GD-ARCH "FORGE" (2021-2024)

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Aliases: The Forge, Fabricator-General


The Forge working on a theoretical containment model at his desk

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: American-Indian

Height: 176cm

Weight: 75kg

Birthplace: United States of America, Montana

Date of Birth: 4 October, 1976

Enlistment Date: 13 April, 2001

Education History:

  • Power High School (1989-1992)
  • Montana State University (1993-1996)

Occupational History:

  • Worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Boeing, making several concepts that would be picked up although only after his more ambitious features were trimmed off (1995-2000)

Operational History:

  • Began working at Site-007 as a part of their engineering component, helping design containment concepts for several anomalies. (2001-2015)
    • Was heavily influential in the process for rewriting RPC-319 after Incident 319-25
    • Developed a weatherproof drone specifically designed for unmanned surveys of RPC-091
    • Developed the original containment procedures for RPC-913 after its initial capture
  • Personally redesigned the current Standard Containment Locker after a malfunction in the previous model led to an anomaly slicing his right arm off from the elbow down.
  • Site Director for Site-007 (2015-2020)
    • Created the Temporary Humanoid Container for all Humanoid anomalies while protocols made for their specific traits are being developed. Its application in Site-007 has stopped 20 possible containment breaches since installation.
    • Rewrote ASF schedules and how tasks were delegated among members leading to an improvement in productivity by 40%
    • Created several concepts and models for future standard containers currently being tested at Site-007


Codename "The Forge" is one of the most forward-thinking members of the Global Directorate, constantly working on new ideas and encouraging members of containment to look for creative and modern concepts when devising new containment protocols. Despite this forward-thinking mindset, he still has a great fondness for the past, keeping a vintage black and white camera in his room to take pictures of his models with, and often using basic materials in his design concepts. While he was always working on crafting and refining new ideas, his time at the Authority has built that to an obsession, leading to many nights where he will remain at his desk working on a new concept for a containment protocol or spending time fiddling with his custom prosthetic.

He is one of the younger people to receive the GD title, owed entirely due to his massive contributions to the Authority's containment division. Taking on ambitious projects ever since he joined, he was able to easily climb the ranks. His resourcefulness shaped several projects such as the current Protocols for RPC-319, RPC-667, and other projects that were also notably difficult to deal with. After his arm was amputated from the elbow down due to LO-571 falling out of a containment locker, he was able to construct himself a prosthetic arm that had about as much capability as a biological arm within several weeks.

He was first noticed by the Authority during the initial capture of RPC-████, then known colloquially as the "Flathead Lake Monster." When the Authority went to capture the Flathead Lake Monster, they found it partially restrained using a custom rope/net made mostly out of nylon but with gold wiring and an aluminum coating. Engraved on this was his full name; an exclamation that he would capture RPC-████. With it, the Authority was quickly able to locate him. After a Level 3 Containment Officer looked over the craftsmanship of the object he created, and how it was partially successful at containing the anomaly, he was promoted instead of being amnesticized like originally planned.

As a GD, he tends to be very straightforward, always choosing to find a short-term answer before looking at a long-term solution, for example calling for an Authority naval blockade around the island of Pabbay during the Cair Aisling incident. He tends to be very irritable with GD-SCHOL, often arguing with him and calling most of research a bunch of "do-nothings who'd destroy a city for some testing notes." He gets along with GD-EAST, whom he worked with multiple times during his tenure at Site-007, as well as GD-NORTH due to a shared patriotism for the United States. He tends to not trust GD-ASIA, viewing him as a necessary evil to combat PCAAO, and dislikes GD-OCEA, calling him a "fucking hippie."

Further Information

  • Began wearing a red cloak after certain members of containment called him "fabricator general" for his prosthetic arm
  • He has taken apart the locks to several doors of other GDs' offices when their meetings got delayed, causing multiple GDs to get much more advanced security systems for their personal offices.
  • Melted down the sword that originally chopped off his arm and made it into one of his replacement prosthetics.
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