GD Elections Page 2024


The time has finally come for the writers to come together once again and submit their ideas for who should lead the Authority for the next four years! This page will be used to host all submissions on-wiki as well as assist users with navigating them all, as well as reminding themselves of the current holders of the titles.

To get into the the thick of it, here are the rules:

  • Each user can submit up to two candidates by himself, and an additional one if it is a collaboration with another user.
  • Submissions for the Divisional Global Directors should be a full on personnel file, as seen in this example:
  • On the other hand, the Regional Global Directors should only be described in a maximum of two paragraphs. Keep it short, sweet and to the point!
    • Examples for these are in the current GD pages, each linked in their respective tab.
  • As with any article, personnel files of the Divisional GDs require at least two pieces of crit on the draft forums.
  • The last day for submissions is the 15th of November. has been moved up until the end of the month! So use this good will to send the submissions to 8ismo8ismo, and you will have it uploaded here!

More info on the voting process will be revealed once we get to it but expect it to be similar to the last one! Now get to writing and submitting your ideas!

Writers, put your pencils, pens and keyboards down: For the submission period is officially over!

Thank you for so many submissions, and thank you for working together to create some truly interesting characters. Once the voting period begins, I am sure that there will be many gripping races between the candidates - While Father Gavrilo, Halfpenny and Pimpirev get the opportunity to redirect their attention to more pressing matters than finding a way to prove themselves.

But, here is the catch: Now that we have an existing list of characters, what do we do with them? Do we just let them sit on a list and ferment for the next month, and the four years after that? Or do we continue our stride and further our flow of creative juices? I say we do!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second part of the GD Election:


In the following month of December, you are encouraged to continue expanding your characters by writing articles and tales featuring them: From the events described in their backgrounds, to their encounters with the anomalous - and even other candidates and current Directors, maybe even from a time that none were the current powerhouses! Some of you have even began weaving such threads within their submissions - a very commendable action.

Work together with the other contestants to truly make this event shine and flesh out the men and women who stepped out to take charge of the Authority!

To finish off, some logistical details: Submissions for the Tales from the Directorate will be open until the 25th of December, 00:00 CEST. Afterwards, we will immediately begin with the voting process that will be conducted on the Discord from the 25th up to next year, 1st of January 2024 - to end the year with a bang!

All in all: Good luck, and have fun writing!

With that, we come to a close!

Thank you everyone for participating, be it through submissions, critique or voting - I hope to see you all in the next elections, and be sure to use the victors, as well as the other candidates for future projects!

The current positions are as follows:

  • GD-SCHL Father Gavrilo stays on his current position.
  • GD-CMDR Lightning Rod stays on his current position.
  • GD-ARCH Forge is succeeded by OPERATOR.
  • GD-NORTH Jingo stays on his current position.
  • GD-SOUTH Yeta is succeeded by Red Cutter.
  • GD-WEST Thrice are succeeded by Eyes.
  • GD-EAST Tovarka stays on her current position.
  • GD-AFRI The Humanitarian is succeeded by Spoggerig
  • GD-EURA Halfpenny stays on his current position.
  • GD-ASIA Uyoku is succeeded by Xiezhi.
  • GD-OCEA Silent Surfer stays on his current position.
  • GD-ANTC Pimpirev stays on his current position.

And don't forget to check out the new and updated Directorate page, now with a list of all previous known Global Directors!

And of course, a few words from someone who has more than two cents to give regarding the Elections…




An old Eastern Orthodox priest and self-taught statistical mathematician, GD-SCHL attempts to teach people the old ways of the Authority while not disregarding the new discoveries of modern times.





A calm forward thinking intelligence officer who is always thinking of the outcomes of his actions. GD-CMDR used to be a soldier, but was conscripted into the intelligence community after the loss of his arm. His lack of a limb required him to think differently, and he quickly rose up the ranks of the CIA, and then the ACI, as one of the most ingenious recruits.




An engineer who’s always thinking up new ways using technology to push the Authority forward. GD-ARCH was conscripted into the Authority after managing to restrain a rogue anomaly using a crude device. Much more straightforward than other members, GD-ARCH always looks for a short-term solution before building up long-term ones, and can often get impatient with the other GDs.





Personality Archetype: Hard Core American Patriot who fully believes in the concept of manifest destiny. Decisive, aggressive, and fully committed to the goal of protecting humanity from the anomalous. Is perfectly willing to flex Authority power if it means containing the anomalous, and cares little for the objections of any potential GOIs or AOIs. Can easily be described as a war-hawk.

Favors Protection above other Divisions, as they tend to align with his viewpoint and modus operandi the most often. He sees them as the most effective way of fulfilling the Authority's goals.

Relationships: Supports any decision that will directly strengthen the Authority's position. Does not support giving influence or containment responsibilities to other GOIs or AOIs, preferring to have the Authority alone deal with the anomalous. Frequently tries to gain SOUTHCOM's support.



