GD-CMDR "Lightning Rod"

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Aliases: Lightning Rod


Lightning Rod Headshot
Circa 2013

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 183cm

Weight: 82kg

Birthplace: United States of America, Kansas

Date of Birth: 03 June, 1965

Enlistment Date: 18 August, 2010

Education History:

  • Institute of Culinary Education (1983-1984)

Occupational History:

  • Served 15 years in the United States military, in off the record black operations. (1985-2000)
    • Two tours in Somalia (1988-1990, 1991-1994)
      • Most famously served in Mogadishu as the spearhead of the operation.
    • One tour in Kosovo (1998-1999)
  • Honorably discharged after 15 years of service after a rebel Yugoslav soldier took off his left forearm with an IED.
  • Served 10 years under CIA asset control, recommended by the US military for his service, and implanted in multiple foreign militaries. (2000-2010)
    • Two years in Argentina where he cooperated with guerilla forces to shatter their economy.
    • Three years trying to usurp the totalitarian state of Turkmenistan, unsuccessfully.
    • One year coordinating with allied forces to kill Sa███ Hus███.
    • Last four years spent in Israel killing ██████ and manufacturing ██████ in Palestine.

Operational History:

  • List operations and projects within the Authority (2010-2020)
  • Ten years spent as an ACI Intelligence Officer, where he:
    • Led three raids against Malthus Insurgents, recovering in total ~32 anomalies including RPC-270
    • Attempted to track down the source of Amazing Co. products for several years between operations, to no avail except being put on an Amazing Co. subscriber list.
    • One of the main proponents and keyholders of the "RCPA containment plan", a theoretical matter transposer that could rip a universe from the multi-verse.
    • Commander of the first anomalous team.


Codename "Lightning Rod" is a man entirely driven by the ideal that the ends do justify the means, at any cost. Serving most of his known life as an agent in hostile lands, he knows how most conventional enemies think, and how they'll try to get back at the people who hurt them. His integration in the anomalous community, then, was a new stepping stone for his career. No longer would enemies lash out and attack when provoked, rather, they would work in mysterious ways. Creating more complex anomalies or falling back to their more obscure philosophies in order to strike back at the heart of the Authority, in its ideals.

Quickly rising through the ranks of nearly every agency he has ever been a part of; spying, guerilla warfare, and skullduggery have always been his main tools of trade. While his younger self was far more cavalier, voluntarily leading the charge in multiple missions, the loss of his arm had him re-evaluate what it meant to serve his country. After his year long reprieve, he was quickly recommended a position at the Central Intelligence Agency, which became his profession of choice. The capitulation of nations became a natural process to him, with the resources of the United States at his back, he had settled into a rhythmic, if boring, routine.

It was a short time after his attempted usurpation of the anomalous state of Turkmenistan that the Authority took notice of him and attempted to recruit him into his ranks. His loyalty to America however was extremely strong, and he refused to join another agency under any circumstances. It is only thanks to the current Global Director of NORTHCOM that we were able to recruit him into our ranks and put him to work in ACI, where he has been a top officer for the past 10 years.

He is an advocate of the manipulation of anomalous groups to the Authority's side, rather than the complete destruction of them, as he believes a destroyed enemy will always return, but an ally will remain an ally. He is also an advocate of the Biomechanical Module; after having his arm completely replaced with an arguably better one, he sees no reason why any soldier should go into battle without their APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) having a backup arm nearby for him.

Further Information

  • Has a mechanical prosthetic left arm.
  • Was awarded the Distinguished Service cross in the Army.
  • His old commanding officer from the Army is the current Global Director for NORTHCOM.
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