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GD-ASIA: Global director representative for Asia.

Personality Archetype: A composed, principled and assertive Han Chinese woman of about 35 years of age educated in professional law.

At the beginning of 2017, Xiezhi resigned as MST Commander of MST-Wuchen-13, Xiezhi(獬豸). She was appointed as the Prosecutor General for the Authority's Provisional Military Tribunal for the Iulii Flamma Incident, tasked with investigating war crimes committed by all parties pertaining to the conflict. During her tenure as Prosecutor, she was known for her impartiality and sternness. After the dissolution of the Military Tribunal, she was assigned to the position of Office of Ethics and Review Overseer in the "Sino-Himalayan" Operational District, where she remains to this day.

Diplomatically, Xiezhi is seen as a pacifist. Given her open disposition towards other EoIs, her candidacy remains a controversial one within the upper echelons of ASIACOM.

Relationships: Despite her background in the Protection Division, Xiezhi favours strengthening the Presidium, believing this would reduce ASIACOM's reliance on solving problems through violence. Additionally, Xiezhi advocates a review of past actions commited by the ASIACOM administration to hold them accountable for misconduct. Contrary to the policies of Uyoku, Xiezhi strives for general reconciliation with EoIs, including the PCAAO. At the same time, she believes that ASIACOM transgressions against EURACOM should be halted to avoid an internal drain on the Authority's resources.


Founded shortly after the formation of the Asia Command. MST Alpha-1-ASIA ("Imperial Forces'') is seen as one of the many displays of Japanese monopoly over the "GD-ASIA" seat of power that went largely unquestioned due to the political turmoil within the region during the Cold War.

With the many GD-ASIAs that came before almost universally leaning to the Regional Command for support, the administrative directors from Saitama are almost synonymously regarded as the management staff for GD-ASIA in general. Thus, the 'Imperial Forces' were created to meet the growing need for an ASIACOM Alpha-1 detachment.

The members of the Imperial Forces are all selected by either the Regional Staff or GD-ASIA herself, and always have a military background or experience serving similar duties such as MSTs and ASFs. The structure of the Imperial Forces is divided into two groups: A bodyguard unit of at least four personnel always in the presence of GD-ASIA as she transports across facilities and a rapid deployment unit that can be deployed at any location for any task, be it to defend GD-ASIA or to strike down hostile entities.

While the rapid deployment unit consists of only 16 personnel, funding and equipment for the unit suggests more personnel than officially declared.

Pending investigation regarding a series of misconducts such as intervention in civil conflicts and suspected assassination attempts of several major figures across East Asia, the MST may experience major restructuring and severe reprimanding of involved personnel.

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 4 Personnel
  • Deployment Force: 16 Personnel
  • Rifle: Howa Type 20
  • Transportation: Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier, Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck

Further Assignments

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2021-2024 | Uyoku

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