Personality Archetype: South Chilean, Resourceful, Progressive, Self Centered, Bold, Vocal. GD-South comes from the less fortunate regions of Chile, where he developed his improvisation skills that helped him to come into his current status. With the Southern Command being one of the least funded/focused regions compared to its peers, GD-South became more esoteric with experimentations which he believes to be the way forward with the advent of the Anomaly Boom.

Notable achievements include the containment of a Gamma-class anomaly, the improvement of anomalous-focused technology, supporting Containment, while also being one of the founding members of the Southern Experimentation League, made to harness the useful potential out of stable anomalies found in South and Central American regions.

Relationships: Although not well liked by his peers for his somewhat cocky attitude, naive behavior, and unorthodox methods, GD-SOUTH was also never liked by outsiders. However, he was shown to be a very capable person, as well as generally keeping his more “eccentric” personality well-hidden. GD-SOUTH greatly favors the usage of anomalies over any other methods, believing it to be a viable substitute to more conventional methods of containment given Southern Command’s resource constraints, this results in him almost always siding with Research on most occasions.

GD-SOUTH has obtained a somewhat antagonistic relationship with both divisions outside of research. His relations with other GDs is unstable, some enjoy him while others despise him, although he is one to talk to during meetings. Controversial yet ballsy, GD-SOUTH is one to start a conversation, and never the one to end it, always on the forefront of every argument, a vocal, young man who's making waves for a future yet to arrive.



Personality Archetype: is actually a position held by three people, all of whom are triplets with the first two being brothers and the youngest being a sister, each being a few seconds apart from each other. They appear in their mid 30s, and are often contrasting to each other, all three having different views on the single matter which can make it hard for GD-WEST to cast their vote, requiring more time than most others.

The eldest brother is a more conservative man, holding a sharp attitude that caters more towards retaining old policies regarding anomalies and experiments, preferring to go with the safest method. He was formerly a union leader from Containment before his promotion.

The middle brother is a conservative, but experimenting man, open to suggestions but still favouring older and more traditional methods of how to do things, most notably when it comes to Authority policies on weapon use. He was formerly a Stg from Protection before his promotion.

The youngest sister is a more open woman, showing a better attitude towards newer Authority policies, regardless of how many times she is voted out by her brothers in favour of traditional policies. She is most keen towards new ideas of research. She was formerly a Site Director before her promotion. She has been described by many as being more open-minded and taking a look at things from various viewpoints.

Due to the need for a new GD at the time as a result of various emergencies occurring within WESTCOM, but with each one of the triplets having come out tied in each voting session, a choice was made to include all three as a singular entity for the role of GD-WEST

Relationships: Because of the nature of GD-WEST, all 3 members possess varying relationships with the other GDs, with the eldest having a more closed-door attitude towards all matters concerning the west, contrasting the youngest who is more considerate with the others, open to exploiting more beneficial opportunities. The middle child acts as an inbetweener for the relationships, serving better as the diplomat due to his more neutral stance in the matters.




Personality Archetype: Cold and isolated woman of east Slavic (Russian) descent. Beautiful, decisive, intelligent and quiet with slow resolve. Spent better years of her life as an agent of KGB. Handles long term stress well, however usually intoxicated during long periods of stability. Her main goal is to stabilise EAST authority assets while also seizing the opportunity to make some good cash on the side.

Her ties to the former Soviet Union and numerous Siberian occult societies make her loyalties uncertain. Internal cohesion is however guaranteed for GD-EAST with surprisingly low rates of corruption. Due to this fact, the Authority has been known to turn a blind eye towards some more esoteric proposals and questionable resource allocations. Anything goes as long as the east remains comparatively quiet and stable.

Relationships: Stable working relationships with GD-ASIA and lukewarm respect for GD-WEST and GD-NORTH. She has been known to engage in sort of "cold war" games with GD-AFRI due to their incompatible philosophies. She's known to favor protection and research divisions while disregarding containment, as in her eyes their job is better done by protection reinforced by division departments.



Personality Archetype: A scarred humanitarian of South African descent. As an ex-HR Director currently in his 50s, his memory remains long, but his wilting compassion for humanity is longer. Often to the dismay of his colleagues, GD-AFRI remains the most interventionist Director of the Board — especially when providing aid to the third world when threatened by anomalous activity. However, he has a checkered past with complacency in several atrocities and is extremely stubborn.

His main goal is to expand Pan-African Authority Assets (primarily AEDF operations) and their significance within the organization. Although largely successful at passing their seldom proposals, the director will often work more to feasibly benefit from other proposals involving the internal infrastructure and resource management.

Relationships: He never favors a specific division, although he is favored by Protection. GD-AFRI has a strong work relationship with GD-OCEA and is very collaborative with GDs-SOUTH and EURA. Often, they are in opposition of GD-EAST ideologically, and GD-ASIA due to their expansionist involvement in Africa. If provoked, it is possible that they will vote against an issue to spite either of them even if counterproductive to their goals.




