkyrie

Further Assignments

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