Personality Archetype: An old, but sharp man from the Mediterranean belt, GD-EURA started his career in the Authority as a simple accountant within the Presidium, but quickly rose in its ranks due to his economical expertise in several fields of finance and resource management until he was finally chosen to manage the entire economic ecosystem of Eurasia. He has always been seen as cold, methodical, and even cruel in his actions, but has always comes around to reveal his plans to benefit any specific region or project he may currently be working with. He is also the one to manage most, if not all of the Authority front-companies within his region and around it.

GD-EURA does not favor any specific Division, not even the Presidium itself, and as such, it is always a mystery what he will decide to be the best economic course of action in a voting session. Most people think of him as running the Authority as if it were simply a company, but they can’t deny his efficiency at doing so.

Relationships: Whatever GD-EURA may support or not depends almost exclusively on the economical benefit the Authority may gain from it in the long term, while of course not forgetting the Authority’s main goal within the world, or so he says. Some argue GD-EURA is the closest to his economic partner within America, although some of their operations may not always turn out to be both-sided in its benefits. Most of his other relationships are entirely business-based.



Personality Archetype: A middle-aged man of Japanese descent. Conservative, Resolved. Is a part of an oligarchy composed of Japanese hardliners of the former Japanese Empire that was absorbed into the Authority upon the abolishment of the Japanese AOI and persisted during the Cold War.
GD-Asia is characterized by his favoritism towards the Japanese branch of the Authority and his despise for the Chinese Government, which he responds to their aggression with the might of Authority’s Protection forces which often leads to rash decisions that strain his relationship with the rest of the Board.

This leads to a balance between the approval of several R&D projects in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and the rampant militarization of MSTs within the Southeast Asian Regions which he views as the ultimate detergent against PCAAO and Chinese encroachment, both of which are part of his long-term goal of containing Chinese activities within its own borders and to develop other Asian countries, riding their need of reliance on Western influence. This Sinocentric policy results in a largely lackluster/undefined policy in regards to other entities of interest, namely "Kabushi Kawaii", "Hōritsu shōsha", and the "South Sea Enlightenment Movement", which is largely left to the local branches to handle.

Relationships: With the continuing hostility between PCAAO and the Authority in general, GD-ASIA largely sides with Protection to violently stomp out any Chinese attempts at outward expansion. With the greater cooperation with the PCAAO following the decades-long expulsion from Chinese soils,1 GD-ASIA sees this as the golden opportunity to strike back at the Government and will side with any Division if it meant gaining the upper hand on China (E.G. Containing an anomaly ahead of PCAAO and give the necessary funding to keep it off of Chinese hands).

His relation with GD-EURA is especially difficult as he is of the belief in abolishing the Eurasian Command and re-incorporating its territory and Asia Command into a single entity. A blatant display of his views comes in the form of occupational forces sent into secluded regions of various Arabic states under the guise of "weeding out Darwinist Influence"




Personality Archetype: An oceanographer from the Northern Mariana Islands and Zen Buddhist. Their prior involvement in Oceania's tourist industry granted them detailed knowledge on the region's geography and environment which are critical to Authority efforts at investigating deep-sea anomalies.

A follower of the Rinzai school, GD-OCEA was taught to endure relentless physical and mental trials to achieve true enlightenment and self-awareness. Through the cultivation of their mind and body, GD-OCEA emerged as a sharp and decisive researcher in The Congregance.

A strong advocate of work-life balance due to their faith, GD-OCEA continues to hold daily meditation sessions with other personnel on their break, encouraging others to test their limits.

Relationships: Primarily favors the Research Division. Their support for expanding Authority resources in Oceania has caused clashes with GD-WEST-1 over the direction of Research priorities. Carefully manipulating the relationship between GD-NORTH and GD-ASIA with regards to military operations has elevated the position of GD-OCEA on the Board.




Personality Archetype: An older man, who remains one of the top minds in Containment. GD-ANTC was born in Eastern Europe, but has spent much of his life in the Antarctic, overseeing the containment of anomalies in the bitter snowscape. He's one of the last men alive with first-hand involvement in the New Swabia Austral War, seeing himself as carrying the torch of that victory; but he was only a logistics officer and gets brittle when confronted about his actual service record.

Relationships: The Divisions had yet to exist during the Austral War, but to GD-ANTC, the modern Protection Division still embodies the heart and soul of the men who fought in that time; he ultimately belongs to and favors Containment for his years managing Antarctic containment sites, but he will always hold strong support for Protection.

GD-ANTC supports the Research Division as long as the study of anomalies grants the Authority a better mind for containing them. Additionally, he has a strong hatred for the various extra-divisional departments that tend to work under the Directorate's nose, but serves as the primary indirect manager of these departments.

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